News, Entertainment and a special program on Eng. Hailu’s Recent Statment – December 23, 2007

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Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. alem
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    We don’t consider as you are attacking Hailu Shawel, be we understand as you are working against the Ethiopian people. You will know soon the painful truth that Hailu Shawel is the real hero of the Ethiopian people.

  2. get
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    good job!

  3. Weynedo
    | #3


    Always expose the evils

    Ras Hailu.


  4. Dafar
    | #4

    good job i love your work keep it up.. peace

  5. | #5

    Who are you after all to portray Eng. Hailu like you want to be? You know nothing about him except hatred because he confronted your evil plans. Say what ever you want, don’t forget the final decisions come from Ethiopians in Ethiopia and everywhere in the world but not from those who are abuser of Media Abroad.Don’t forget the foundation of Kinijit was lied down by him and other patriots of Ethiopians but not “Patriots” of the 12th hours.

  6. YeAmbo
    | #6

    Yegna Tisu … I am sure you don’t mean the 12th hour activist is Dr. Taye. you are going to offend the good Dr. Taye. Otherwise I don’t know what you are talking aboout. I hate calling names but it is not acceptable to any standard that King Hailu can do such a blunder to the party that according to you layed he “the foundation of kinijit … “

  7. | #7

    love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Marta
    | #8

    Betam yasazenal Abugisawoch and mawek yalebachu neger bethiopia hezb mekeled duro kere hezbu betam bepoletica yebesele new meskarewem ato debebe eshetu hone enawkehalen ahun keber agjeh baygermachu kenante ehadeg men aregen este engenerun lekek argu aND KORAT YETHIOPIA LEG NACHEW YELEM BETHIOPIA HEZB MEKELED AUNEM YEMENEGRACHU YETHIOPIA HZB DENKORO AYDELEM EWNETUN LEYETO YAWKAL LEMANJAWEM LENANTE KEBER NEBEREJ MENEW KESEBESEBUT BER GEBA ALACHE ENDA DR.bRHANU

  9. unity
    | #9

    Abugidawoch enate maferyeawoch,

    enate belo journalist your days are numbered!! because you stand not for the truth!! instead you side for one group and that harms the strugle of the ethiopian ppl therefore it is not this group or that group but you are most HARMFULL to the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!

    Stop this kind of propagand!!!! tooo cheap!!! HODAMWOCH!!!!!

  10. ze menfese
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  11. tadesse
    | #11

    excellent reportage!!

    It is not the first time this very confused individual is exceeding his authority. That clearly indicates his dictatorial position. In the first place, he got no skill or competence to lead a dynamic political party like Kinijit. He lacks in the oratorial skill which is instrumental in communicating or debating. Also, he relies on cheap propaganda measures that are exclusively gossips and rumors. He spends much of his time fabricating hate through character assassination of fellow leaders. Obviously, all individuals around him are very redundant ones who got no future in Ethiopia’s political arena.

    The alliance of woyane/hailu/old eprp will be destroyed through the united action of all ethiopians and kinijit

  12. | #12

    Dear yeAmbo, Thank you for your comment on my reaction to the “TV program”.Our contribution for the stuggle is not the way you reacted and the way Abugida misuse the media. We have to be critical of everything that is going on in the present Ethiopia.Blind support for one group and disrespect for other is unfair. My friend YeAmbo I think phrase “Who lied the foundation of KINIJIT” in my statment, I didn’t say Eng. Hailu is the only person. I didn’t undermined the contribution of other respected patriots of Ethiopia, I have already aknowledged them.I don’t know why you took that phrase by ignoring other.In reality the majority of the so called “moderators”,do they know the country side of Ethiopia? Do they present any evidence that indicate they have visited the people? I am not sure. Specially, Ms. Birtukan and some of her group members.Except the distructive and useless journey to America that smear the hope of the country.

  13. | #13

    Before I used to have respect for the contrbution of AbugidaInfo to raise awairness of people but now I recognized it was hiyjacked by some group and misused for rubbish agenda. You are working not for the people of Ethiopia as you took the name abugida that stands for elightenment but to cover the truth. Don’t forget the truth is the truth and it will win soon.

  14. alem
    | #14


    21st century BANDAW, HODAMU

    You were trying to be smart by relating Hailu with woyane, aren’t you?

    But I tell you the fact that you are really stupid moron.

    Ethiopian people will win its freedom and democracy with the help of its true patriotic leader Hailu Shawel.

    Do you memory deficiency? You look like.

    We do value Hailu Shawel based on his past performances/achievements and personality. We know he dedicated his life the past 15 years for the benefit of Ethiopia.

    BANDAS like you must be exterminated from Ethiopian land and Ethiopian Identity.

  15. | #15

    I am so excited by the name patriot, true leader and so on given to Eng. Hailu. By the way, I have a big respect for him. I know he did a lot good and some bad(this is my opinion). But I don’t really accept all these names fit for what he did and doing. Before seeing his leadership, he and others went to jail in woyane prison for almost two years and at this point I didn’t see any patriotism, good or true leadership unless you guys said this is a patriotism. tens of thousands are also jailed for CUD so he is not the one and only.
    Some of Hailu’s problems are using of some anti CUD medias and persons like the web sites debteraw, asimba and people like Dr. Taye. We know what these media and people was saying about CUD less than a year ago. these makes some people mad and feel bad on him for what he is doing with these people. I heared some from Dr. taye so, I don’t really need any witnesses for what he said. Any way, I appriciate his (Eng. Hailu’s) spirit of Ethiopiawinet.
    Tobe honest, let’s see and leave the people doing their job first before we gave them these (names) patriot, true and real. because we had a lot of bad experiances from the near past by giving the name Koratu, Bilihu and Astewayu to Mengistu Hailemariam

  16. hibretu
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  17. Mahder
    | #17

    Thank you abugida for exposing this evil Hailu Shawel He damaged The struggle more than any body else who ever writting above supporting Atse Hailu, you guys either Shaleka dogs or Woyanes who choose to pick the loser Hailu.

    The struggle for democracy will continue regardless what.

  18. Zena
    | #18

    Guys, about which Kinijit are you actually talking? As far as we all can recall, there are at present about four or more Kinijit’s. And as far as I can follow events and developments, and much to my dismay, the Kinijit leadership, even those who came out from Kaliti prison in July 2007 are divided to the point that they can never be reconcile or see/talk to each other again. Moreover, each of our politically immature Kinijit leaders are persistently and tirelessly arguing that KINIJIT belongs not to anyone else but only to him or to her. The militant supporters of each Kinijit leaders are right now engaged, as they have always been, in waging an intensified Cold War against each other and in insulting the leaders of each group.

    The good news is that Meles Zenawi has recently offered the divided four Kinijit leaders to participate in an urgently organized reconciliation conference to be chaired by himself – by Meles Zenawi. Melse is also working very hard and is planning to provide the radical Kinijit supporters with whistles, machetes, guns and tanks so that the Kinijit militants can root out or eradicate one another and so that Meles and his cadres can say to the world, “You see, I told you so! The so called Kinijit leaders, their supporters and the people those who voted for Kinijit are socially and culturally the same as Hutus and Tutsis. Thanks to God and to the measures under taken by my leadership, we managed to prevent an Interhamwe war in our country.”

    So, about which Kinijit are you actually talking, guys? Are you still talking about “One Kinijit?” as Engineer Hailu Shawel, Dr. Berhanu Nega and others, including their supporters who are insisting on hourly bases?

    Finally, let me wish you and all Ethiopians a very fine and pleasant Merry Christmas, a peaceful and productive 2008!


  19. filfilu
    | #19

    HAHAHAHAHAHA weche gud!! yet yedersal yetebale zaf kebele koretew alu.wey kinijit endezih chimlikliku yeweta?

  20. tsinat
    | #20

    way to go!Abogida that was wonderful report.
    As chairman Eng.Hailu should respect kinijits principles in stead of saying contradictions in different medias

  21. | #21

    My God, another vomiting website emerged. Before it was only Ethiopian review,but now we recognized Abugida is the newly emerging site as a place to vomit poison against the interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.In recent time a number of Media owners either lost their critical thinking capacity or sold it for money like TPLF buys the lobbies.I am ashamed of you! It is better to close the site rather than to be bins for garbage.

  22. | #22

    Zena, I haven’t read your comment so long. Thank you for emerging in this site. I Understand all what is going on is the produt of your coward “Leader” Melese. Not only you, all the world know what he did to silence the oppositions and their supporters. He acomplished all evil plans to weakens the strength of popular leaders of the people with the help of Mike huddlesen and Yemammato, the American Gangs. Every real Ethiopian know who is behind all this merciles action.It is the gun of Agazi and the hundred of prisons through out the country that creats chaos. Don’t forget the you swallow your words will soon arrive. I wish you long life.

  23. Tigist
    | #23

    Dear the Abugida guys, I think you did a good job explaining what is going on inside the Kinijit leadership circle. Your report, in my opinion, is well balanced and shows who is to blame for the current situation that Kinijit find itself in. I just hope your suburb job will give a lesson for all Kinijit leaders that we support them only as long as they abided by the democratic principles. This is how democracy works. It looks a mess, but it is a democratic process. Some primitives such as Weyannes and OLF supporters may think, the Ethiopian people sprite and quest for united and democratic Ethiopia is dead for good. But, that is not what really happening. We all as Kinijit supporters, as people are manifesting our power to shape up the political party that we believe that would strengthen Ethiopia. That is a hard evidence of how civil and objective we, the Kinijit supporters become. Let us keep it that way and let us push. My advise for Eng. Hailu Shawel is, pleas listen what the Kinijt supporters are saying and do the right thing before it is too late.

    By the way I would like to ask you to do the same king of program on Elias Kifle and ER. Now days he is making it more clear that he is Shabia’s slave. He name Issayas Afwerkey and the OLF guy Ethiopian men of the years with other decent Ethiopians. That shows how stupid and crazy Elias Kifle is. My problem with him is that he still trying to confuse people appearing a Kinijit supporter. Well, I don’t see how one can be Shabia’s slave and Kinijit supporter at the same time. One more challenge for, the son of a bitch, Elias Kifle: You are exposing your self lately more than ever, but still you have a long way to go. If you are courageous, why don’t you go out of the closet and tell the whole world which political party is that you are supporting. We know that you don’t support Kinijit. You just act like it. Don’t just hide behind AFD and all the crazy staff that your are doing. If you believe your conviction is right don’t mind to be rejected by Ethiopian people. You just can’t have it both ways man. I think you have been trying to have it both ways for long, now you are getting out of your mind.

  24. ashanti
    | #24

    kinijit will go down soon.kinijit will not reperesent us.they were assasinating people during feudal hailesillasie and dictator mengistu.go out of Ethiopia.if kinijit get the place of meles Ethio will be in high risk.afterall CUD will not reach there.

  25. | #25

    To Lideta Police.

    We need the final ivestigation about Daniael
    Kuncho’s file.
    Molla Walew.
    Abugidainfo Ethiopian American Network Television.

  26. | #26

    To Tigist,
    I would like to thank you on comments about Elias Kifle of ER. I agree on all what you said. As you said and every one of us know he is getting out of mind and “min yilugnal”.Now he expose himself (his shabianity) by saying that Esayas Afeworki is doing good for us(Ethiopia). That is funny. real funny. thanks elias for telling us who you are. every one keep it in mind.(Lib yalew lib yadrig). Every one of real and true Ethiopians should apart ourself from this evil doing guy. By the way is that true that he is the son of Kifle Wodajo? I already stop reading and visiting his idiot web site and tired of reading lots of lies. when you tried to tell him some realities after he post some thing wrong, he never post your comments. Instead, he himself wrote and post a lot of junk by different names that lookslike many people visit the site and gave him a supportive comments. it is a big shame. all what he post on the web is against of Ethiopia and I don’t know why? I don’t really know how to express my feelings about him. just such a stupid. “ye beg lemid lebiso ke mimeta tekula netaki tetebeku)
    Egziabher Hagerachinin Yitebik.

  27. | #27

    you people be smart. This stupid hailu & his follower like Dr.taye & shaleka admassu they don’t know about democracy.They make us split(divided). Don’t be denkoro. YOU know what smart people like Dr. BRIHANU, Ms.our beloved BIRTUKAN,Dr.HAILU,Eng GIZACHEW, Ato BIRUK they respect people & media.You guys abugia’s keep as it up. THANK YOU.

  28. | #28

    I forget something this foolish hailu he is in hospital to treat his diseas(Besheta).Why he suspend those people. He can’t do that. Even they don’t know about media. They talk sheet on every ethiopian media like VOA,ETN, and etc. Eng hailu pleas respect the people of ETHIOPIA , KINIJIT & any Medias and don’t use by the name of ethiopia ,people of etiopia & Kinijit. For example me & my friends we respect kinigit & those people who you gave them suspend but I didn’t respec your nonsense poletics & leadership.GOD bless you Hailu shawel & his friends.

  29. | #29

    Yes Ethiopia remains One and strong and sovereign nation regardlesss of the current misunderstandings and political crisis. Kinijit is one and it is the people party of Ethiopia not of individuals. Please let us consider and reconsider what is good for our country instead of bothering ourselves about individuals. May God bless Ethiopia and give our kinjit leaders to control the tide that keeps on rising and falling over and over. Eng Hailu Shawel watch your step and stop dividing the peoples party. You must surreneder to the rule of the law and the majority.

  30. helina mellesse
    | #30

    hallo, abugidawoch

  31. helina
    | #31

    hallo, abugidawoch

    men ayenet sera new yemeteserut? gazetegna mehon endih new? ye ayer geze lememulat sebal becha ye eng.hailun seme lematefat yemetaderguten sera betakomu teru new. ye esekezarewen serachun credit yasatawal.kegeleseboch manenet yelek,bemidiaw tetekemachu agerachen keweyane gef yemetelakekebeten menged betemekerubet yeshalal.

  32. Hagos
    | #32

    GOOD JOB!!!

  33. | #33

    To AbugidaInfo,now do you have any reason to blame TPLF Media? I don’t think so when you are so hasty to demolish the once you admired person. Media has to be balanced and when something unusual happened, the media should take time and see the right and left, specially on social figure once you envisioned as patriot.Unless I cann’t see your contribution rather than distruction. I hope in the future you will no indulge your self in such fruitless program that damage all of us.

  34. Mimi
    | #34

    Good job the abugida guys! That is how the general public needs to be informed. I also would like to thank all the Kinijit web sites for distancing themselves from Elias Kifle and his tultula ER. Now the entire Kinijit official should do the same thing. Elias Kifle is trying to make things worse by making him self look like he cares about Kinijit. The truth is that he is working for Shabiya. He is slave for himself. He can say anything he wants, but we should not allow him to confuse the Kinijit supporters by appearing as if he cars for Kinijit.

  35. | #35

    Fano, what you are talking about? do you have a clear idea about the issues you are talking? I don’t think so,therefore, it is better to dig indepth to get the truth rather that being unethical trying to create a fun on other illness.Don’t forget his health condition reached at this level simply because he made people’s interest first and disrupted his treatment.What I advise you is shut your mouth unless you are critical and fair.

  36. Nahum Solomon
    | #36

    “Journalism At Its Worse”

    In the first place where were you the last 15 years? Well Eng Hailu was able to organize the strongest opposition party with 400 district offices from scratch …

    The illusion that you know what the Ethiopia People “WANT” is and always will be your dellusion born after the elections…

    When everyone had no clue of the outcome, only Eng Hailu had the belief and confidence of the Ethiopian People and “WANT” they wiil vote for…..

    Do Waste Your Time On Senseless Propoganda… Just Report facts you will be suprised you will learn a lot from Eng. Hailu Shawel A True Son Of Ethiopia

  37. Tesfa
    | #37

    Ato Hailu shawel, Egziabher yesirahin yisitih. Kiletam shimagile. Ene kemotiku serdo ayibikel endalechiw ahiya ye dehawun hizib tesfa lemachelem rotik altesakalihim enji.

    But, believe it or not, Ethiopians will continue their struggle.

    The surprising thing is ato hailu always cries as if he is lying on a hospital bed every time. He must have lost his mind. Who the hell he is to undermine the knowledge of Ethiopians! Who can inform him about the time since we entered to the era of information? Each and every Ethiopian knows how a patient is treated in the western world. Imagine, he says he is still in a hospital, for 5 months in a hospital in America. Funny.

    We are so lucky that this “yezage shimagile” will not be our leader. Thanks to God who removed this backward man at this crucial moment. He could have spoiled many things if had had the opportunity to lead CUD in future.

    Ye Ethiopia amlak yiferdal

  38. RTIST
    | #38

    Thank you ABOGIDAWECH.
    When do we face the truth?
    It’s “YADEBABAY MESTER” We do not ask for Dictator, we ask for honest leader. We should leave the people with old feudal mentality behind and work with fresh minds like Ms. Bertukan, Dr.Berhanu and others.

  39. ABC
    | #39

    THANK yOU!

    | #40


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