Statement of the Executive Committee of the OLF

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Statement of the Executive Committee of the OLF

December 2, 2007

The Executive Committee of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) held its regular
session from November 25- December 1, 2007. In its deliberations the
Committee noted that:

1. The political crisis in Ethiopia is deepening. In a futile bid to stamp out the Oromo Liberation Army and the Ogaden National Liberation Army, the regime in Addis is conducting a brutal crackdown in Oromia and Ogaden. The indiscriminate targeting of the civilian populations is causing a humanitarian crisis at par with Darfur. Political repression is also rampant through the width and length of the country. To make matters worse by severely restricting political freedom, even to the opposition in the parliament, the regime has emasculated the political process and made open resistance the only route left to seek redress for political grievances.

2. The specter of war, chaos and humanitarian disasters looms over the Horn of Africa. When the Ethiopian regime made an adventure into Somalia last year against clear warnings, it boasted that it would accomplish its stated goals and withdraw within weeks. A year later it finds itself in a quagmire. To cope with a determined resistance, the Ethiopian army is taking its wrath on the civilian population, as it has been doing in Oromia and Ogaden, unleashing a horrendous humanitarian crisis. The saber-rattling by the Ethiopian Prime Minister against domestic and foreign enemies in a recent speech to the Parliament does not bode well for a peaceful resolution. Now that the Border Commission has expired without completing its mission, the resumption of another disastrous war appears an ominous

Based on these observations the Executive Committee makes the following

To the Oromo People

Despite the extreme brutality visited upon you by the incumbent regime for 17 long years, you have persevered in your noble struggle for freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Through your readiness to pay whatever sacrifices the struggle required of you, you have demonstrated your yearning for freedom is inextinguishable. Despite its vain rhetoric, your enemy is weak, its grip on power fleeting. We call on you to remain steadfast and intensify the struggle. Your worthy cause shall prevail in the end.

To the peoples of Ethiopia

Upon coming to power 17 long years ago the EPRDF promised you peace, democracy and development. Today war is raging in Oromia and Ogaden. Ethiopian troops are dying in Somalia. Soon thousands may perish in another senseless war in the North. The constitution and the rule of law are openly and brazenly violated. Political freedom is severely restricted. Poverty is becoming more and more grinding rather than abating. Despite the lofty rhetoric by the regime and its apologists, the facts suggest that after 17 long years none of the promises are kept and none are likely to be ever delivered. How long can you wait in vain? We believe you have waited too long and call on you to join hands and intensify your struggle to shake off tyranny and establish a new era of peace, democracy and prosperity. We also urge the opposition and resistance forces to close ranks and rally under the umbrella of the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD).

To the Ethiopian Government

The Ethiopian military is busy fighting in Oromia and Ogaden. It has bogged down in Somalia. Another theatre of war may soon open up on the northern border. A poor and divided country can ill afford to sustain such a costly and endless war at home and abroad. It is time for a thorough rethink of policy. The way out is a just political solution, first at home. We thus call on you to heed the call for dialogue to resolve the impasse.

To the International Community

The political crisis in Ethiopia has reached a critical stage. The regional situation is pregnant with multiple dangers. The prospects of further destabilization are alarmingly real. A humanitarian crisis of a magnitude that dwarfs Darfur could be just on the corner. We thus call on the international community to grasp the gravity of the situation and set in motion a process that can bring about a comprehensive regional political solution.

Victory to the Oromo people!

  1. | #1

    ayee olf 40 years for nothing…what a bunch of ignorant are u. god bless ethiopia.

  2. Dabana
    | #2

    Today is the day December 3, 2007 freedom, humanitarian crisis abuse announed by the true

    Next year 2008 is the comprehensive victory for the people of Oromo and ethiopia.Soon or later the Oromo leaders will announce victory.

    Go OLF Go!

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    Look at the OLF staff! It addresses the Ethiopia and the Oromo people as if they are already separated. That is stupid as it gets. I kind of supported the idea of the AFD thing when they start talking about working together and all that, but not any more. Now more than ever it is clear to me that Shabia and OLF are trying to use Kinijit for their evil agenda. It is true that Weyanne is our common enemy. We, Ethiopia lovers, Ethiopians are fighting with Weyanne for a vibrant democracy, but Shabia and OLF are fighting with Weyanne so the can destroy Ethiopia. All Shabia, OLF and Weyanne should know that Ethiopia will remain united. You evils will pass away, but our beloved country will be there after you pass. I also would like to tell Elias Kifle, you son of a bitch, instead of try to influence the Kinijit leaders to work with OLF, probably you should go a head and ask OLF to drop its stupid secession quest. You know and we all know that if OLF push with its evil agenda, it only causes more bloodshed, but nothing else.

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    You are right Tigist! OLF seems to me worst than Weyanne. The OLF leaders are so rootless; if they were in power they would create more chaos than Weyanne has been creating. I also notice that Elias Kifle is start attacking his next victim, Dr. Brahnu Nega. He is calling him with out his Dr. title. That is just the beginning. It looks like he is trying to influence the Kinijit leaders to work with OLF. Just like you said, OLF is trying to insert its failed agenda through a popular movement that was created by Kinijit.

  5. | #5

    I can’t agree more with Tigist and Mimi. OLF, when are you going to get it. You will no support if you consider yourself different from the Ethiopian people. You are a dying breed. The only corner of the world left for you is Minnesota.
    And this Elias dude, what is with him? Such a loser, war-mongger. I think he has Shabia blood in him. So, Elias: take the advice from Mimi and shape up or ship out

  6. kuku
    | #6


    Look, we Ethiopians are tired of listing, seeing, and observing guerrilla fighterslike OLF. I know for sure that the OLF has made unforgetable and horrible mistake on his people during the EPRDF transitional governmet. This is the fact even the OLF themselve konw, I know, and the Ethiopian people perticularly oromo brothers and sisters know what OLF has done at Bedeno areas in Ethiopia- oromia.The OLF buried his people alive,humiliated, raped,killed, and punished his people cruely.The legacy Of OLF in Ethiopia is on the top among the worst incidents happpenrd before. Now, When I see OLF, It reminds me to look back the Ruwand genocid crise. See how horrible is it. In my view truely speaking, I suspect OLF is the most barberian group among few in Ethiopia History. ‘WE’ are well experienced to differentiate what is good and what is not and who is good and who is not because we got a lesson from the rulling party “EPRDF”. The rulling pary promised us so many honey breads when he heads to Addis Abeba from guerilla cave around. But despite some changes, there is a human right abuse in Ethiopia, there is unfair justice, there is povert, and there is unfair free market. Listen OLF, what do you what to preach us about Ethiopia? what type of promises do have beside the EPRDF? Whom do you want to librate and from who/whom?.Can you differentiate the good from the evil or viseverse? Do you think realisticlly to librate Ethiopia by throwning the rulling pary?. For how long do you fight along with Eritrea to librate Ethiopia?. Ary a terrorist group or democratic leader for now and for while.

    There are so many testifies to be seen as long as the OLF is there.

    History judges all.

  7. gigi
    | #7

    Last question to OLF. Are you a terrorist group or democrat civil servant ? because Kuku explined so many good points I didn’t know before.

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