Zenawi ‘bombs’ Ogaden villages – BBC

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Separatist rebels in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region say days of air attacks on civilians have caused many casualties. (more…)

Separatist rebels in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region say days of air attacks on civilians have caused many casualties.

Helicopter gunships have been used to attack villages in the remote area, says the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

Aid workers say an estimated 1,500 Ogaden refugees crossed into Kenya to escape renewed fighting last month.

Ethiopia Zenawi has not commented but last week, the army said it had killed some 100 rebels in the past month.

Since April, when rebels attacked a Chinese oil exploration unit killing 74 people, the Ogaden has been the scene of continuous clashes.

International agencies, including the Red Cross, have been expelled from the Ogaden and there is little chance of independently verifying the conflicting claims from the government and rebels.

Ogadenis fleeing into northern Kenya have given harrowing description of government assaults on their villages.

More than 500 families reached different parts of Kenya’s massive Dadaab camps in October – many gave similar accounts of a sustained campaign of rape and brutality, with men hanged from trees.

In separate interviews reported by the Reuters news agency, the Ogadenis claimed Ethiopian Woyanne soldiers had been entering villages over and over again to kill, rape and burn in a campaign to flush out ONLF rebels.

Ethiopia Zenawi has dismissed similar accounts as “rebel propaganda”.

The ONLF, founded in 1984, says it is fighting for the rights of the local Somali-speaking population.

  1. j.p.h
    | #1

    After the true Ethiopian pilots refused not to bomb with in the territory of their motherland and kill their own people, some of them have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed and some lucky ones have escaped, by risking their lives others where about is not still known.
    Now after “weyanne” reshuffled the members of the force as they like,the”Ethiopian Air force” has became a “Weyanne Air force” and it is engaged with the destruction of Ethiopia.
    It is unheard of! Which country on this planet is using the ground army and the Air force in order to massacre its own people, after deliberately destroying and handing over it’s strong Navy to the enemy? It is mow clear to all that TLF is at its highest pick of its conspiracy against Ethiopia! It is the time of saving the mother land and every true citizen has to do his part to protect the already unpredictable!

    UNITY is the way out,

    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  2. | #2

    You ONLF leaders from London,
    Please don’t neigh as a horse. Do you think those 72 innocent who were killed by your rebel forces were not human beings? they were not armed, they were not woyannes. you and your front claimed you were responsible for that. Those people were came to Ogaden for development. Woyanne will go one day but the development and the infrastructures will never go nowhere. That is yours. Today when you get your ass kicked, you start complaining. you need to know that peace never come by blood and iron. the Ethiopian army will continue to clean the area from exteremist for the sake of real ogadeninan Ethiopians.

  3. j.p.h
    | #3

    Now weyanne is accusing every free opinion as if it is coming from the ONLF or other LFs.
    I for one don’t represent any of the LFs, or any other parties for that matter.
    My only concern is how to protect our mother land that is in misery and surrounded by heinous enemies. In fact I believe as long as they support the cessation plan, which was implanted by TPLF, they are all enemies of Ethiopia. I also believe that we could have lived together peacefully as federated regions with Autonomies. Here mister weyanne is telling us that The Ethiopian army will do this and do that. There is no more Ethiopian army, by now it is known as “Weyane army”, “Weyane Air force” etc…Don’t fool yourselves Weyannes!

    “We shall overcome somedays”

    Ethiopia will prevail!

  4. Sammora
    | #4

    It is too late!
    This was the only way to control ONLF!
    Zenawi was too late to take action. In the Year 2000 i was there to do some infrastructure for the region. It was shocking ONLF was blasting bombs and killing innocent people while driving with a convoy. I remember one elder Ethiopian commercial Bank driver assigned to work in the region was murdered with one bomb blast and even the cofen can not reach to his family. That was the right time to take an action. Also on that time, i know i could be dead any time, any where.

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