Letter to Hailu Shawel

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  1. sosina
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  2. | #2

    it,s grate letter

  3. dinka
    | #3

    I hope Gashe Hailu will listen to his people and his heart,this letter is very indicative to. the people’s choice of non violent,keep moving.

  4. Kassu
    | #4

    wendmoche teru blachwal. God blesse you all.

  5. Aklile
    | #5

    I disagree with the letter begging Hailu Shawel to patch up things with Kinijit. That will only prolong the suffering of our people. Hailu Shawel was never democratic. Thank God he exposed himself before it’s too late. Ethiopian people voted for Kinijit not for AEUP or Hailu. If it hadn’t been for him & his embezzler friends the struggle could have succeeded by now. I think of hundreds of young Ethiopians sacrifice I wish the genuine Kinijit leaders get rid of this dictator without arm and his buddies so we could go forward.

    Our struggle is not to replace a dictator.

  6. yemenian
    | #6

    IF ato Hailu has a jat to face the reality .This is the very Ironical message for him to see his future political chance ,but I don,t think he will look for every sides .I was crying about him and his friend’s imprisoment and now I am very agry about thier division especially his stand.

  7. chaltu
    | #7

    Ato Mamo and Friends, it is good that you are appealing to Ato Hailu’s conscience to come to terms with the estranged Kinijit leaders. But
    does he cherish the values of we, the followers?

    Let our leader Ato Hailu and for that matter all our elected Kinijit members show us their friends and we will show them their characters.

    Because once elected one cannot continue to move or associate with just anybody when one becomes a leader. One must be very careful who one chooses to associate onself with, and even where one visits. He/she is expected to move with people of integrity.
    What are we witnessing at present?

  8. Benberu
    | #8


    I don’t believe in any of the saying that Ato Hailu Shawel is intimidated by others the so called Taye …so.so I don’t buy it at all come on Gyus! he is a 73 years old man who knows and thinks better,I hope no one think PISTOL is involved here

    He definitely knows what is right or what is wrong before saying or singing such kind of letter.

    Pls let us not dupe ourselves trying to make un excuse for him he is not a teenager who can be influenced easily by any one what so ever. He is doing this in purpose for what ever his motive is or he is up to so just forget about him it’s not end of the world if he fail to stand for his word & commitment.

    let us keep encouraging, backing the Articulate brave & truthful once who have the gut the potential and determination for the struggle to fulfill kinjit vision else we are wasting our time Things happen for Reason & for Good Who knows…………..

  9. weye hagere
    | #9

    mamo ena frindochu that is good. but hailu shawel ena gelewochu yelyelachew ambagenenoch nachew.endeh aynet musegnoche feudales le kinejt menem aytekmum.alekachew meles endalew mengedachewn cherek yargelachew. bertukan ena keriewochen leadrs medegef newe.amsegenalehu.

  10. | #10

    woye haily shawel
    anbesa seyarge yegebe…….!
    hailu please re-unite please if you have disease problem just leave it ,peacefull give the power to those friends (dr, yakobe,dr berhanu,….)please,God bless you?

  11. ale
    | #11

    i will write one article soon about ,HAILU SHAWEL AND HIS DICTATOR SHIP:and my next paper will be ..Diaspora room and their Trash ideas.
    see ya

    | #12

    I like the ” Selam yelelew sew megelechaw bezu new”
    I am very far from Ethiopian politics but feel shame,
    My reason is: I only observe argument and running to be the top by KINIJIT members. Plzz, if anyone of you, the under leaders, of KINIJIT
    looking for “fame” in the blood of those poor Ethiopians
    it is time to stop it. Look, nothing has been done except
    what i hear the usual African mentality-ARGUMENT for fruitless things.
    thank you

  13. Lafiw
    | #13

    Ato Mammo and friends – are you really Ato Mammo and friends or Abayneh and friends?? After ALL THESE BSs’ you are still begging Hailu to come back to lead the party – you guys are very funny.

  14. | #14

    Hi for all kinijit memebers .u are nice party go do what u want do right we are with u.

  15. | #15

    Hi ato Behanu nega. i read ur book that was so good.u are so abels man.god bles our country Ethioia

  16. mengesha aboye
    | #16

    all i say to kinijit party do the best and good to all ethiopian .i reed the letter it is to open and adress to all of us as it look,
    well let me get back to the main point by saying that we are behind you all the way go ahead /
    othere thing your struggle soon will be succeed
    i’m certain hailu shawel be come genuine from this point let put disagreement down and go on with ur sacrifice to the victory/

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