Ethiopians remain defiant, says Addis Ferenji

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ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians remain defiant to the ruling party whose commercial products are massively boycotted by the nation, Addis Ferenji wrote on Sunday.

The blogger who had virtually become the only independent voice after a brutal government crackdown on the indepedent press and opposition last year said silence in Ethiopia was very deceptive as opposition to the ruling party of Meles Zenawi was still strong and widespread.

“Diplomats, according to good sources, stick to their incredibly coward strategy. ‘Yes we can say things to Meles but not write them and say them only if it does not upset him too much”¦’ They are positive, an error like Anna Gomes’ report on May elections is not likely to occur again,” Addis Ferenji said.

The inference of “The error of Ana Gomes’ report” means the government would never allow the type of the May 2005 elections in which the public exploited the relative freedom Meles granted to entice Western observers into believing there is functional democracy in Ethiopia and had practically ended 15 years of brutal rule in Ethiopia.

In Addis, for instance, Meles Zenawi’s ruling party won no single parliamentary seat while the popular opposition – Kinijit – swept the entire 23 seats representing the city of 4 million. The countryside was no more different than Addis Ababa’s despite a government claim to the opposite.

“Only 15 people showed up at one kebele meeting in her town in Arsi,” Addis Ferenji said, signifying public aversion to a government propaganda session in each of Ethiopia’s smallest administrative unit called kebele.

Internet blocking and censorship remain in place, the blogger said, admitting she had difficulty accessing Ethiomedia despite using Gpass1, a program designed to undo internet filtering and blocking programs.

AF saw little or no hope in improving the political environment in Ethiopia. The real opposition remains behind bars at Kaliti, the West still apeases Meles whose survival largely depends on infesting the society with plenty of spies, the remarkable and popular blogger said.

Addis Ferenji’s report can be accessed here.

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