Zenawi attacks UN on Somalia after UN exposes his deceptions and lies – BBC

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Meles Zenawi has accused the UN of playing a damaging role in the Somali crisis. (more…)

Meles Zenawi has accused the UN of playing a damaging role in the Somali crisis.

“The situation there – as hard as it is – it could do with less hype and exaggeration,” he told the BBC.

The UN says fighting between insurgents and Ethiopian-backed government forces in the capital, Mogadishu, has created Africa’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Somalia Eric Laroche has dismissed Mr Meles’ criticism.

He told the BBC it was hardly surprising that there was a disagreement, since the Ethiopian government was a party to the conflict, while the UN was neutral.

The UN has estimated that 60% of Mogadishu residents have fled their homes.

Ethiopian troops intervened in Somalia a year ago, when they helped government forces oust Islamists from much of southern Somalia.
On Wednesday the UN children’s fund called for the creation of safe zones for about 1.5m children, whose lives it says have been affected by conflict.

But Mr Meles said the UN’s stance was counter-productive and he called on the organisation to play a more “positive role” in the country.

“At the moment some UN agencies appear to be doing damage in respect of parroting totally unfounded reports by some agencies without in any way trying to verify the facts,” Mr Meles said.

Somalia has been politically fragmented since 1991 and the country’s transitional government, faced with an insurgency, is dependent on international aid and Ethiopian military support.


The BBC’s East Africa correspondent Karen Allen says Ethiopia’s economy is buoyant and the country is still basking in the glory of celebrating its millennium this year.
But the country is still largely in the spotlight because of its involvement in Somalia and its efforts to drive the Union of Islamic Courts from power, she says.

Speaking nearly a year after the invasion, Mr Meles denied that Ethiopia had underestimated the strength of the Islamists.

“Our initial plans were designed to curtail the influence of the jihadists there and to try to prevent them from taking the whole of Somalia under their control. We did that in a number of weeks,” he said in an interview with the BBC.

He also denied accusations that his troops were involved in the indiscriminate shooting of civilians.

“There has not been any indiscriminate firing on our side because it would be completely suicidal for us to engage in such an activity.

“Our intention is to give space to recreate the Somali state – you do not create the Somali state by firing indiscriminately into civilian areas and civilian targets.

“Nevertheless it is quite true that when you fight in built-up areas there are bound to be civilian causalities and these are extremely regrettable.”

Last week, Ethiopia denied claims that it had shelled the main market in the capital, Mogadishu, leading to at least 17 deaths.

‘No resources’

Mr Meles admitted Ethiopia’s withdrawal from Somalia was taking “a lot longer” than planned because of delays in the deployment of African Union peacekeepers.

So far just 1,600 Ugandan peacekeepers have arrived, out of a planned force of 8,000.

“I understand why the African Union does not have the resources to fulfil its promise.

“But I hope that those who have the resources will support the African Union so they can deploy the peacekeeping troops,” he said.

Even with half the expected number, the force would “go a long way in making the appropriate environment for us to withdraw”, Mr Meles added.

  1. kundi
    | #1

    Of course, Mr. Meles, these UN workers … they don’t know what they are talking about. I think go ahead take on UN after all US is behind your attrocities. Keep on blaming others …go ahead next time you blame the Somali children for being on your way to finish the Islamist. You called ONLF terrorist …which US even doesn’t buy it from you. Do you remember TPLF was a terrorist group according to the US report? NO one called ONLF terrorist.
    You bosted a year ago in the parliament infront of the goons that you will be out of Somali in weeks. It has been now 52 weeks. Mathematical speaking there is a big error in your calculation. We know you don’t care how many farmers of Ethiopia are being forced to fight and being killed in Somali. Watch they will remain to be “Ye Wuhashitas” on Mogadishu Watch they are building cases for your atrocities …
    How could you go to bed at night? Just sickening.

  2. Dila
    | #2

    Where is the roll of Esayas Afewerki in this world?

    na !

  3. kuku
    | #3

    Delay Delay Delay ! well, the UN didn’t respond actively to help Somalians sofar and in any measurment, it shows to me that the UN isn’t doing what suppose to be expected to do in Somalia helping the weak government over there. Turn to Ethiopia, It wasn’t a mistake to librate Somalia from Isayas Afework and OLF lead irregular militant groups. Mr. Prime Minister Dr. Melese Zenawi achieved extraordinary job in this front to defend Ethiopia from such terrorist attack to our beloved motherland. No room for Isayas and OLF in Somalia soil becuase both these groups are intentionaly & delibrately distablize the peace loving Somalian brothers and sisters.

    Prime Minister Melese, keep doing defend your mother land from any outside attack and finish your journey to librate Somalia. Keep your good legacy in Somalia beyond What you did in Ruwand genocide crise. The Ruwandians never forget your excellent achievement bringing those genocide convicted to trial.

  4. Ewnetu
    | #4

    Kihdet is the peculiar character of the Prime Monster. He is always innocent and holy on all his doings. He always blames others. He got that big mouth, tx to Bush.

  5. Dila
    | #5

    thanks a lot for defeding your motherland and ofcourse my motherland ETHIOPIA the sun of Africa.
    That was all i want to hear and PM Meles`s contribution to PEACE in horn Africa is knowen all
    over the Worled .The problem is what the hell is mr. esayas afewerki doing around there? i am afraid this ba… is still trying to sell africa for a dollar to the Arabs….. dont you think so !!!

  6. Fasil
    | #6

    The UN’S report was long overdo,I feel that the UN is too late to report the truth of the story at this time,when thousands of Somali’s childeren have already perished.Any ways it is better late than never.I personally urge the UN to take the matter one step forward and prob the atrocities commited in the velvet gloves of Zenawi so that we can persecute him to court when his demise comes.

  7. Dila
    | #7

    kuku ,
    Eritrian Review is resuming its tradition of naming “Person of the Year” every January. The man or woman chosen as person of the year is believed to have made significant contributions for the betterment of Ethiopia in the past 12 months. Readers’ opinion is heavily weighed in making the selection, so let’s hear from you. The following are the nominees:

    [In alphabetical order]

    Alemayehu Gebremariam ( is he really an eritrian ? or What ?

    Andargachew Tsige
    Berhanu Nega
    Bertukan Mideksa
    Chris Smith
    Daud Ibsa
    Donald Payne
    Ephraim Isaac
    Haile Gebreselassie
    Issayas Afeworki
    Meseret Defar
    Mesfin Woldemariam
    Mohamed Omer Osman
    Obang Metho

    kuku do you know what i mean with that?

  8. metema
    | #8

    MR. Kuku I think You do not new Melesse is the worst war Kriminal than those ruwandians,becaus he was killing with his owen direct order I can not wait to see him hunged three times in Addis Abeba in Mokadisho and ogaden

  9. metema
    | #9

    Mr.KUKU Mr. Melesse Z.and Mr Dila you have to go back to Ertria where you came from You are not Ethiopians.

  10. metema
    | #10

    MR. Kuku I think You do not new Melesse is the worst war Kriminal than those ruwandians,becaus he was killing with his owen direct order I can not wait to see him hunged three times in Addis Abeba in Mokadisho and in ogaden

  11. Dila
    | #11

    please be sure that we are talking about Ethiopia
    not Eritria. I am pretty sure abugida and er( eritrian rewiew) have made you things a littel bit complicated,namely they they don´t know which ethiopia they are talking about.maybe they still belive eritria is under ethiopia ( which was not so bad for the eritrian at list ) and they have still to fight for their ` freedom-doom .
    i think so .
    se bizaar

  12. AB
    | #12

    Instead of echoing unfounded news, the UN and its representatives should work towards fast deployment of the promised 8000 troops. Otherwise, it will be too late and they will regret it.

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