“Who is Tamagne Beyene” Part I – Dec 10, 2007 AETN( Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network)

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  1. from LONDON
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  2. kassyy
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    aye ato tamagne wich hono chuhett

  3. weynedo
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    Some one like you is out of touch and the reality beyond you if you just watch the abugida documentary about Tamagne you know who is Tamagne is any way you are Dengay Eras WEYANE.

    abugidawoch Bertu yekurt kene lejoch.

  4. | #4

    Tamaghe! You are one the best Ethiopians in our world, you are totaly genune about Ethiopia. I realy admire you! Keep it up! Life is school, learn from it. Let God bless and bliss you, your whole family. Tamaghe, you are like your own name! Belayneh from Europe!

  5. | #5

    they kid nap the queen in greece
    she is no where but she is alive
    they inject her
    for what ?
    is there human right in greece
    or we are slave

  6. hibretu
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    simin melak yawetawal yemibalew ewnet new tamage you are the best iko oh my god we ethiopian we dont know what we have .people like you is a treasure ye ager habt . you should proud your selfe what you are doing since derg zemen we love you much love for tamagneeeeee

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    Dear Tamagn in deed Ethiopia was not only for Abajifar(of Jimma), King Tona(of Wolaita), Belay Zeleke(of Gojjam). Really according to your stand and your wish “She” was, is and will be for all us! The sky is the Limit..we will be “ONE ETHIOPIA ON GENERATION”. Though you are away from our beloved mother Ethiopia beleive me you are with us in Spirit.

    Yes needless to have the PhD you are doing a lot irrespective of that for the nation. Let God bless you!
    From Holland ( to be back to ETH after 2 months)

  8. SELAM
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  9. j.p.h
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    Please forgive what “Kassyy” and “SELAM” Stated above or any other similar conclusions.
    I think they haven’t understood what “TAMAGN” means as an Amharic word or the individual behind that name. There is an Amharic saying which some people try to prove on TAMAN’S case:
    “MELKE TIFUN BESIM YIDEGIFU”, while lots of proverbs are good expressions of truth in our country, we can’t apply this one on TAMAGN. If some one asks for the proverb to be true there are lots of other names which fit the real sense. REMEMBER the following points:
    1) TAMAGN is not MELKETIFU but handsome,
    2) TAMAGN is not KEHADI but true child of mother Ethiopia!Real patriot who struggles for UNITY!TANK YOU TAMAGN FOR YOUR GENIUIN LOVE TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY! You are inspiration to millions of Ethiopians especially the YOUTH! KEEP ON WITH THE EXCELLENT AND BRILIANT JOB!

    Enat Etiopia titebikih,
    Egze-etene Mariam kante gar tehun.

  10. yilikal
    | #10

    tamagne you are the best aint got no word for u god bless youuuu

  11. | #11

    Oh! Tamagne, I got surprized for you stand begining from your childhood stll now. There is one fact that human mind is dynamically changing/improving when grow up.
    But you are still at 60′s? so u r not a human?
    any way god bless you.

  12. SELAM
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    j.p.h……….please wake up..U and Tamgn and other fanatic ‘Ethiopians’ under the slogan of “one Ethiopia and one peope” you have hidden agendas! NO more melting pot it is only SELF-DETERMINATION that will be a viable slogan……….no more of old dead slogan like Tamagn’s ‘one ethiopia and one poeple’

  13. j.p.h
    | #13

    SELAM hi,
    I totally disagree with you and think that you are the one who is in his deep sleep with a hidden agenda. You see brother, we agree with your nice slogans such us “hibre behers”, “our differences are our beauty”, “we live with our differences as beautiful mosaic”, all the good words would have been excellent idea for our people if one would have practiced it as the true sense of the idea. But in practice the Ethiopian people have witnessed that to be just like sugar tainted deadly poison contained with in. That is called “hidden agenda”, because it was meant to destroy a great country and build smaller weaker nations who can not defend themselves in order to benefit some new nations whose wealth would be dependant on looted resources by the use of force. Look what is going on in our country my compatriot “SELAM”: Why were Anuaks mass murdered? This was true with lots of other nations and tribes,we can mention the Oromos, Amharas, Sidama etc…Why are University students,our hopes in the future be brutally massacred? Why is the wealth of the people looted? Why should our beautiful country wage different wars on every direction with her historical enemies? Why is our mother land to go to war with some helpless neighbors (we are a little bit better otherwise also poor and war torn), without the mandate of the people? Why should we trade and sell our land here and there with our historical and sworn enemies, when it was inherited by our brave and heroic ancestors who paid in blood and bones? What we are saying is that, unfortunately Ethiopia in her entire history was surrounded by enemies and still is surrounded than ever befor.
    So our disintegration is our weakness but our unity is our strength. We can not exist as smaller and weaker countries or we chose SLAVERY? We know we never have been colonized and we don’t want to go back to that dark history. Let us unite and be a stronger nations .Let us respect every once differences.
    When we do that we could have even tried to reverse our differences with the “sworn enemies”, let alone among our selves.
    “SELAM”, this are the values which we want to share with you as compatriots of UNITY!
    We hope you understand our position.
    Thank you

  14. ghion
    | #14

    Hello yagere lij..tamagne malet ye ethiopia ye kuret ken lij new ende andandu hodam yemaynberekek befet lefet yetegafete..jegna new..lehageru sel bezu aytual please endezeh yale jegna awake maggnet liyou new..tamagne belejocheh..tebarek..ye ethiopia amlak yetebkeh

  15. theo2_2
    | #15

    sup.Tamagne ,,I am happy to hear ur voic ,,,wow ethiopia needs this voic ,,,,

    Prejudice: An opinion that holds a person.–> u are doing this theory ,,

    let this ppl dance and sing till the end of emmm then after, like dinosaurs, they will be the subject of the past( History)

    The chief danger in life is that u may take too many precautions.

    proud of U!!!!!thx Abugida,,,,keep it up this stand ,,,the voic is 80 million ppl.

  16. theo2_2
    | #16

    theo say hallo for selam say:

    selam say : Never laugh at anyone´s dream ppl who don´t have dreams like u don´t have much,,,,

    Tamagne have dreams , visons ,,,,Good lief for 80 millions ethiopian not more not less.

    is it wrong ? kkk ohh i forget i speak with Ato.Meles woscheme kkk

    Don´t preaching ethnic! we know each other.




    Tamagne my great bro.
    WINSTON CHURCHILL failed sixth grade . he did not become PM of england until he was 62 and then only after a lifetime of defeats and setbacks. His greatest contributions came when he was a ” senior citzen”

    keep it up ur stand u will become ur dreams.

    we are like every time ,,,we fight for D.1

    bless u bro temg.

    one must u first learn to live oneself before one blames others.

  17. erimas_16
    | #17

    Tamagne ,,I am happy to hear your voice. Ethiopia needs strong and confident as well
    genune about Ethiopia. I realy admire you! Keep it up!
    God Bless you!!!

  18. SELAM
    | #18

    sorry bro just becuase I disagree with Tamagn u don’t have to insult me. and my friend J.P.h…..All I AM SAYING IS THAT IT IS UP TO ALL THE PEOPLE TO BE UNITED UNDER ONE NATION OR DIVIED AND BECOME MUIT-NATIONS. It is the decission of all national not tamagn’s or yours or mine decission. In saying that SELF-DETRMINATION of all people. If a group of people want to separate and creat their own nation we DON’T HAVE TO GO TO FIGH THEM BECUSE IS THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO. THEREFORE ‘ONE ETHIOPIA, ONE PEOPLE’ is and old and dead and illegitmate SLOGAN! BECUAS IT IMPOSES PRE-CONDITION ON PEOPLE RIGHT FOR SELF-DETERMINATION. THANK YOU

  19. j.p.h
    | #19

    We have to confront ideas which are unacceptable for us and try to convince others or be convinced by others when we genuinely believe we proved to ourselves that we were wrong.If some one is paid by a well known brutal tyranny and try to impose the wrong policy of hidden agenda of destroying a country and its people, the discussion will be waste of time,(This comment doesn’t necessarily concern brother “SELAM”).But even then we are human beings who have the best brain compared with other animals given to us by God as some believe or acquired from nature as others believe. No matter we were literate or not we have got the natural gift at birth. The problem is how we use our brains? For the betterment of our village, region, country or even continent, the only planet we share?
    Or we use it for deception, greediness, destruction and atrocities? By now every body knows what an evil took our country Ethiopia. The story of “Bere welede” would not take us anywhere, or it is like the saying:
    “Gimel serko tedebiko”.
    What I want to say is let us use our brain for the truth and for the development of our country. Let us not be mercenaries of the evil. We know deep in our conscious what kind of misery is taking place in our war torn country. Do you really believe the hidden agenda of “Abay Tigray” is the way for peace and liberty for all? While I accept the independence of tribes, nations to live in harmony and peace be it in the form of “autonomy” or “federalism”, do you really believe we could have lived peacefully being as small separate countries as “Oromia”, “Abay Tigray” etc…? The people have intermingled throughout the country for many centuries. Can you imagine the economical, psychological and social chaos this would have drugged us all to? I tell you brother in my opinion we would have never got out of the misery 100 times graver than we are now.
    We would have end up being as our unfortunate brotherly neighbors who are now country less in their own land thanks to the evil who represents us. These are my thoughts brother which I deeply believe to be true and try to convince to change your wrong direction in my opinion. Let our country in particular and Africa in general be blessed to have far better leaders who could have raised us from the deep misery and destruction we are forced to get in!

    Peace and love to all

  20. theo2_2
    | #20


    nor nor Abugdawische ,,,and my great bro. Tamagna eww for u too SELAM …

    SELAM: The basic difference b/n an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes every thing as a challenge , while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.
    I have never eve insulting u , it also pertains to a politician´s task to wail himself if he steps on other ppl is feet.well now i know ur politcation postion—>Art.39
    that is why u disagree Tamage
    T&I –>we´v the same songe,same dreams and visons.

    woyane created Art.39 just to make sure that we remain Divided .it never mean it was designed only for Ert.

    Ethnic politcs ( Art.39)—>OLF, woyane

    with the same kind of narrow argumentation is still the very rice congo in war,,, in war caus the west have managed to fool gready mouthes like OLF and Art.39 preachers woyane

    It is such an ugly thing to be unitedy by some narrow criteria as ; ethnic identity, so ugly so superfical, so selfishness, no depth into specially in the 21c ppl . should always be unitedy by visions by good causes only thoses kind of unity exists longer reaches its goal.

    I am trying to shack sleeping mind.
    maybe we really are not mature yet for a real Democrasy.But our unity has priority and this hatred b/n the differ. tribes has to be stop!

    bro.Selam; Never light a fire which u are unable to put out again,,,looks today Erit.

    Well, Igenorant ppl. don´t know wht good they hold in their hands until they´ve flung it away.
    8 million yrs History. it is not only Ethiopian ppl united History , it is symbol and proud of all Negger bro.

    peace is not our fate but our duty just as war is our failure, let us talk and work about Love, peace , 3* ppl how they get food, Healthy–Democrasy ,,,Don´t split hair cus ppl they are fighting about ethio. Democ,,,

    A look intO the past only makes sense if it serves the future.( Derge , amara , ble ble bleeee )and attack innocent ethiopian like Tamagen make me not confert ,,,

    let us walk not talk , we are in 21 c.


    yedil atbiya jegna aschegerene eko ,,,,,my Gutsch ,,,,

  21. And Le Ethiopia
    | #21

    I see many things in Tamagn, but one that stands out clearly is Ethiopiawinett!!! Stamagn stands by us, we stand by Tamagn, we all stand by Ethiopiawinet!!! We love you man!!

  22. elias
    | #22

    tamage i have a big respect for you because of your deep love for your motherland and for your tireless effort to keep the unity of it as it was befor.
    tamagne i am 28 and almost all of my generation remember forever for what you have done for your country

  23. eliyas
    | #23

    plz…dont say any thin about oromia.we can solve our problem by our selves.we are ethiopian,we have a positive atittude againest every body in the nation.abo..don’t try to compare us with Eritrea.yih lela ya lela atizelabdu isti…andinet andinet bilachu ltimotu hone iko-semonegna hula!!!

  24. gemoraw
    | #24

    ay tamagn wichi honesh meleflef…mekelekel..keneftegnoch gar asha sha gedamme izaw belemedkibet,belemedachihubet,kemetachihubet…lalibela!!!

  25. asrat beshah
    | #25

    hey tamagh,do you know why every body write their comment??
    ya,because you are the best ever

  26. Hi
    | #26

    Dear Tamagne and abugidaweche!

    Thank you for the tv programme and for the interview.
    This is to let you know that I wanna discuss with tamagne regarding some ideas that he have said the so called “fear”.
    I will be pleased if i get his telephone number and then I will be able to share some experiances with him.

    Best regards,

  27. yared sauth
    | #27

    hey tamagne god bless u with ur family

  28. Alex
    | #28

    selamta le Abugidawiche :

    My Dear, Tamage you are so great ,,Tanke you for your contribution for our Ethiopia !

    Ethiopia needs you and your works and ur dreams!!

    most of my bro. theo2_2 said it ….let us wealk not talk,,,,,

    Man must want the good and the great.The rest depends on fate.

    ,,,,,,,ANDE ETHIOPIA
    ;;;;;ANDE HIZEBE !!!

  29. Alem
    | #29

    Tamagn!!!! This man is educated by life!! Those other Ethiopians that claim to have went to school and got their phD have been inslaved by the government for their “kerse” or they have been inslaved by their own conscience!!

    The first thing they should teach in Ethiopian universities is to think independantly and to free an individual’s mind!! Then politics, science and even common sense will come easy!!!

    “Yeman bet tefto yeman libeji yawre mefencha yihonal enji” That’s the mental freedome we Ethiopians have lost or have not ingerited from our fathers!!

    Tamagn obviously did inherite it!!!!

    God bless you…I will take half Tamagn in exchange to five chicken “phD’s”!!

  30. Worku
    | #30

    TAMAGN, AN ARTIST, A STAND UP COMEDIAN, MC, POET, ORATOR, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND A BETTER POLITICIAN WE EVER SEEN. I wish there are more people like you in Ethiopia. You never wobble, you always stand firm, i hope our next generation will follow your foot step and tell the truth.
    God bless!!!

  31. SELAM
    | #31

    IF OLF has policy of promotng the separation of Oromia……….then they are entitled for that! Oromos will decide if they like OLF’s platform. IN A CIVILIZED SOCITY EVERYONE IS ENTITLED FOR THEIR OPINION. DO THEY HAVE TO FIGHT WITH YOU FOR 30 YEAS SO YOU WILL UNDERSTAND?

  32. | #32


  33. SELAM
    | #33

    arogit…which one is worst?

  34. neibha
    | #34

    i just want to say one thing for tamagn “does it make sense just to talk 24/7 all year round for no change i mean you are here eating 6 times a day where at the same time people not eating one time a day fighting for their freedom and dying” for me it does not make sense if you have the love as you said for your country what are you doing here in the most civilized country in the world enjoying and buliding your fortune.look at the heros (for me kinijit leaders) how they fight and how they end up i mean for me this is fighting for freedom and so stop your bla bla or just be there with the people and do whatever you have to do.heros will die for their country.i think that is not the type of person inside of you .you keep saying yemiferabet cell yelegnim so show it!
    u are just talking.had you had enough love for your people talking will not satisfy you .so tamagh forgive me if i said sth wrong but if you have to fight be with the people and fight or else keep quite & continue to build your empire with your lovely family.

  35. wawwu
    | #35


    what sense mean to you? who ru and what do u do for ethiopia? the collection of different people is making a nation. im just saying it this way cause u dont get it. tamagne is one person dose what he can by the knowledge he got for his country. so do u saw a doctor as a soldier? does it mean to u he cant help to be a wealthy nation one of a kind? how much of a president as a teacher u have seen? u live in a civilized world and dont konw the different of it? he is some one happen to be ethiopian and did his part better than a lots of nations dose. so its a combination of a people like him self creates a whealthy
    nation….people….country…and so on…he dose his part well enough ok. if ur one to be take a steps dont disrispect one individual work as been a different one who dose a lot which no one has a guts to do. what he dose is that u call yekurti kean ligge!!!!! you got that????????????

  36. | #36

    hey tamaign, I would like to say thank you to Abugida info.for letting us know about you. because I did not know before. Our country Ethiopia really needs people like you. Geta anten ena betesebochehen yibark. Keep it up throughout your life, we may have justice and democracy in ethiopia one day
    One people
    One Ethiopia

  37. frehiwot&mimi
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  38. GORAW
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