News, Entertainment and Special Report On H.R. 2003 – November 18, 2007

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Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. kiduse
    | #1

    wow this is so amzaing i love what the kids are doing and all the ethiopian ppl including u abugeda should be supporting tham .

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Good job Yemisrach,Rahale, Asheber and Asnake. We love you, we respect you. Thank you for your hard work and determination.

    With so much love Tigist!

  3. Amoraw
    | #3

    You guys are amazing as usual. Please work hard to promote HR-2003 to all concerned Ethiopian and Americans. Send the messege to everyone to urge there senetor to pass this bill. Dont forget the “secrete hold”

    Always urs
    From UAE

  4. hadere Sefer
  5. selam
    | #5

    this is for journalist i rispet you but why dont you perfect(99%)reading before you get to studio?i am sorry that is your job you have to so please work hard ,thanks pease

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