The Long arm of TPLF Regime Strikes Again

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The Long arm of TPLF Regime Strikes Again (more…)

The Long arm of TPLF Regime Strikes Again


November 18, 2007

It has become a well known fact that the agents of the Tigre Liberation Front- led minority regime in Ethiopia cross the border into Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti to kidnap or murder Ethiopian refugees, especially those refugees that are Oromo. We strongly believe the reason why they commit these heinous crimes against the Oromo refugees is that they perceive them to be members of the Oromo Liberation Front, the main threat to their dictatorial repressive rule over the Ethiopian Empire. Therefore, they seem to believe that any Oromo person that escapes their rule of terror from Ethiopia especially to Kenya and Somalia is a threat to them. For this reason, it is believed that they equip and finance their murdering agents into these countries under diplomatic guise.

On November 3, 2007, approximately about 7:30 pm a group of masked assassins traveled to a Nairobi neighborhood known as Eastleigh or “California” and gunned down three individuals and critically injured four others. The three assassinated individuals are:

Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
1.Endalkachew T. Asefa 3-3-1984 Shambu,West Oromia
2.Mallas Habib unkown Haddiya, South Ethiopia
3. Geoffray unkown Kenyan National

The Kenyan victim was a guard at the building and apparently tried to prevent the killings. Our sources believe that Mr. Mallas Habib was mistakenly believed to be an Oromo.
The following individuals were wounded in the same attack, some very seriously:

Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
1. Endashaw T. Asefa 5-4-1985 Shambu,West Oromia
2. Girma T, Asefa 8-6-1990 Shambu,West Oromia
3. Dadhi Aredda 1947 Sallale, Central Oromia
4. Busha Mekonnen 2-26-1976 Shambu,West Oromia

Mr Dadhi Aredda, 60 was shot in his right eye and recuperating in a Nairobi hospital with life threatening condition. The other three are also in a Nairobi hospital. They are expected to recover from this vicious criminal act. The three Asefa brothers had escaped to Kenya in 2003 , when the notorious extra judicial killings and torture of Oromo students was taking place in much of Oromia. Prior to this event, on October 11, 2007 masked gun men, believed to be Ethiopian government agents entered Oromo refugee residence in Nairobi and severely beat up two Oromo refugees and left them for dead. These individuals are also receiving care in a hospital. It is thought that all the above refugees have been registered by the UNHCR and are awaiting interview by the UN agency for resettlement to third countries.

It is believed by Oromos and others in Ethiopia, that the minority regime in Ethiopia employs the policy of marginalization of all political groups in the country in order to dominate the lives of all other Ethiopians. To accomplish this, it arrests innocent Ethiopian citizens with out a warrant, tortures them, and commits extra judicial killings. Since seizing power, by over throwing the previous murderous Dergue regime in 1991, it has carried out assassinations of Oromos & other Ethiopians inside the country and those who seek refuge in neighboring countries. Its assassination of refugees began with the murder of Shalaqaa Jatani Ali, (ex governor of Borana, Oromia) on July 2, 1992 in front of his Nairobi hotel. The atrocities of this minority regime are well documented by several human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch, Oromia Support Group (London based), and many others. The Advocacy for the Fundamental Rights of Oromos & Others (AFRO-O) condemns all the murders of innocent people and would like to convey its condolences to the families of the victims. At the same time, the AFRO-O calls upon all countries and human rights agencies to promote and protect refugee rights, especially in the volatile Horn of Africa.
Advocacy for the Fundamental Rights of
Oromos & Others (AFRO-O)
P. O. Box 422
Burtonsville, Maryland 20866

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    If these regime is doing this, it should be brought into International Criminal Court. The regime should be tried. It is Horible. There is a saying in Ethiopian Amharic. “Ande Egr Berberie Menkel Aktauchihu! Akatslo, Angubgbo, Qtsquto Yifjachihu.”

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