No Contrition, No Redemption. – Selamawit Tsegaye

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When Siye Abraha, one of the founders of TPLF ( Tigray People’s Liberation Movement) (more…)

When Siye Abraha, one of the founders of TPLF ( Tigray People’s Liberation Movement) was released from Kaliti last Summer, he immediately took to the airwaves and said all the right things, used all the right buzz words to make people think that maybe he has “mended his ways.” The many doubting thomases said, “he is incorrigible”, the few said, “let him have his day.” Although I was not in the audience in Washington DC, I heard his long and winded speech over the internet radio, needless to say, I was not impressed at all. What came across is the boorishly arrogant, no execuses Siye, that sounds like he will go to his grave, along with his TPLF friends, never atoning for the sins they have committed against our nation, Ethiopia.

How on earth do you reconcile with 70 million people that you have created ethnic homelands with ethnic identity cards for, without first apologizing for the crimes and high treasons that you have committed? How could Ethiopians just ignore the woyane master plan meticulously drafted in its own Tora Bora- Dedebit to dismantle Ethiopia under the infamous Article 39 clearly written in its own Constitution? If nothing else, Siye should be man enough to apologize to the memory of his ancestors Yoahanes IV who was beheaded in Metema valiantly defending the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the brilliant general Alula Aba Nega who loudly declared that the Red Sea was Ethiopia’s natural border. History will not easily absolve Siye and the TPLF cabal. For all the talk of the six years spent soul searching in Kaliti, not much has really changed.

To get too personal, nobody will forget Siye’s arrogant declaration in woyane’s parliament that Article 39 is the cornerstone of the so called Ethiopian Constitution. Or his dismantling of Ethiopian Airlines by firing 41 managers in one sweep, in much the same way that Meles fired 41 Ethiopian Professors from Addis Ababa University.

For Siye to stand in front of all those Ethiopians from different ethnic/religious affiliations and varied political persuasions, who came to give him the benefit of the doubt, and not take, at least personal responsibility for playing a major role in instituting Apartheid in Ethiopia and the mini pogrom against the Amharas in Arba Gugu, Arsi etc…. is to deny the obvious.

In much the same way that Siye’s anger is evident and raw for being betrayed and locked up by his friend and for the injustice that has befallen him and his family, he needs to understand that the Ethiopian people are angry and hateful towards the woyane cabal that has dismembered Ethiopia, territorially, ethnically and institutionalized tribal politics as a matter of government policy.

For too long, Ethiopians have been careful not to demonize Tigrayans for the national crisis that has befallen our Motherland ever since the TPLF landed in Addis Ababa. Even when we know that every aspect of socio economic and political life is controlled by Tigrayans with a few scraps thrown to the opportunist ethnic serfs, Ethiopians have resisted the urge not to accuse Tigrayans of collusion with the TPLF mafia. In all the killing, the beating and the wholesale looting going on in the country, we have yet, to hear Tigrayans, from Siye to the average citizen saying not in “my name.” Isn’t 16 years long enough to wait? Where is the outrage when 10 year old kids are shot in the head in cold blood, when lives are destroyed? When is the right time to speak up, to speak out? As long as Tigrayans continue with their “menchakanet” the road to national reconciliation will remain closed.

BTW, Ato Siye who do you think is responsible for Ethiopians not even worshipping in the same Church? Isn’t it the TPLF that annointed the illegitimate cadre Patriarch? You could not even leave our Church alone. How very sad!!

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