Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of October 5th

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October 5th 2006

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. atse tedros
    | #1

    peace to ethiopia peopel

  2. Akalu
    | #2

    Whoever does this show is obviously a true Ethiopian, standing for Unity and Love as opposed to so TPLF bandits…good job abugida…we’re proud of you.

  3. Hibret
    | #3

    Selam Abugidawoch,

    I realy appreciate whate you people in Boston do especially the youngsters. any one can see your Ethiopianty,dedecation,peace love and strength this is the only way we can beat this racist weyanes.


  4. Aine
    | #4

    I am proud – you just gave me hope that Ethiopia will be a better country, but only if we all work together. Ethiopiawinet hail new!

  5. Diana
    | #5

    Great Job – Please stay focused and positive!

  6. Arenet
    | #6

    It is obvious the freedom enjoyed by all is a fight of few. Abugida is one of the few fighters to the freedom of 79 million. Your cause is ours too, but you carry the burden so you deserv our appriciation. Good Job!

  7. | #7


  8. | #8

    Vegas casion Vegas casion

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