News, Entertainment and a Report on Meles’ Staunch Allegiance to Shabia.

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  1. Tigist
    | #1

    Thank you the abugida guys for being observant and clear on where you stand is on important issues. Especially, I would like to thank Asheber for working on a program that shows the real relationship of Shabia and Meles Zenawi. These days some, like Elias Kifle and his ER, suggest that we should work with Shabia to get ride of Weyanne. Well, we are struggling with Weyanne to have a vibrant democracy in Ethiopia, but Shabia is not really interested in Democracy at all. Shabia’s interest is only to dismantle Ethiopia. That is why Shabia is using OLF and the likes of Elias Kifle for its evil purpose. Well, these days Elias Kifle is making it more clear to all of us that he is working with Shabia. That is his right, but we also have the right to distance our self from his distractive actions. You just can’t love Ethiopia and work with Shabia at the same time.

    Lately Elias Kifle has been bragging about his ER being #1 visited web site among Ethiopian web sites. Well, I am one of his site visitors, and I strongly disagree with him. People might visit his site out of curiosity to see what this crazy Shabia dog has to say, but in any way it doesn’t mean they are buying what Elias Kifle is saying.

    It is noticed that all the Kinijit web sites and pro Ethiopia unity Medias are distancing them selves from Elias and his tool ER. That is very wise and encouraging. The last thing Kinijit and our push for vibrant democracy in Ethiopia needs is having another crazy guy with a dark vision calling all the shouts.

    Finally, I have a challenge for Elias Kifle: First, you have to be honest for the cause that you believe in, and you have to tell only the truth, but the truth of your agendas. Otherwise, it looks like that you are pushing people to a direction that you don’t even sincerely believe that is right. In other way what I am asking you is that if you are working with Shabia and if you believe in that tell us that you are working with Shabia and tell us why, then we might be convinced by your reasons. At this point you are like a gay guy with every indication that you are gay, but you are not still open about it.
    Second, if you think that a lot of people support you and they are behind you, well, show us the money. Let us see you having a fund raising event and see how many people would show up and how munch they give. I bate that you would end up gathering about 10 Eritrean, 10 OLF members and 6 Somalis. Well, I could be wrong on this, but it is up to you to prove me wrong Mr. big boy!

  2. Sami
    | #2

    That is just about right Tigist. Thank you for your observation. Elias is one a hell of a guy that has identity crisis. He is not trust worthy, and especially the Kinijit leaders need to stay away from this divisive guy. After all Shabia is the one that created Woyanne and now supporting all the libration fronts. I guess Elias’s plan is to make some of us libration fronts friendly, even if we all know that the libration fronts are the once who bring our country down and still pose a treat for Ethiopia existence.

    No way Jose (Elias)

  3. Assefa Jara
    | #3

    I pray and hope that (WE) most Ethiopians look forward to our old big Ethiopia, improved living srandard, friendship, respect, etc. than
    samll hope and looking for turmoil, create unwanted issues of situation,
    if we cannot think, whay not WE learn from others. STOP BLAMING, START WORKING. NO better life with NO work. NO peace with NO facts and TRUTH.

    Let GOD help us.

    Ps. one day this country for all of us and even Eritreans.

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    I agree with Tigist and Sami. The media guys can’t just do crazy staff and expect us to buy their bull crap. Elias, you should know that no reasonable person would buy your tell tells and you influence no body.

    Ato Assefa Jara, you sound like a decent man. I agree with you that we all should look for our old big Ethiopia. As you know our Ethiopia has a lot of enemies. Most of these enemies are her own children. Now, it is the rest of us’ job to protect our country from these evils.

  5. casanova
    | #5


  6. Aha!
    | #6

    I on the other hand blame ER for playing part in fostering and accommodating the splintered group of “KILL” and K-5 delegation, along with ETN, Ethiomedia and Addis Dimtz. At that instance, nobody made negative comments on the KILL and K-5 delegates. You do not blame him for advancing the Eritrean cause as an Eritrean, using his biased website, what you should have blamed him for should have been for the part he played in condemning the Kinjit President, Hailu shawl as dictator, while he is recommending a dictator to gain our freedom and labling the other support group and the Kinjit Inernational Council (KIC), and accelerating the split by providing media coverage for for K-5 delegates of their ill-conceived conspiracy led by Dr. Berhanu Nega.

  7. weynedo
    | #7


    You look like those obsessed old feudal Shaleka Haiu army. Kifle and hailu or meles all the same the same personal ego beyond the people of Ethiopia go to nauseating website or Moges blog.

    Weynedo zendro.

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    Hi Aha, I am sure you know that I don’t believe that Elias Kifle supports Kinijit or cares about it. Actually, I think Elias is jealous of Kinijit and trying to exacerbate the difference that appears among Kinijit leaders. That is said, I am convinced that Eng. Hailu Shawel’s failed crisis management skill gave a lot for Kinijit and Ethiopia enemies to talk about and to further their destruction. I heard both groups of Kinijit leaders’ arguments about the pending hot issues with open mind. It seems to me that Eng. Hailu Shawel is kind of far from a common sense, and he couldn’t convince the vast majority of the Kinijit supporters. Since Kinijit’s strength is the general public support, I just hope Eng. Hailu Shawel will figure out what the most Kinijit supporters expect of him and do the right thing accordingly. Eng. Hailu Shawel is still considered the Kinijit leader, and he has to show up his leadership skills soon before it is too late. Now, for Eng. Hailu’s clear leadership failure we just can’t blame any body. The good thing is that the good Eng. has still a change to make it right. I think he should go back to Ethiopia soon and gather the Kinijit Lealawi Mekerbate members and deal with all the issues that need to be dealt with. For health or some other reasons if he can’t do that, he needs to resign with respect or let the vice chair to lead the party up until he feels better. As we all know Ethiopia is a country of 80 million people. To stop the Ethiopian people struggle for a vibrant democracy because one person is not feel well is deeply disturbing.

  9. ashanti
    | #9

    kinijit,kinijit,kinijit…what you gonna do for are feudal,you are groups of old findata feudals…please go down.

  10. demis
    | #10

    I like your programme but take care of your generalizations. I can give you a special mention to your programme which talked of Mekelle university students. I am dead sure that the guy who begged the congress to leave hr 2003 is a typcal supporter of weyane. But your Journalist generalized and talked of him as representing Mekelle university students and condemened as a whole Mu students for not writing something when AAU Students were killed. You dont have to forget that there are students in Mu from different parts of the country who are against the ruling party. I will be happy if u respond me. Thanks and keep on telling us the reality.

  11. Tazabi
    | #11

    Elias needs to address his lack of integrity before he tells others what they need to do. He makes up a name of an organization and becomes the organizer, financial book keeper, and everything else that comes with an organization. Who knows what he does with the money. What bothers me the most is, he have some darn axs donating money to his organization. Don’t you get it? Elias does not work. He lives of off the poor people back home. He uses their misery to his advantage.

  12. demeke
    | #12

    hey ye woyanne buchiloch Elias Kifle is getting under your skin. that is why you gang up on him. Elias has proven himself to be a real hero who understands what kind cancer woyanne is how to fight and remove it.

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