Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter will conduct election

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Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter will conduct election

January 6, 2008

By KDCSC Public Relations

Kinijit DC Metro Support Chapter (KDCSC) members held their regular meeting on January 6, 2007 at the Marriott hotel in Washington DC.

Ato Yilma Adamu, KDCSC Chairman, gave an elaborate account on the activities of Kinijit Ethiopia. Among the challenges Kinijit Executive Committee had to tackle, the meeting lauded efforts being made to launch Kinijit in full gear while at the same time continuing to resolve internal differences in a most orderly and respectful manner. The procedure followed to conduct meetings on the premises of Kinijit, the call for a council meeting, the invitation passed to Council members who are currently out of the country, the written endorsement of 15 of those Council members from abroad have put Kinijit on track. It has also earned the respect of the Ethiopian public which was temporarily disappointed by the internal squabble but now is in a position to tell where the real problem lies. The next Council meeting will not only have a majority (including the 15 proxies), but will also be fully empowered to take measures that will leave the intransigent group in the dust.

The members also conducted an elaborate discussion on the question of gaining back the legal status and emblems of Kinijit. The general consensus was for Kinijit Ethiopia to continue fighting through legal, administrative and diplomatic means to regain what belongs to Kinijit and to its legitimate owners – the Ethiopian people. In the event the Executive Committee establishes EPRDF’s intent to use this issue as a tool to bog down Kinijit in a silly court and administrative diatribe, the meeting saw no reason why alternative approaches should not be considered to move on. After all, millions gave their support for the idea behind Kinijit and for those selfless individuals who inspired the nation. Ethiopians know which party they hold dear and which ones are the leaders that earned their trust.

Dr. Abraham Bekele, assisted by fellow board members, introduced amendments to KDCSC bi-law and gave light on the absolute necessity of having a strong administrative guideline and on the importance of introducing amendments based on experience. The meeting discussed the proposed changes and enriched the draft with additional ideas. An agreement was reached to approve the amendments to the bi-law on the January 19 meeting. A five-man election committee was appointed from among respected individuals in the community to manage the January 19 election. Members of KDCSC are invited to nominate up to 11 board members using the form provided by the committee which will be available at the Chapter (202) 541-0556 and on

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