The TPLF Manifesto of February 1976 – The Republic of Greater Tigray – By Dereje Tariku (Source:

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The Tigray People Liberation Front, TPLF had published their organization’s manifesto in February 1976, the booklet was printed in Sudan. The TPLF manifesto, clearly defined who a Tigryan is, the land that the TPLF considers as Tigray, and the final destination of the TPLF. The following comprises some important contents of the manifesto. (more…)

The Tigray People Liberation Front, TPLF had published their organization’s manifesto in February 1976, the booklet was printed in Sudan. The TPLF manifesto, clearly defined who a Tigryan is, the land that the TPLF considers as Tigray, and the final destination of the TPLF. The following comprises some important contents of the manifesto.

a) A Tigryan is defined as anybody that speaks the language of Tigrigna including those who live outside Tigray, the Kunamas, the Sahos, the Afar and the Taltal, the Agew, and the Welkait.

b) The geographic boundaries of Tigray extend to the borders of the Sudan including the lands of Humera and Welkait from the region of Begemidir in Ethiopia, the land defined by Alewuha which extends down to the regions of Wollo and including Alamata, Ashengie, and Kobo, and Eritrean Kunama, the Saho and Afar lands including Assab.

C) The final goal of the TPLF is to secede from Ethiopia as an independent “Republic of Greater Tigray” by liberating the lands and peoples of Tigray. This being the manifesto of TPLF in 1976, the question is how much of this program is implemented so far?

The implementation of the manifesto had two important stages classified as a first stage of re-demarcating Ethiopian internal boundaries and a second stage of acquiring Tigryan lands from Eritrea and secede as an independent nation. Accordingly, the following important events took place:

1) After TPLF succeeded in holding power in Ethiopia, they have been working hard to change the internal regional administrations of Ethiopia at large and of Tigray in particular. As a result, they have imposed dictation on the Ethiopian parliament and succeeded in redefining the borders of different nationalities within Ethiopia. The boundaries of Tigray were defined exactly according to what was registered in their manifesto. They did this by annexing the lands of Welkait Humera up to the borders of Sudan from Begemidir province and Wollo’s Raya including Ashengie Alamata and Kobo. In order to justify the demarcation, they had to give up something in return and the lands closer to the Taltal and Afar regions of Ethiopia in eastern Tigray were temporarily sacrificed until the second stage of the project takes place. This important re-demarcation of Ethiopian internal boundaries resulted in the successful completion of the first stage of forming “Greater Tigray” later to be converged into the “Republic of Tigray” after the second stage is completed. Ethiopia Pre 1992

2) After completing the annexation of “Tigryan” lands from the provinces of Begemidir and Wollo, they moved ahead to compIete the annexation of portions of Eritrea to finalize the objectives of the manifesto in practice as the second stage of their project. Zalambessa is the closest one can get to the Eritrean Saho region and Adimurug in Bada. Obviously the temporarily sacrificed eastern Tigray region would now be simultaneously acquired in this second stage of the project since there would be no organized force that could stop the Weyanes inside Ethiopia. By claiming these lands and forcibly annexing them, the manifested “Democratic Republic of Tigray” would be practically reaIized and then of course cessation from Ethiopia would follow. Ethiopia Map post 1991

3) AccompIishing the dream inside Ethiopia was easily performed by simply dictating terms in the parliament since TPLF administrates Ethiopia, while means to finish returning the port of Assab would be accomplished by the Ethiopian army, financed and supported by the Ethiopian economic and human resources. Patriotic Ethiopians are expected to side with TPLF in hope of probable return of Assab to Ethiopia, while the truth is that the port city, if recaptured, would not be Ethiopian but of the would be new nation of “Greater Tigray”. This is so because the second stage of the project would have been completed at this point, making it the right time for the TPLF to secede. If there is anything that might delay the declaration of the republic after this, it would have been the time required to consolidate their control of Eritrean portions by sheer force, further using and exploiting innocent and patriotic Ethiopian peoples expectations and support. This support would again be betrayed in the final stages of the creation of the republic.

4) While the imaginary manifested program is completed this way, the economic ploy had another direction. This direction was focused at transporting capital and material as much as possible from the rest of Ethiopia to Tigray for future use when the “Republic” is established. This would require for TPLF staying in power in Ethiopia until the plan is well implemented. The implementation of this economic program is crystal clear for any body who has recently traveled to Tigray. The TPLF/Weyane regime has been heavily investing Ethiopian capital in Tigray such that the region and the city of Mekele are the fastest growing in the country. Mekele is infested with so many new buildings which have no immediate contribution to the Tigryan economy. These are empty high rises ready to be used in the future when the republic which would include Assab is fully established. Besides the fact that numerous buildings have been built in Tigray at the expense of the Ethiopian economy, the following are few indicatives to that effect as to how much has so far been done in last 15 years of their power.


A) An international airport in Mekele with no immediate importance in terms of accommodating international guests and travelers since the city has yet to grow both financially and infrastructurally. Being this the fact, however, the erection of this new and expensive airport was based on two objectives. The short term objective is to help the TPLF’s war efforts against Eritrea by bombarding the same into submission without having to worry about air distance using the Ethiopian air force from Tigray. The long term objective was to move the entire Ethiopian air force to Mekele and convert it to the air force of the republic, and at the same time to use the international airport for civil aviation of the Republic of Greater Tigray after declaring independence from Ethiopia. Two more international airports have been completed in Tigray, again with no immediate importance in terms of accommodating international travelers.

B) Three colleges in Mekele namely Engineering, Medical, and Business. These colleges are complete in terms of infrastructure for future use when the republic is established.

C) The Cement, Textile, Electricity Dam, Marble, and Pharmaceutical factories in Tigray which costed hundreds of millions/billions of clean Ethiopian money. The port of Massawa was used to sneak materials inside Tigray in the name of “Ethiopian imported goods”, and used exclusively for Tigray without the knowledge of government offices in Addis Ababa.

D) The multiple high rising office buildings empty for now but to be soon filled by the Weyane bureaucrats in independent Tigray.
E) The luxury residential homes and spacious buildings such as those known by “Debri Hills” in the out skirts of Mekele for possible embassy offices and residence of diplomats.

D) Refer to the extensive list of companies owned by TPLF with the majority having their head office in Tigray.

Politically and Strategically

The above being few of the massive investment of Ethiopian economy in Tigray, their political and strategic plans were made to be effective when the group of top TPLF leaders moved their offices from Addis Abeba to Mekele. The movement coincided with the completion of the first stage of implementing the manifesto so they can closely monitor and design the implementation of the second stage of the project. In the process, they have been effectively preparing a “strong army” from within Tigray. The same TPLF group (the TPLF Coalition Committee) dictates terms on the entire Ethiopian issues. The central government of Ethiopia listens to the central committee of the TPLF residing in Tigray which has been working under the confusing philosophical banner of the “Marxist Leninist League of Tigray”. This group is instrumental in the process of completing the second stage and the frame work for the future government of the “Republic of Greater Tigray”.

After controlling Assab and other planned lands at the expense of Ethiopian human and material resources, the TPLF group would only then complete the goals of their impractical manifesto fully. As easy as it seemed to them, they will finally move towards seceding from Ethiopia as an independent nation, leaving Ethiopia in confusion, uncertainty, and extreme danger of ethnic conflict, and Eritrea under a government that can be easily controlled by their authority. Some experts say they had planned to leave Ethiopia without a central government for Ethiopian major ethnic groups such as the Amharas and the Oromos to figure it out, and for them, gaining time to consolidate their “Republic”. At this point, the dream “the Republic of Greater Tigray” would have been put in practice and Tigray would secede from Ethiopia with Assab. In their plan Assab would be Tigryan and never Ethiopian.


We encourage all Ethiopians to prove the validity of the contents in this article by requesting the manifesto from other political organizations. This dangerous manifesto has been revealed by the TPLF leaders in February 1976 during the initial stages of the organization. It is important for every Ethiopian to be informed about this issue and also raise the level of awareness and know what exactly is going on in our beloved country. Insecure and completely disorganized Ethiopia would be the result of this crazy manifesto if implemented. Materially, the north eastern Ethiopia including the entire Afar and Taltal regions and the already taken portions of Wollo and Begemidir, and politically, a chaotic and uncertain future that can lead to any thing one can possibly imagine are the results of the TPLF/Weyane’s manifesto for Ethiopia. It is important to point the fact that the Tigryan people are as victims of this plot as any other Ethiopian. The responsibility of this mess is directed towards few fascist TPLF leaders who recklessly and selfishly betrayed their own people’s struggle of 17 years. They forgot the bitter struggle in the past and became the same type of chauvinists and oppressors they fought against in the past.

  1. Eleni
    | #1

    Wow Abugida, this is fascinating. You busted woyane’s talaku sera, thanks. So, if they are claiming Tigray’s border to include Asab, how
    come they gave it to their friend Isayas? Can some one put that question to Mr. Siye in Denver please?

    It is also amazing how woyane through EFFORT has controlled Ethiopia’s economy. 75 TPLF companies and probably more. Let’s free Ethiopia from the Tigrai mafia. Now I see where
    Zeru Hagos the AIGA dog gets his frifari so he can scream 24/7

  2. beruk
    | #2

    i am proud of you. god bless you

  3. | #3

    The blueprint was that of the Third Riech:Anschluss-the eventual political union of Eritrea and Tigray; and Lebensraum(living space)additional territory desired by a nation for expansion.Some of us who kept warning the Ethiopian people were leveled as fools(Mammo Killos) or chauvinists.However,the hard truth is unfolding right in front of everyone’s face.This venture of WoyaNazim wouldn’t be realized overnight because of the reality on the ground.As such,our children-the next generation-will bear up the consequences of our indifference(passive supporter of WoyaNazim) or shameless collaboration with our nation’s #1 enemy.Those of you who feel the slightest responsibility of a citizen,the minimum you can do is wake up from your daydream and expose the true face of WoyaNazim.History will absolve the likes of the brave Shibre who sacrificed her life saying NO to WoyaNazim;not the Hod Amlaku worshipers of the WoyaNazim financier Almoudi like the graceless Tilahun Hod-Amlaku Gessesse and co.

  4. | #4

    The process had been motion for the last twenty years.The only force that can stop this madness is the forsighted Eritrean President, Issayas Afewerki. The time has come to think outside the box and re assess our relations with the Eritrean people.The Ehiopian opposition and pseudo intellectuals are becoming the laughing stock of the Wayanes.What is happening in Kenya and Somalia is not pretty.

  5. Chamiso Kebede
    | #5

    I remember this Manifesto was widely communicated to the people in 1980(Eth.Calender) by EPRP clandastine radio station and ofcourse dispelled entirely in Addis.But nobody paid heed to the far fetched consquences of the diabolic manifesto of the1976.Still witnessing that such people like
    LIdetu Khedtu and the so called loyal opposition forces ,are lending their hands for those fully engaged in dismantling Ethiopia by way of serving as window dressing for woyane’s legitimacy.The process of dismantling our Ethiopia is in full swing.Woyane is building its own Military force in three Tigray wordas at the expense of Ethiopia whichis going to be a force defending
    the future Tigray republic.It was with this in mind that assab was secceded to Eritrea with hope that one day the”republic “would snatch Assab by means of force.Falks i think it is time to act in unison against woyannes and puppets aggressively.And those preaching ‘Mechachal yechalal” should refrain from confusing people .Because woyane is an enemy so KEWOYANE MECHACHAL AYCHALEM.Melese is real time enemy of Ethiopia and its people.

    | #6

    how can you trust seye and other TPLF elements
    after seeing all their intentions and evil plans for Ethiopians?

    The defeat of Woyanne means victory for all Ethiopians.

    Woyanne’s end is already becoming ugly and horrifying.

    | #7

    Saudi billionaire (a woyanne member)in talks to buy Ethiopian agency
    Khaleej Times Online
    8 January 2008

    NEW YORK — Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi is negotiating to buy Ethiopia’s unprofitable state-owned National Tour Operation and Travel Agency Enterprise, Capital newspaper reported, citing unidentified people.
    The 20-year-old agency is a legacy of Ethiopia’s former communist military government, the Addis Ababa-based newspaper said.
    Ethiopian-born Al Amoudi, who owns petroleum, mining, engineering, construction and real-estate companies, bought Ethiopia’s lone gold mine from the government for $172 million in 1997.

  8. Ethiopian
    | #8

    True Ethiopians have to get over the Mengistu era, focus on these hijackers and take back their country and self-respect.

  9. Habte
    | #9

    At least in 1976 they thought Asab Port belonged in Tigray and not in Eritrea!!! What hanged their mind now???

  10. Negash
    | #10

    The Gung of TPLF may think this is doable, but believe me not a chance. Anyone who tries to hurt Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people will be crashed before their dream is realized.
    Issya-ASS Afeworki can’t save Ethiopia. He is the cause creating TPLF, don’t be fool. WHy is that you undermind the Ethiopian people? WE Ethiopians can get rid of TPLF and Shaebia if ONLY we Unite. Don’t expect you will be saved by SHAEBIA and TPLF they are the father and son, period. I very well know some Eritreans commenting as if they love Ethiopia, please !

  11. | #11

    The enemy from inside is the most catastrophic.It is like a cancer,unless treated sooner,no matter how painful the treatment it’ll finish you off.As such,the likes of Lidetu/Kihedetu,Hailu Shawel,Beyene Petros ect. must be nuetralized asap.I know some innocent Ethiopians may quetion my comment-did I say painful treatment-that’s why.

  12. tena
    | #12

    Why you discuss about anti ethiopians (t.p.l.f) is the most narrow minded and terrorist organisation like (OLF)as well as (EPLF).We ethiopians have to know one thing we are invaided by this terrorist organisation whether you like it or not the peopel will win and Ethiopia will get The peopel of Afar and we will be free of cancer.LONG LIVE EMeye ETHIOPIA:DOWN WITH TPLF:Please dont even give a chance to deavel seye and gebru asrat.

  13. Tigray Man
    | #13

    Well ,the Report is from a shabia agent who wants to confuse Ethiopians,because he was much worried about Assab.whether the Manifesto in 1976 is correct or not,no way this to happen.TPLF can not decide what Tigrayans should be.The shabia repoter is just trying if he can stop Ethiopians from supporting the next possible War to gain the Afar coast back to Ethiopia.Even though i don’t trust the current regime because of its Eritrean elements inside it,but as a tigray man i can say there is no anti Ethiopian position by the tigryans at all.Tigrayans are proud Ethiopians and they died and will continue to die for One Ethiopia.So this was another try by shabia agent.Ethiopians take care of anti Ethiopian propaganda.

  14. | #14

    The Ethiomedia Hero,the new messiah that is paraded as the Ethiopian Saviour,is after all a coward traitor. The word is out that this coward in 1976in the Driffo mountains , leading to the EPLF base area in Shahel was so scared and exhausted was on the verge of returning back.The vetran EPLF fighters has to share their water from their tin cans and HAVE TO CARRY ON THEIR BACKS LIKE TWO SMALL BABIES THE coward Siye and Abby Tsehaie.

  15. Aha!
    | #15

    The undergoing dialogue surrounding the “KIL” and K-5, is nothing but a distraction the the political crisis we are in. Now lately the Siye Abrha dialogue, regardless of which party he repesents. The same distraction prevailed when Ato Lidetu Ayalew refused to turn in the emblem of his party during the application process to form the Kinjit CUDP party, and the other distaction was the mediation called for by the current regime on through USA and British ambasadors, with Dr. Berhanu Nega representing their parties came up with nothing. Later stripped of their diplomatic immunity and sent to prison. Nothing happened to those passively joined the parliament, vis a vis only a few of them did, only to be in the parliament with no capacity to legislate.

    Please fellow Ethiopians spend time to read every thing presented to you in the media, anlyze and examine to discover as to who is in the of the peacefull struggle for Unity, peace, freedom, and democracy. Lecturing about democracy does not take us anywhere but a joinley for formulated strategy to achieve the above stated main goals take somewhere.

    Look at the the delimma Ethiopia as a nation is facingn including the plot in this article.
    We should take the high road not the side road without being distracted by vague ideas fo dialogue without a registred party,and participating in the near term election before the deocratic institutions are form including press freedom, media access, and parties freely organize and open campaign,reaching the masses through the Government media, and all political prizoners are released.

    | #16




    The defeat of Woyanne means victory for all Ethiopians

  17. | #17

    If the Tigres are to join the rest of Ethiopia in the fight against the Woyanne oppression, the survival of Ethiopia will be assured. The Woyannes entered Addis on top of Eritrean tanks and aided by Eritrean mechanised brigades. But, we have witnnessed with horror the Woyanne ethnic cleansing campaign targeting Eritreans.History is repeating itself again targeting the Anuks and Somalis.

  18. Tegen
    | #18

    How nice that the writer used an alleged manifesto of TPLF dated 1976…..yes 1976!!!! nevermind that, but if TPLF is still persuing that course, why would they care about the development in the rest of Ethiopia, like for instance why would they build Addis Abeba beyond recognition? and the rest of the development activities in all other cities and rural areas?????

    And why did the writer used such terms as “investing ETHIOPIAN MONEY in TIGRAI……” isn’t TIGRAI part of ETHIOPIA?????

    The message of this “article” is not different than the kind of propaganda that we see everyday on ERI TV because at the end of the article, the writer goes…………”It is important to point the fact that the Tigryan people are as victims of this plot as any other Ethiopian. The responsibility of this mess is directed towards few fascist TPLF leaders who recklessly and selfishly betrayed their own people’s struggle of 17 years.

    Yeah right!!!!!! AZAGN KIBE ANGUACH!!!!!!

  19. | #19

    By now the Dedebit Mafia should have known that their days are numbered. The Ethiopian revolutionary volcano is on the verge of exploding which in its way will wipe out the scum of the earth Woyannes from the face of the earth. The Mekele dankera will come to an end as in Debebit before it.I can very well see the inferno repeating itself as history sometimes does. BEWARE for those who stand on its way for it ha no MERCY.

  20. | #20


    TPLF manifesto is not simpliy dsigned , it is the external intellegences deep research how to destructe ethiopians people from their national uinty, then, to explote from every rigens any natural resorces without natives permisson
    yes ; woyence was no nothing but now already lear the ways and how to step up with it,

    what did woyens do for its manfesto ?

    to succes it they step up with untold mischiffe
    for example 1) kill any educated people whom may now the history
    2)erase any ethiopians history wich may contrduct with ther manfesto .the resean of bring back axum oblique and the exteral suppotres permission to gate back during woyenes manfesto and privously refeussing other governments
    3)emper mnillik is the king of all african bit down the conolist from ethiopia , ADOW is the greate sacrification of all ethiopians from soth to north ,many oromo people were the victom of this war
    4) from oromo people like allula abanaga abedesa Agaa , Balcha abanfiso and many from GOJAM and GONDER , all this braves historical back ground gate erased from history by meles zenawi’s criminal front
    5)the oromo people misguded to erase thier anaient history that kushits grate contribution of faronis signed turns to ethiopian alphabetic by kushits
    6) AXUM is the main anacient history of oromo, afar amara and agawo people all of them is the habitant of the riegeon . KING ABRAHA (king kalleb) is kushit kingdom and his elder son was axum that the city named by axum
    this all abouve mentiond already recently erased by meles zenawi to succes the TPLF manifeto
    I call ethiopian people to reffering the history teach thier childrens , agnist any step of tplf ,work for national uinty and democracy , fight agnist TPLF is the only solution

  21. | #21

    Do you think TPLF manifesto was disgned by woyene ?
    It was done by forigen intillegence to bring back the dearm ”Africa is western dinner ‘

    Ethiopian is one of the outstanding nationalist country in africa that may contrudect the disgned rulee SO that ethiopian shall be weakend and disntegrated in to reginated government , then it is easy to eat the edable african that they may cook themsleves and make ready to be eattin !

    TPLF is think thatits a wise paased many challenges by distructing the country , but like meles zenawi, he nows that he is working only throgh the forghin agency at any pass line Ihope he surprize why they are always in the right side of their interst

    Mr goban on his comments tried to mention some of the pass line , woyene is not alone. that is why ethiopian are chalenged at any country
    they may go , they are others knows us streesd to us
    now our struggle is throug the world , I hope we will succes ,at this time not only we but the forgens are challenged ,the time is coming! we will inforce them for the real democracy

    ERTERA esayes afwork think say I challenging ethiopians , he still foolish , rather organizing terrorist he has to ask forgivenss of ethiopians and activate fronts ‘erterans are ethiopians’ otherwise he going to lose more and more nothing do with falls indpendance . if Esayes did it he will embrance woyene and eras them from the history

  22. | #22


    TPLF is not building Addis Ababa they are engaged in real estate auction for the highest bidder.I don’t know if you care,but most of Addis Ababa is sold out to the likes of Almoudi and other private investors who are the long arm of foreign countries.
    As for the investment in Tigray,it’s unproportional to its population density and natural resources.What do you think about this: less than 5% the population gets 25% to 30% of the state budget in every sector.

  23. | #23


    Finally please give me a break ,WoyaNazi and Shabia are the two faces of the same coin………

  24. Wello Dese
    | #24

    Abugida please stop posting Eritrean made bull crap on Ethiopian websites.

    This article was posted almost 6 years ago online and has been exposed as an Eritrean starting ethnic problems with Ethiopia.

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