Seattle goes to the Polls

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Click here for the Press Release: Kinijit supporters in and around Seattle are going to the polls!


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    I used to leave in seattle and i have a clear understanding who were publicly strugled during the past 15 years face to face with woyane. The prsent acters in kinijit Seattle chapters never come to any kind of demonstration in seattle before you can name it.

    Seattle have to wake up to stop the Ethiopians “Sekoka” back home. the strugle has to be to fight with direct enemy of ethiopians not with in Kinijt. it is not kinijt’s spirit that one ethininc group never been shown during the past to support anti woyane strugle by any means and conribute money or participate.

    Is berhanu nega brought all of you to day? Stop that kind of thinking and think for Ethiopia. When you go to the poll to day please ask why kinijt the first democraticlly elected party divided?

    your leader Berhanu clearly said there is no kinijit any more. After he collect all the money in north America in the name of Kinijit, then why you elect a future leader of kinijit Seattle chapter if there is no kinijit? Don’t make another mistake the first one you bless your money that you thought there is Kinijit now after publicly the so called Dr. said there is no more kinijit and the Betinachew tsigie group arange you for another mistake that for no kinijit they tell you to elect a fake kinijit seattle chapter.

    Ask your self if there is no Kinijit where all the money collect in the name of kinijit will go? To keste demena or Where?

    Please Seattle wake up||||||||||||||||

    God bless Ethiopia.

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