“Who is Tamagne Beyene?” Part IV – Jan 14, 2008 AETN( Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network)

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  1. iutn
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  2. | #2

    I would like you pleas pass this message to Tamang, Please don’t see or listen those who
    are doing nothing, but monger and gossip, just
    do your holly job and holly creative idea
    without hesitation. I think 95% of the healthiest people are and will be with you.

  3. Tamiru
    | #3

    we are with you brother tamage what a lucky people we are ,to have your kind of person in our nation go tamagne berta dont listen those who commenet against you which oviosly they are against human right tooooo

  4. adistwa ethiopia
    | #4

    Dear tamagne
    I got amazed by your speech of repeating the word “hizbu sigedel” by the police. but if you are really honest in nature, have you protested the Derge while killing innocent people in street “key shibr”? the answer is clear, NO but instead you supported the Derge facist on street.
    It is better to say that I am against the current goverment. that is all. But if pretext in the name of people no one will trust in you.
    you will never say good thing on this gov. b/c your blood was already harmonized with derge so nothing new is expected from you and the like.
    ethiopia will prosper continue to develop. but like tamagne people will sleep for ever.

  5. Mehari
    | #5

    First of all I would like to thank Abugida for this kind of interesting program.

    Oh! Tamagn, you are the one and the only Ethiopian Son. I don’t know how to express my feeling your motivation, concern, dedication to bring democracy for our Mother land.

    Please don’t listen those who try to discouraging your effort.

    God bless you and your family.

  6. gemechis
    | #6

    TAMAGN(Tame sexy),you are a good comedian.I love every comedy that you have done at all.but tame,please dont jump to another foreign country to recognize as it is ours.before you go far please let us untie what a problem we have at home.

    min teyizo guzo indetebalew,…ethiopiam netsa alwetach inde TEDI dahilak iyale yemilefelifew lij zim bilachihu atinkuaku.midinew yihe hulu chachata.Ethiopian bird iyemetat igna bemeleflef gizeachinin cheresinew.

    mechim sew andee biyatefa andee yalemal ina,tedi dahilak bilo bikebayirim, jah yasteseriyal bilo kisonal,yihinin weyane jah galafechawin indisetew,dirashun indiyatefa yilikunim inisteliy.

    indaroge korkoro,inde gedel mamito,zare feudalistoch sile metu..adame atinkuaki,atinchachi,atiwerachi.

    ‘am series…your actions infurate me.

  7. Emnet
    | #7

    adisitwa ethiopia- day dreamer forget the derg why are you talking about something doesn’t exist any more

  8. tade
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    adisitwa ethiopia
    i am totally agree with you.

  9. kassyy
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    Adistaw easy brother or sistu first of all before you commenet you should think twice and search please,if you dont know about tamagne just shut your weyane *** that you said where were you tamage be derg seat ? go back and watch the first epesod ,you will see tamage who is .another thing you said derg red teror thing ?how old tamge you think he is not 60s do you know how long the red teror almost 33years so tamage he is may be 45 so be 12 ametu min liyargilih new doma weyane

  10. Tamiru
    | #10

    Dear Tamagne,

    I listened to your interview and it’s really a blessing to have someone who reminds us WHO WE ARE and put the facts straight.

    I believe it’s important to speak out what you believe in and I also believe what you just did, in my opinion, will contribute a lot to improve Ethiopians mind.

    I’m confident that there are also many people who will find your words inspiring. This is also how you multiply yourself.

    “When good fails to act, evil prevails.”

    All of us who want to see good things in Ethiopia should act accordingly not to keep evil prevail in our mother land.

    We can’t do it alone, let God bless US.

    One Love

  11. Woube
    | #11

    Tamagn is one of our heros. Let us keep on creating Ethiopian heros.

  12. Habte
    | #12

    Tamagn anbesa ye Ethiopia lij!!
    The person with the psuodonym “Adistwa Ethiopia” asked Tamagn whether he protested or not during dergue’s killings!!! I don’t want to speak for Tamagn, whether he did protest or not during the gergue, he has absolutely full right to protest agains the new fascists TPLF who are equally butchering our people in front of the world!! Why go back in time and ask a question about the past??? You TPLF supporters will do anything to actually defend your genocidal regime!! Ethnocentric way of thinking is the only reason to support this government and that’s why exaclty this person with the name “Adistwa Ethiopia” gets sick when he or she hears the truth!!

    Tamagn….keep telling the truth!! That’s what keeps you free and what eventually frees our people!!

  13. | #13

    God bless you Tanagn
    no one express myfeeln about Ethiopia i can’t express too. don’t want to be any member of poetics. But i hvave very strong anger when i think about Ethiopia. i have the same feeling with yu.Please all ethiopian stand for poor ppl.We need only unite stope descrimination weall are thiopian.Let us build our country and et hanger children be got bread and let ppl free form prison.

    Oh! Taagn i realy like you and your idea. hiopia need who thin just lke this. God bless you. ther is no sin in fighting for poor and justis.God need to set free wo live in fear. in sritually or not. again Gd bess ou Tamagn.

  14. Love Ethiopia!
    | #14

    God bless Ethiopia,and its people. Tamagn, I have no worlds to admire you; just I like to say you are blessed, and I love you a lot!

  15. | #15

    Tamagn yene anbessa bertta

  16. selamawit
    | #16

    tamagn yegna ANBASHA…ye arogantoch jirat-lebaw’achiberbariw..inesu inkuan lanchi siltan lisetu ayidelem ledrasachewum altesmamu!!


  17. Habte
    | #17

    Selamawit…you are so backward you still think that anyone who stands for the truth and noble principles is looking for power!! You are definately the problem with Ethiopia…that’s what Tamagn was talking about when he mentioned about the mentality of our society!!

    Think beyond power or “siltan” and think prosperity and living in equality fairness!! That’s what Tamagn stands for along with few great Ethiopians!!!

  18. ethiopiyawit
    | #18

    Selamawit….. semesh kemtsefiw qalatoche gar ayhidem menew? yesemesh tergumon temtatobeshal wey? Tamang bemetamenew aqwameh berta ye ETHIOPIA AMELAK/ALLAH lagrerachen yalenen hasab yamalalen zend feqadu yehun AMEN::

  19. Martha
    | #19

    Hi Abugida thanks for Tamagne’s profile. I admire how Tamagne put the problem of diaspora Ethiopian’s. I share his view. The thinking and living style of diaspora needs to change. We don’t have to focus only on money. That is what is happening now. I think we need to focus on behavioural change as well. We need to learn how the country we leave in has reached the growth level they have now, we should ask how we can use our knowledge to change our country. Rahter what happens now is the opposite. People are living in a very shameful situation in diaspora. As Tamagne said people in Ethio has gone far beyond. Imagine using the limited facilities our country has provided them. So are we on the right truck living in developed country where all the facilities are available? We need to ask ourselves and try to move on and change ourself and if possible share positive knowledge to our fellow Ethiopians whereever we meet them. I admire Tamagne for speaking up his mind.

  20. selamawit
    | #20

    Habte & Ethiopiawit: I have no problem with you,Tamagn or the country Ethiopia.but I have a problem with the arrogant peoples that gonna govern us in the name of unity.I hate their views,they are supper liers…and,if you are the supporters of these oldies A’a I will not be positive with ya.we will never want eachother any more.

    I believe in equality,I am not a person who belive on the political party who stands for one ethinic group.I hate this feudos…you guys you will get me home if this dogs stepped up to be the leder of our country.

    zim bilachihu new..abo!!

  21. eliyas
    | #21

    waw GEMECHIS every thing you said is real.every thing about tamagn & others.

  22. adistwa ethiopia
    | #22

    yes! GEMECHIS
    you said it all the facts
    my message to tamagn: “bedro bere aytaresim”
    so please wake up and go with 21 century of politics.
    god bless you

  23. gemechis
    | #23

    look ADDISITUA ETHIOPIA,the guy tamagn,as you tried to mention about,he never talked about the bull(mehayim) Mengistu.he only hate woyane not because of Ethiopia,it is because of his own benefit.he and his brothers are going to re establish the feudo-derg regime on that mother land again.

    before this is happened we have to cut their evil head and throw to hell.


  24. | #24

    I wold like to say thank you 2 tamagn b/c of he is honest bertta tamagn .

  25. Habte
    | #25

    Gemechis…people like are the cancer or chronic disease of Ethiopia!! You are filled with hate and no constructive way of thinking!! Instead of haveing the spirite of establishing a country that’s filled with quality, you have a mentality that could give birth to a more hateful nation than the current one!! I command participation in Ethiopian politics, but I advise people like you to stay out since you bring nothing but hate and more complication to our society!!

    Mehayiminetin aswegideh tesatef!!

  26. Martha
    | #26

    I agree with Habte it is better to learn lesson from past rather than breeding hatred. Because we have seen it in the past there is no fruit from hatred. I think it is time to stop thinking of Feudo, and Ethnic group and move on to thinking about Ethiopia. Nobody got the chance to choose to belong to one ethnic group, so why we fight about something which we can’t change? In my opinion it is much better and fruitful if we work as Ethiopian. Look around where you live, are you living with ethnic groups from Ethiopia? The question is for the diaspora? People live in multicultural society, not even from the same country, so how come we can’t see that and learn from it? Comeon we are from the same country.

  27. adie
    | #27

    Tamagn! Tamagn aluh Aba Beyene ke Mizan bemasketel. Tamagnenetih le betesebh woinm lehagerh bicha sayhon lehelinahm endehone awuko letegna ena yetelatinet beshita letetenawotewu kalhone betsker lemanegnawum kin Ethiopiawi keminch wuha yetera ewunet new.”Limut woinm tera Ethiopiawi negn” alk? endezia aydelehm yengna wud zega, ante birkye ye ethiopia lijj neh, ante bemeto amet kementadelachew zeogoch wust andu neh. Ke lejinet eskewuket sewun stasdest enji stastekez yaynbet gizie yelem. Alemetadel honena antenena meselochihn tewldu kegugnaw sayawota menor alchalem. Zarie behagerachin yeteferewu yemoralena yegbregeb kewus wuch lalenew hulu terfo yehametna sim matefatu wojeb ante lay siwerd mayet betam yemiasazin new. “Sew megdel wonjel new” maletin ende newur woinm “poletikegna” mayetin yakil yemoral wudket alebileh tigemetalehn?. Tamagn tamagnineth lehlinahm chimr silehone firdun letetkiwu tiwuld tewewuna eraskin satlewut ketil berta elalehu.
    Egziabher kantewu gar yehun.Amen

  28. kalewongel
    | #28

    incredible Tamagn !!!! if every body was as responsible as u are we would have adiferent country!!! tx man !!!

    but u and guys like u should come to ethiopia, making alot of noise living aluxurieous life in the US won’t add much to huge amount of contribution that we we need to change the country ….. i am not letting down the contribution that u are making and your exampliary performance.I am just questioning the genuine nature of the patrotic feeling of the dispora at large who talk about their country living in the US . some times the role of the diaspora has been destablizing and harmful then constructive . For me , true patrotic feeling entails going back to ethiopia and sharing the problems ethiopians are facing at home . it makes very little sense to talk about ethiopia and its poor peopel while u are far away living aluxierous life in the standars of the west !!!! it is apatrotic feeling but not to the standard we aspire to change things in ethiopia !!

  29. gemechis
    | #29

    Habte feudow:

    It doesnt matter whether you call me mehayim or not,I mean if there is sigibgib mehayim better than you,where were all this voices when we arested being one an ethinic? what I am saying is,unless one miracle happned your brothes pseudo leaders can’t govern us any more.where was tamagn when we arrested and go to jail asking a freedom? where you been guys when our peaceful orginaziations vandalized and robbed by the woyane militants…you were loughing at us right? but today you wish you gonna take over us again.do you think this shall happen??….no no homy!!

    we are only wayting the day when woyane faild down…then see you there bro.

  30. teklaye
    | #30

    hey tamaye
    thanks for all this open discusion. we erterian wants reunites ,what we get after our separation
    nothing . i hope we will join soon.

  31. | #31

    Am proud to be an Ethioian.Temegne u are so nice guy. maybe one day u could to Our country Ethioipa who know.

    i saw all ur comady and all ur interviem i don’t belive it u are so reall ethiopian.

  32. ST
    | #32

    What are you guys trying to accomplish? We often spending more energy looking in to the past, why don’t we look fo the future.Waht ever Temegene did during Durge regime for what he belived I do not think we should crusified him. No one can be witnessed for any visious crime he might commited, please STOP accusing him. he is the only one worked hard to expose the Woyane governemet, unless you are one of them trying to get him down otherwise, let us praise him.

  33. ethiopiawit
    | #33

    TAMANG!!! berta ende and teru fetor ETHIOPIAWI lagerhem hone lesew lijoch yemtasebewen hasab ahonem bemtamnebet qetel,berta.ye senfoche astesaseb endayrebeshe GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA:: TEKLAYE!!!!! enim endante new yemelew tekefafelen men ageingen ??Ahonem Hayalu amelak ethiopiyachenen 1 hager 1 hezb 1 bandira yadergelen AMEN ::

  34. | #34

    I really want to listen Tamagn’s interview by making up a little time from my busy schedule,but it is not possible since I can not skip the rest of the programe. Could you do something about it? I know for sure it is possible since I have done it before.

  35. mengesha aboye
    | #35

    tamagn liten to this we all love u always keep up the good work my dear brother/ but i have few things to talk to u it’s not secret .
    all ethiopians i love to see talking about the ethiopian port of assab because by document
    it is and the one and only port belongs to ethiopia tamang please say something about it
    it help to remind few sleep ethiopians to stand for our mother land please we are 70million without port our ships are all over dijibouty rust out it is not stiling from eritria just get ethiopian port of intry please please

  36. atalele
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  37. atalele
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  38. atalele
    | #38

    tamagn we like you. we are with you.from israel

  39. Charlotte
    | #39

    Black on Black Crime. It’s a curse on us. Every African leader is hungry of power and money. This curse that we can’t escape. The Ethiopian prime minister and the president of Eritrea are prime examples. They are no different than Mugabe, Mengestu or Ediamin….. They kill and prison their own people. So let us all focus on behavioral change as a society. Stop pointing fingers at each other and work together. We need future leaders not power hungry, self centered illiterate pagans on power…. Learn from the past and move on to the future and treat each other as individual and not by the skin of their color or their ethnic group. Africa is the weakest link of the universe and let us makes a change today.

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