Debebe Eshetu in Vancouver

November 13th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Kinijit Meeting in Vancouver Video

  1. Eskinder Degene.
    | #1

    Repiar or Reform.

    the latter for Kinjit now it needs either to repiar or reform take an experiance from EPRDEF tey are prepare either to reform or repiar but Ethiopian people is still strong stand for struggel of democracy.All of you can play your game on yourself.Not the blood of the poor people who die on the street for True democarcy.

    The game is over!!!!!

  2. Solomondebebe
    | #2

    I really appreciated Eskinder he try to show some thing , you know all they play with blood of our people , they will get there price

  3. Solomondebebe
    | #3

    I never forget DERG how he Kill our country Kinjit and other Party also the same there is no difference b/n them we need some one like Mandela

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