Secret document on conspiracy to kill Kinjit

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Secret document on conspiracy to kill Kinjit (more…)

Secret document on conspiracy to kill Kinjit



  1. | #1

    we want kinjet to include other parties and civic organzation not distingrate the exist kinjet.This is a back ward is a shame who are trying such shame full work, we need pease, we need to elect our leaders we want to be put practice the rule of low.I do not think you haye reason for such work .You are adding another problem to the Ethiopian.we never support such act .

  2. And Le Ethiopia
    | #2

    Engineer Hailu…ye-erso neger bekagn!!! Bekagn enen BEKAGN!!!! Tureta wetitew arfew kuch yibelu!!!

  3. Anon…
    | #3

    According to this document the meeting date shows as 3/13/1998 (Hidar 13, 1998 Ethiopian calander). It took place with participants presence. Are not Ato Hailu and other participants in Kality during this time?.

    In any case, if this was posted here, the response to this document from CUD ( Wz. Mesobeworq and the attachment from Dr.Befecadu Degefe) may have completed the entireity of what took place.

    Please check and also the very for the latest on this subject.

  4. Solomon Ayalew
    | #4

    Dear Ethiopians!!
    What Ing.Hailu Is doing to us is not clear. Pls if there is anyone who is close to him,I request that to give him a piece of advice.

  5. Hailegebriel
    | #5

    dirom yalamaregni neber Ato Hailu
    Tinish yepoletica ginizabe yansew neber bemechereshaw woyanen tekeme
    min enaregewalen altadelinim

  6. | #6

    pls every body who beleve 100% freedom
    the last moment 21 days they kidnap me
    they kid nap me
    sat morning they take me to hospital police
    and at the end craizy hospital
    the big gamer is ethiopian embassy in gr and his solder for 3000000 eu he play anti clock wise
    scorialise and the family
    he want the land what he did his father in ethiopia
    then he is our no one enemy in gr
    he is the maphiya and wash wash money he get the bullshit war for melese and he gave info to land in ethiopia to have his land but the land is for his father who still from ethiopia and he was rich in gr
    now his son comes to revange
    then he is on the way to rivange
    scooralis and his bullshit job with ethiopian embassies in gr he start to play with his son and the mother of his baby sara
    he took his kid
    he put her in crazy hospital

  7. | #7

    the second game it was to take his land ?
    that was the big game for him
    how and when is question
    how is his head ach
    to be or to coperate with ethiopian gamer in gr and ethiopian forain minister
    he is the father of lies i’m his daught
    so let’s walk the bushit game to win me or u
    that was his head ach
    he play in ethiopian people and governer
    yet he susceed
    i think he get the land
    yes i’m sure for it
    and who and who
    meles and him
    why for 30000 eu in bank and the land of schoorialis
    and the black spot remains black mark in the face and in the mind
    indirect slavery and wash mind
    he did it
    but he want to be the winner
    he went back to ethiopian embassy and health min
    but why
    what about his child
    what about his mother and the sin of love
    she cry all the time in side in her world
    with out her son
    oho no more sara again who is the next black dot
    it was me he put me again to win or to be 100 person craizy
    becuse of i beleive 100 person
    and i keep the promise

  8. |Tesfaye
    | #8

    Yehe bizu ayasdenkim. Bicha ageurn yemiwed hulu andinet mefiter yalebet ahun new. Telatma mingizem telat new askedimo megdel ashoksahkiwn new yilual.

  9. gigi
    | #9



    Don’t blame Hailu Shawul and don’t blame anybody else. To keep Kinjit alive, every necessary actions must be taken earlier.I think Mr. Hailu is right cleaning the groung, moving forward, admitting mistakes,and avoiding emotionalitie are some of the basic principles that currently Hailu believes. But there is a question to be raised” does Mr. Hailu Shawul a business man or politial?’.

    Truely speaking, I don’t think that Kinjit is the right political part to lead our motherland peacfully and democratically. I have some reasons to say this: I obser time and time again some of the top Kinjit leaders ( currently dismembered by Hailu)are emotional, isolated minded, and politically unqualified leaders. In my judgment, unless they avoid big mistakes like ethinic haterisim and isolationisim, it is very tough to them to stay as Kinjit at all. We Ethiopinas don’t need to see again such shameful and fearful inciden as what was happened in May 97 election crises and Human Right Abuses in Ethiopia because of irresponsible parties like Kinjit and EPRDF. It is a matter of time to bring those who killed our brothers and sisters to Justice including top Kinjit leader motiveters & initiaters aside EPRDF. Both parties are responsible for those (193) being killed in 1997 in Ethiopia following the 97 election.

  10. Tigist
    | #10

    Aron, according to this document the meeting date was o3/13/1999. It does not say 3/13/1998 (Hidar 13, 1998 Ethiopian calander). If you have not done this deliberitly pls post your correction again.

  11. zeze
    | #11

    How come Annon see the date written on the doccument differently than everybody else? We just want Hailu Shawel tell the truth about these emerging doccuments and accusations by his former AEUP members.It’s not even Kestedamena who is making these allegations it’s his own people.

  12. Auto Loans
    | #12

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