“Who is Tamagne Beyene” Part II – Dec 29, 2007 AETN( Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network)

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We are really sorry that we could not air this program last week. It was due to some technical problems.

Abugida really admires the way Tamagne has always stayed true to himself, his family, his friends and above all to Ethiopia.

  1. | #1

    you are really one of ethiopian hero. I am proud of you.

  2. mety
    | #2

    well i tell u this assab is part of ethiopia befor and present if woyane stay in power or stand for ethiopia they need show this truth to all ethiopians by get it back to ethiopia

  3. mety
    | #3

    hi there ethiopian hero
    good work dear tamage we stand next to u as we speak just keep up the good work to your great country she love you day one till this time\\

  4. dawight nigru
    | #4

    ithas been along long time ago he inserted his love in in my mind and heart may be more than 25years ago he may be foreget me but let me remeber him i got the latter from his family place gient( nefas mewcha) . from his brother tewlde beyene and his mother and father . i gave him the latter and then back to my house that night i saw him in tv starting from that day love of tamgneandart and art he is wonderful ;crative lovely honest for his aim he is for art not for the sack of money he is energitic i really love him still now and for ever i have no words .any way you can not die may be your body but we remeberyou for ever you are legendery .

  5. dawight nigru
    | #5

    tamagn we need more p/s work life is short play more and more iam also artist but not profational may be one day we will meet who knows

  6. sami
    | #6

    this is the true ethiopian television.

  7. Ameha
    | #7

    How could anyone be proud of Tamage??
    He is one racist Son of a Bi…..
    He hates Tgrians…. For no reason
    He expands hate propaganda.
    What does he know about politics…He was only a pupate at Beharawi Titer.
    He need to keep his day job.

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