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Impossible to Rescue Ethiopia from Eritrea

Any Ethiopian group or organization with the good intention at heart and struggling to bring about positive changes to our nation, have the responsibility of protecting the interest of our nation, as well as exposing harmful situations which could be avoided if known in advance.

We, EPPF International have been following developments which if not exposed and consequently halted could lead to be another damaging situation to our fight for democracy in Ethiopia.

Below are facts, which we believe are crucial for all Ethiopians to be aware of. We ask all concerned media owners to use their medium and help us inform other concerned Ethiopians.

Eight years ago, Four Ethiopian armed organizations merged together and established The Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF) in the desert of Eritrea. Our organization enjoyed two years of stable growth and developed a reasonable organizational strength.

At the end of the second year, the Eritrean regime realized that this newly formed organization could soon become a stand alone entity, able to conduct large scale movement inside Ethiopia and could very shortly become outside their reach. General Tekle Kiflai
General Tekle Kiflai
(Eritrean Defense Force)

At this point, they decided to curtail the potential of EPPF by instructing agents from the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF) lead by General Tekle Kiflai to start a systematic imprisoning, torturing and killing of EPPF freedom fighters, including members of the Leadership.

Two years after the creation of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), the organization was subjected to intolerable acts of betrayal and cruelty.

One of the EPPF Leadership killed was Arbegna Tesfaye Getachew. He was made to die from extreme torture by Colonel Fitsum and Shaleka Hadgo from the Eritrean defense force, they were also joined by Meskerem Atalay and Muse Tegene.

Please read the detailed account of the event leading up to Arbegna Tesfaye Getachew death. The authors are previous EPPF Freedom fighters now residing in another neighboring country. We have verified the information contained in the Detailed Account from our multiple tripe to the EPPF Front.
DETAIL ACCOUNT (Amharic pdf, written in Miyazia 22, 1998 ETC)
Colonel Fitsum
Colonel Fitsum
(Eritrean Defense Force)

Following the killings and imprisonments of the unwanted EPPF leaders, the Eritrean regime replaced them with individuals who were believed to be pro-Eritrean, the likes of Messkerem Atalay, Muse Tegegne and Mazaw …etc. These individuals have proven their loyalty to the Eritreans by participating in the tortures and killings of many EPPF freedom freighters, which the Eritrean regime sees as a threat to its control over EPPF.

The Eritrean regime went a step further and started dividing the entire organization on ethnic lines. Because of its trans ethnic and trans religion agenda; the Ethiopian People Patriotic Front had a mass appeal to any Ethiopian who crossed the Eritrean boarder to be apart of an armed organization, it was truly an Ethiopian organization.

But the EPPF political program didn’t fit in with the plans the Eritreans had for Ethiopia, so they proceeded to gather all Tigreans from EPPF and took them to a different location in Eritrea to create the Tigray People Democratic Movement (TPDM), then they gathered all Oromos and all different Southern Ethiopia Ethnics groups from EPPF, and forced them to join OLF and the Southern Ethiopia People’s Front for Justice and Equality (SEPFJE) respectively. Colenel Hadgo
Shaleka Hadgo
(Eritrean Defense Force)

All this sons and daughters of Ethiopia who joined EPPF because of there believe in a United Ethiopia were forced at gunpoint to join the other organizations from EPPF. This practice is being systematically carried out to date. Till this date, when any Ethiopian cross the Eritrean boarder, the first question he get asked is his ethnicity and then he get forced to join his respective ethnic organization pre-prepared by the Eritrean regime.

In the last few weeks, the Eritrean regime announced the formation of a new alliance, the Unity of Ethiopians for Democratic Change (UEDC), an alliance between Four Ethiopian organizations, the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), the Southern Ethiopia People’s Front for Justice and Equality (SEPFJE), and the Benishangul People’s Movement (BPM). The Eritrean regime had broadcasted their carefully choreographed propaganda video to Ethiopia and the rest of the world through ERI TV. Muse Tegene
Muse Tegegne

We would like to point out to all Ethiopians, that all the organizations featured in these latest Eritrean creation were once part of EPPF and were forcibly devided by the Eritrean regime. They are also subjected to the same control put upon EPPF. All this organization are fully controlled by Eritrea’s General Tekle Kiflai and their day to day activities are controlled by Colonel Fitsum and Shaleka Hadgo of the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF).

In the last eight years, the Eritrean regime had been successful in portraying itself as a concerned body for the well being of Ethiopians and Ethiopia. They had managed to lure and gather innocent patriotic Ethiopians from all corners of the world and get them close enough to silence them. The Ethiopian armed freedom struggle had been high jacked for the last eight years, until now. Meskerem Atalay
Meskerem Atalay

The only explanation we could come up for this short sighted Eritrean policy is that, they have recognized they can’t get a better representative in Ethiopia which will serve the best interest of Eritrea over Ethiopia, better than Meles Zenawi and his traitor gangs. According to the analysis of the Eritrean regime, if a post Meles Ethiopia, becomes a strong, united and democratic Ethiopia, the viability of an independent Eritrean state falls in danger.

Over the last six years the Eritrean regime had been creating different version of Ethiopian alliances, an attempt to play with sentiments of the unity craving Ethiopian public.

They started in 2002, when they created the first alliance between, Ethiopian Unity & Democratic Movement, Ethiopian Democratic Unity Force, Ogaden National Liberation Front, Oromo Liberation Front, Benishangul Liberation Front and Sidama Liberation Front.

The second alliance was between, six different Oromo liberation organizations.

Both alliances were later disbanded when they became useless to the Eritrean regime. Meazaw

The third alliance was in 2006 between, EPPF, CUDP, ONLF, OLF and SEPFJE, it was the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, AFD. The still born alliance not providing the desired political pressure they designed it for and together with the main organization CUDP walking away from it last month, it was time for the next alliance to be announced from Asmara.

The fourth and latest alliance was unveiled by the Eritrean regime in November 2007, between the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), the Southern Ethiopia People’s Front for Justice and Equality (SEPFJE), and the Benishangul People’s Movement (BPM). They named this alliance The Unity of Ethiopians for Democratic Change (UEDC).

Like the previous alliances, this latest one is doomed for faliure. Unless, we Ethiopians create an alliance for Ethiopia, it is impossible for any alliances to bear fruit, specially when it is designed and manufactured by Asmara for the purpose of benefiting the Eritrean regimes game plan.

During the last 11 months, we had made public all our efforts to reach out to the Eritrean regime, to get them to reevaluated their short sighted policy, to ask them to correct their ways, to explain the situation and consequences of their actions, to lift all their controlling apparatus upon our organization and to release all EPPF prisoners from Eritrean dungeons. We went to great length, using all means available to us, even by sending our committee representative to Asmara, to lobby the regimes top officials (Mr Yemane G/Abb, Mr Ali Abdu, General Tekle Kiflai and General Sebhat Ephrem), but to no avail. Arbegna Kassaune Kindie
Victim: Arbegna Kassahun Hunde

To help our request, knowing how sensitive they are towards the Ethiopian public opinions, we decided to start transmitting EPPF Radio Program ‘Arbegna Dimts’ direct to Ethiopia, and managed to put pressure upon them. At the very least, we hoped it would help save the lives of the EPPF prisoners within their control. After transmitting for 17 Weeks, we had to stop due to the constant jamming of our station by the Meles Zenawi regime. For a while, it seemed to be working, as they pretended to be listening, but we soon discovered otherwise.

Our entire struggle to release of our brothers had been in vain. It had been recently confirmed to us by our sources that earlier this year, Arbegna Kassahun Hunde, Arbegna Werkeneh, Arbegna Memeher Getachew, and a few others, which we do not have their names for the time being had been executed by the Eritrean regime. Arbegna Workeneh
Victim: Arbegna Werkeneh

Although the final decision to kill them was decided by officials from the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF), (General Tekle Kiflai, Colonel Fitsum and Shaleka Hadgo), we are sadden to confirm that there were Ethiopian individuals who were advocating and lobbying for their execution. These were Meskerem Atalay (before he was deposed from EPPF chairmanship he openly announced on paltalk that he could get them killed), Muse Tegegne, Meazaw, Genbe and a few other individuals from the Diaspora.

After carefully analyzing the situation, the status of our organization and the nature of the hostile Eritrean reception for the last 6 years, we had declared on the 30th August 2007, of our disassociation’s from the EPPF leadership in Eritrea, wich we found not to have the best interest for Ethiopia and where proven to be stooges of the Eritrean regime.

We can also confirm that the majority of the EPPF freedom fighters who are aware of the Eritrean game plan, are now inside and in the vicinity of Ethiopia, disconected from Eritrea. We are doing all we can to help support them and reorganizing ourselves for the future. We are working towards regrouping all EPPF Freedom Fighters inside and outside Ethiopia. We have taken on the task of organizing and creating a patriotic organization witch is totally independent from the Eritrean regime.

We ask all of our supporters inside and outside Ethiopia to wait patiently until we announce on the successful completion of our initial task, and until we can inform you on how you can take part. Meaza with Fitsum

Meazaw with Colonel Fitsum

Currently, there is one crucial and definite fact we can confirm; It is impossible to bring about the kind of governance we, the Ethiopian people crave for with the help/interference of Eritrea. It is impossible to save Ethiopia from Eritrea. We didn’t arrive to this conclusion from just hearsay; we had traveled back and forth to Eritrea and experienced first hand the true nature of the Eritrean regime’s plans and views towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Apart from what they are inflicting on our organization, Ethiopians around the world also need to know the facts of the Eritrean regimes conduct towards Ethiopian civilians still living inside Eritrea.

During our various trips to Eritrea, we were appalled to find out that, Ethiopians in Eritrea have a curfew of 9pm, if any Ethiopian is found outside their homes after 9pm; they get thrown in prison until they pay 4,000 NKF (Four Thousand Nakfa) for their bail. Not affording these hefty payment the majority still remain imprisoned. The regime had issued a yellow identity card for all Ethiopians, this makes it easier for their security personnel to identify them.

We also found out, that Amharic music is still officially banned from Eritrean public places, and how bar owners still get fined five thousand Nakfa for playing Amharic songs and how repeated offenders get their licenses revoked. The only time ERI TV is allowed to play Amharic is only on the Amharic program, which is for the consumption of Ethiopians around the world. It’s aim is to help conceal the regime’s true nature and their views towards Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

We would also like to caution and inform the Ethiopian public on the reality regarding recent merger in the US which apparently involved the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front Youth League.

Currently, we can confirm there are no such groups as the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front Youth League in the US. As of 30th August 2007, following our Press Release regarding on our disassociation from Eritrea, members from EPPF New York team who were unhappy of the way the Eritrean regime (Shabia) was portrayed in our statement had decided to officially leave our organization.

These are the same individuals who have announced a merger using the name EPPF Youth League and try to muster support from the Ethiopian Diaspora for the newly created Eritrean regimes alliance, the UEDC.

These acts, of unlawfully using EPPF to confuse the public is the same as killing for the second time the EPPF Freedom fighters (ei: Arbegna Tessfaye Getachew, Arbegna Kasshun Hunde …etc) murdered in the Eritrean desert for asking EPPF to be independent from the Eritrean regime.

We request all groups and individuals to refrain from these deliberate and deceitful activities. The Eritrean regime’s evil plans have proven to be and will be harmful to the Ethiopian people struggle. The Ethiopian public should be more vigelant on any attempt to disguise the Eritrean regimes traps, which are clearly not beneficial for Ethiopia.

We will like to point out that the activities and evil plans of the Eritrean regime does not reflect the views and aspirations of our Eritrean brothers and sisters in Eritrea, who are also victims of the same regime.

What Ethiopia and Ethiopians need inside and outside Ethiopia is a united, strong and disciplined organization, which is comprised of specialists, brave, able and willing patriotic Ethiopians. Most importantly it needs to be independent from any outside negative influences. It should only be lead and be supported by Ethiopians. This is the only way we can conduct a successful struggle to liberate our nation from the jaws of the current fascist dictatorship regime of Meles Zenawi/TPLF/EPRDF.

We have no desire or intend to take part, or be used in the private wrangling between Shabia and Weyane. They started their problem by themselves and they should finish it by themselves.

We believe this is the first opportunity we had from the last eight years to create the type of organization which will become a serious treat to the TPLF/ EPRDF fascist regime in Ethiopia and bring about the positive change of unity and democracy to our nation.

Ethiopia shall prevail.
God Bless Ethiopia.

EPPF Information Center

Bakground Information on one of the EPPF victim of the Eritrean Regime and it’s stooges:
Kassahune Kindie

Arbegna Kassahun Hunde was an Kinijit activist in Addis Ababa, before he joined EPPF. He had been imprisoned and tortured by the EPRDF/TPLF regime of Ethiopia, during the post 2005 Ethiopian Election. He escaped from Weyane prison and joined EPPF to continue his struggle to liberate his nation. Sadly, after all his ordeal, the Eritrean regime, in collaboration with Messkerem Atalay, Meazaw and Muse Tegegne had killed him.

Below is the interview he gave to ERI TV and few months before being murder.

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