Dr. Taye thinks he is the Panacea for Ethiopia’s Problem. Is He Really? He vilifies also Artist. Debebe Eshetu.

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Dr. Taye thinks he is the Panacea for Ethiopia’s Problem. Is He Really? He also vilifies Artist Debebe Eshetu in his “FUTILE ATTEMPT” to tell a joke.(Video)

  1. debadebo
    | #1

    This guy should have not been released from the woyanne prison. He is woyanne himself. How come he does not say a single word about woyanne. Leb taye, You are not the cure for ethiopia’s problem but the pain.

  2. Dereje
    | #2

    The Five Musketters, how cute. Why doesn’t Taye tell us where we can read his scholarly
    works or all the functionally illiterate professor knows is to throw out sidebs?

    He has to be the sorriest person on this planet? He is the one who is in the pocket of Eyasu Alemayehu whose father in law Girma WoldeGiorgis is the woyane President. So who is
    living off of woyane’s largesse? Looks like Taye is on woyane’s payrol. The serat fet PHD was running around with Eyasu for two years so who was taking care of him?

    Admasse+Taye+Bedenu = woyane moles

  3. kassyy
    | #3

    aye dr gudu taye ,who chose you the first place fetatee its realy funny ikoo

  4. Yibiqan
    | #4

    Just a simple question to Donqoro Gudu Taye:

    When did you demonstrate that you have the ability? How? Can you point us to a single litrary work? Just an article on which you have demonstrated your ability?

  5. Yibiqan
    | #5

    What a dull!
    He expects people to tell the number of chairs instead of persons atteneded.

    Let me ask a single question: Can you point to a single literary writing on which you have demonstrated your self-proclaimed “ability”? Just a single, whether article or any other thing?

  6. Omer
    | #6

    I regeret it, Gudu- Taye are you really try to make fun ? Debebe Eshetu never told us lie,when you were in London I took a train of 2hrs journey just to see my “hero” Gudu Taye the meeting had been in central London Irish ceneter and I was the one who run to get your autobioraphy first,now I regeret it, Gudu-Taye you are a disgrace and shame of the century !!!

  7. BOBO
    | #7

    Dr. Taye, He is a man of courage! He advised you to move on by yourself! ” mengedun Cherq yadirgilachihu”

  8. Tam
    | #8

    They all try to save Ethiopia in their own way. Of course, the gang of five might change their course based on the direction of the money flow. Abugida doesn’t even know what courage means. I can’t believe Wegayehu Nigatu died and his cousin Debebe is still alive to make his desperate move on Ethiopian people. God was supposed to trade Wegayehu by Debebe, because the one who is alive is worthless.

  9. ze menfese
    | #9

    aye abogeda,ahunes mechemalek jemerachehu,ebakachehu le weyane mesakya atargun, endekedmowachehu hunu. yegebanal enantem gera gebtoachehu new, gen endezeh yale tinanish neger weset ategbu pls.

  10. aleno
    | #10

    Dr please for God sake stope feding wrong info to Hailu to destroy kinijit you are the couse of all these problems We know what u thinking take over kinijit after hailu retier
    Gudu Taye

  11. abnet
    | #11

    Let ETHIOPIA SPEAK!!!!!!!!
    Who is the REAL ETHIOPIAN??? The king,Derg, Weyane or the coming one!!!
    We are looking their video!
    Their supporting web site !
    With clear and loud,
    Direct or indirect message,
    I am the ONLY TRUE ETHIOPIAN !!!
    Almariam in his support and his contribution,Birhanu for his famous speech,Hailu for his secrifies, Tamagne for his role for Ethiopia, Debebe for his ??? Comedy,etc… Every one PLAY THE SAME DRUM IN one word and tune,I AM THE ONLY TRUE SON FOR ETHIOPIA In the past I heard a jock about the high ranking delegation answer to the reporter.. IF you count the real people we are is less than 200 ,Answer the (DEJAZMACH,GRAAZMACH… etc at that time). During Derg we saw I am the only solution for Ethiopia, Now with the current Goverment we are witnessing the worst black mail in history The government who can talk like Democrat walk absolutly contrary to what they Preach, Enough is Enough The big drum beat! I am the only solution for ETHIOPIA! Meles think as he is holding The democratic right of the country,that or he can give you from his right or left pocket if he wants!The right to vote and free speech must be his gift if he want to give, If he loose the vote he will jail your elected one If you ask Why he will order his federal police to defete and crash any Democratic and popular movment.This is the current picture of the our nation. Don’t step on your brother and sister to gain and fulfil your personal dream. By putting down others by looking down your country men and women your will extend the pain of you country.
    Try to work in unity! We are extremlly poor in Unity than what we lack in MATRIAL WEALTH.
    Please let us live the Answer for the people of Ethiopia WHO IS THE REAL ETHIOPIAN?
    one day we will see their true answer with their ballet box.
    Who is the Real Ethiopian for you now??
    Are you standing & condeming one group over the other? Or telling us look at the back of that monkey seat while you can’t see your self?? Let’s start to build each other to incrouage the true son of Ethiopia
    yesterday,today and tomorrow.
    Let Emama Ethiopia speak out the true color of everyone from the four corner and angle.
    God Bless Ethiopia!!!!

  12. Chaltu D. U.
    | #12

    It is sad to see the ones who have done the least for there country defiling someone who has paid his dues to the struggle. Really Shame on you. We have started canabilizing our heros, we have lost the reason and purpose of this struggle. People who have put so much energy and work are being called names and are being defiled by people who are cyber warriors who have no idea what the sacrifice is all about. The struggle is not sitting in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC or any European city. It is being of the people working with them and communicate with them rather than at them. Please folks we all do not have to agree on who we want to follow. But we do have to understand that the people in Ethiopia are bleeding even more but our stupidity here in the Diaspora.

    Some of you derlicts have tried to insult Dr. Taye all you have done is really insulted yourself and showed how much you even understand what this struggle is about. Most of you do not have the guts or ability to do what is right for your country and are being fine tuned to react by Weyane. You are singing Weyane’s song knowingly or unkowingly.
    Calling Taye a Weyane only proves how detached and uniformed you are. Be honest who is closest to Weyane? who was dinning and mixing, partying with Weyane? Who has closer ties and interest with Weyane? Just stop and think? No one says one cannot be rehabilitated but you are really missing the point when you start calling Taye a Weyane. Please wake up and smell the coffee.

    Disagree with someone and his way of thinking is one thing, but labeling one with a senseless label is a sign that you are out of touch.

  13. not chaltu
    | #13

    i don’t know what chaltu is talking about. On one hand you’re saying name calling saying woyane is wrong on the other, the others are closest to woyane. It seems like Dr Taye is after power. He always has position of some kind even Derg time. now woyane has taken his power, he is scavaging the ill leader. instead of talking about debebe behind him,why don’t you(the educated scholar) debate debeb on etn or any other forum. please stop worshiping individual just follow ideas. kinijit menfes new

  14. Demowish
    | #14

    Dr. Taye is a losser of the game. He is ‘iliterate of the literate’. He could not and can not struggle for the people of Ethiopia, rather for his personal interest of searching for authority and money. Down with him!! He can not be also an obstacle for the struggle as all of us are aware of his intesest. we have already rejected him out of the game. Shame on him.

  15. | #15

    I wanna say something for this nonesense Dr. Taye when you are in prison I was one of those people they screem & whisel( in amharic FUCHET) when you reach in the court. Right now I was wrong.And Pleas leave CUD, leave those heros Dr.Brihanu, Ms Birtucan,Eng Gizachew, Dr Hailu, Ato Brook,& Debebe & live your life you can’t bring or change any thing you don’t know nothing.Sometimes I don’t know you’r graduate. Even you cann’t handle & lead the parties . Don’t diturb us let me tell you another thing our problem is (WOYANE) not those heros CUD leaders don’t waste your time on this talking sheet about somebody. Do your job I can tell you 1000% all ethiopian people trust those CUD patriot

  16. Salayish
    | #16

    Dr. Taye. Who are you after all? You are ‘Ye ergo zinb’. You are the one who said openly ‘I am not a supporter of CUD’. Now you are saying ‘I am knowledgeable in every aspect’. That tells to us that you are empty minded. you are ‘mehal sefari’. ‘anten bilu mihur’. We have a real intellects working day and night for the people of Ethiopia, not for their pocket unlike you are doing. You will stay as ‘achebchabi’. you are a stone head. Bye for ever, you are almost dead.

  17. yikerbelen
    | #17

    eferet dehena senbech donkoro taye , you have no clue about politics.you have degree with out knowledge. shameless hodam. you have thrown all your friends in ETA in the street and has tried to hijack kinijit for the simple reason kinijit has money

  18. Ewenetu
    | #18

    It is sad to see Dr. Taye accusing others being dishonest while surounding himself with lairs like Bedru, May15(Tamrat), and his boss Hailu Shawel. This is being a hypocrite big time.

  19. yikerbelen
    | #19

    CHALTU D.U. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT ARE YOU TALKING BY THE WAY?. Ethiopia and it’s ppl are beyond some power mongers and personal cult builders. “WHO is nearer to weyane?” who is running behind power? do you know what was your hodam’sa taye stand regarding KINIJIT? In one meeting in northren america which i participated in ,your hodam said, ” i did not vote for kinijit because i do not support it’s manfesto, they are in qality because they do need more power, they are not the first to be prisoned and Etc” He was in meeting with his boss eyassu alemayehu, that why he was trying to show his boss that he very loyal to his boss.Chaltu, i think you should be one of thoese ETA members who left their colleagues behind and settled some where in diaspora in the name of ETA. Can you tell me , can any one be a leader of any political party and civic organization at a time as your selfish gudu taye has done ? GUDU taye is running from one corner to another corner not to support ethiiopia’s ppl struggle , but for the sake of power and money. he is very corrupted and dictator who has led ETA shamelessly for over 16 years and finally threw ETA in garabge and he tried to over take kinijit, but his trying has failed successfully. he along with his dictator friend hailu shawul are the same as a dead fish. ethiopians should fight all odds and dictators who are trying to sieze political power behind the door. the answer for your question” who are nearer to weyane” the answer is gudu taye and atse hailu.those who do not accept collective leadership and do not believe in dialoge as means of conflict resolving are bloody dictators. do not tell me Dr Birhanu is nearer to weyane. be cause Dr Birhanu is multi millionary, he is not poor like your gudu taye and greddy like your atse,plus Dr Birhanu was in assimba as EPRP’s ordinary fighter with now most EPRDF’s officials like addisu , berket ,teferra, yosef and others, if he wants to join weyane , he could have done before officially. he was an ecomoniclecturer in AAU free of charge..Chaltu, do not worship with human being. stand by truth. only truth will free you .

  20. kendie
    | #20


    Very rich qualifier to prepare your resume for the vacant leadership position in that
    “wolda yaltadelech Enat Ager”

    Let me tell you, Mr. the Prof. you stressing excessively on “we the intellectuals” and you trying to make us believe that the intellectual like yourself must lead the country and you put yourself as a front runner, I’ve no problem with that. But your deeds talks louder against you than your futile numerous cover up speeches.
    Your recent wild moves left you all naked and enormously discredited and you keep loosing big time by trying to recover.
    Your latest name calling, especially about the good Debebe Echetu and the tags you put on him were very smallness. Debebe has a respected education and career even though your highnesses find it not good enough and mocking and scoffing an it.
    You criticize and philosophize to teach others about good manners, visibly in that very moment you showed, you couldn’t practice what you preach, and I’ve pity for you, because you failed one more time.
    You should know the greedy selfish so-called intellectuals are the one who are responsible for the misery that our country is going through.
    Who were around the military junta for sixteen years hoping to grab power by short cut without peoples’ mandate?
    Who are serving the current tyrant?
    Why is, we couldn’t build consensus to bring the right kind of leadership for the country that is agonizing?
    Why we kept splitting, incapable to work together, is that “ après moi la deluge” literally after me the flood? Or “ Eneya kemotuk serdo ayebekale” If I’m not at the helm, everybody go to hell including the country, “doses these sound familiar Mr. Taye”?

    I’m not a member of any mob group, that is not Ethiopian, is this have some to do with the hooligans Mr. Meless attributed the Addisean. By the way I’m from Chicago and I met you once there and listened with admiration the famous, life long chief of Ethiopian teachers association, I regretted today.
    My golden advice to you: find another way to help and benefit your country from your knowledge, the prerequisites to lead a nation is not only the intellectual capacity it’s not even one of the top. Honest, unselfish, patriots, brave scholars who are peoples’ servant by conviction are those we need, Ethiopia need today.

    I tell you what, your drive and motive mainly are an excessive desire to be at the helm, this can’t be asked or given for those who say I, I, I, ME, ME, ME.

    It is peoples’ right that gets assigned temporarily for those who volunteer and come disinterestedly to serve and lead the people on the right direction. It is believed at least by the honest to be not a privilege and it bear the highest responsibility that should be carry out with the highest degree of mobilization, organization and integration of course democratization the main element for certain accomplishment and successes.

    Finally Prof. Taye if you have some courage left on you, you should apologize immediately to Ato Debebe Eshetu. He doesn’t now me, but every Ethiopian now him; he doesn’t deserve to be tagged as mob. Beside his long and honorable public service he is currently a democratically elected peoples representative.

  21. | #21

    Gudu-Taye sorry to call your name I have got a couple of questions,directly to you? 1)Are you a believer? 2) Do you think politics or engaging in any kind of politics demands qualification? I heard you saying “MUYAWE ALEGNE’ “CHELOTAW ALEGNE” 3) HAVE YOU EVER LISTEND TO YOUR HEART? 4)HAVE YOU GOT ANY PLAN TO VISIT EUROPE??

  22. yikerbelen
    | #22

    Our political science denkoro gudu taye doesn’t have any morale ground to criticise artis debebe eshetu , because they are two different ppl.We ethiopians should start to defend our true intellectuals from selfish , arrogants and stupid power mongers like gudu taye and atse hailu.IN the first place artis debebe eshetu is officially elected kinijitians , but not a political kelawache like gudu taye. In the second place artis debebe eshetu is a very well known ethiiopianwi by his profession internationallly and he is an articulated politician also too. One doesn’t need to sit 4+2+4 years to study political science, because you can learn it in your day today life with in the society.For me, artist debebe eshetu is more articulated politician than IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AND MEEEEEMEMEMEME. GUDU taye ,what is your profession? do you know one weyane cadre has better understanding about politics than you? Have you written any book ? if yes, tell me . did you write any article even in qqality with in six years? Have you ever written any article about ethiopia’s politics in your life?, If you are capable of leading , why didn,t you lead ETA to victory ? how many offices has ETA opened in ethiopia under your bloody leadership? Why didn’t ou allow your colleagues to exercises their right to elect their leader in 16 years . SO YOUR BETTER SHUT UP. YOUR ARE EPRP’S TRAJION HORSE. YOU WILL DIE WITH YOUR POWER THIRSTY. YOU WILL NEVER BE THE PART OF KINIJIT’S LEADERSHIP BECAUSE YOUR IGNORANT.

  23. yikerbelen
    | #23

    look this CIA’s agent. who is jumping from one camp to another camplike snake? is not this CIA’s agent?

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