Kinijit Vice President Birtukan Midekesa and a senior leader of the party, Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw, were arrested this morning by the Wolyta Zone police

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Kinijit Vice President Birtukan Midekesa and a senior leader of the party, Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw, were detained for ten minutes and later released by the Wolyta Zone police.They were returning to Addis Abeba from a successful meeting with Kinijit supporters in Southern region. Another Kinijit operative Lt. Alemayehu Yeneneh who was traveling with them was also detained and released.

According to our reliable source, they were told they were mistaken for people who caused an accident earlier that day. A very typical woyanne harassment.

They will arrive in Addis Abeba later tonight.

The Kinijit delegation led by Birtukan left Addis on Saturday to southern Ethiopia to consult with the party’s supporters.

  1. tezebt
    | #1

    thank’s abugida for your leatest info.

  2. beruk
    | #2

    long live cud

  3. jebilo
    | #3

    Which CUD?Ayelecamiso…ande bellu,Temesgen zewde…hullet bellu,Hailu Shawel…three bellu,Birhanu nega…Arat bellu,Lidetu ayalew …amist bellu.

    Gira tegabetachehu…Gira agabachihun…Egzer yestachew…durom …manen yamene…

  4. immye
    | #4


    don’t confuse yourself. I think you are ……..

  5. Ewnet
    | #5

    I am so happy that they are released.I wish them the best

  6. almayehu yazew
    | #6

    Jebilo You know how to count good .
    CUD is one Ethiopian people no tPLF
    please learn that unity is good for every thing.
    Mr Meles is the onlly to all EPRDF he know every thing other are taiol.
    Byfor now.

  7. immye
    | #7


    Do Not confuse yourself. The true CUD is the one in the title. Not Hailu & Co.!! I think you are……

  8. tadesse
    | #8

    hailu and co would have been in a party mood if our shining star birtukan had remained in custody tody.

    woyane ould obviously do anything to restrict the free movement of cud. However. people have to rise up against such woyane’s tyrannical move

    Everyone has to denounce today’s woyanes action in the strongest term possible. The Hailu and Taye gang – lost hope as cud is rallying the popular support from all corners of ethiopia unlike its incompetant and corrupted stooges hiding themselves in their cages

  9. | #9

    “Jebilo” hod syiyawuik doro mata atihun Hilina Kaleh Man Tikikil Endehone Tawukewaleh.Gin Lehodih Kaderik Woyim Woyane Kehonik Kinijitin Enkuwan 5 Bicha 10 Litaderigew Tichilaleh Ende sew asib.

  10. tadesse
    | #10

    ato eyasu

    as confused as you are, you seem to have lost track of the whole opposition movement. I think your bankrupt mind doesnt even recall that we are in the 21st century. Your corrupted and incompetent leaders have obviously lost hope as they cannot march forward in same pace and tune as dynamic cud leaders who are facing tyranny right at the battleground. the so called chik shum and gobez aleka of yours need to zip their mouth and live on their bozene life wherever. LEAVE ALONE OUR GALLANT LEADERS OK

  11. Lidetu
    | #11

    I was thrilled when I heard the so called ” Our Leaders” were arrested. I checked the local media in Wolita Sodo and heard that they had a row with the local tradesmen over payment of what they bought in person. It was a Woliata Kebbie. They agreed to pay $45 per kilo and later refused to pay after they take delivery and damped it in their landcruiser. The Landcruiser is said to be new and driven by the Liteunant.
    This is a primary source.
    Don’t think they deserve to be stopped and questioned when they snatch away a peasant property. I guess I should not have known these ” Sewmesay Beshengo”
    Deeds tell more than words. That is what they are.
    Sympathize the peasant who was to lose her Kebie.

  12. Lilly
    | #12

    I have a friend in DC who was a native of Wollamo Sodo and he confirmed me that they were caught red handed with some 10 kilos of Kebie which they bought along the gate way near AGIP fuel station in Wolamo Sodo. He told me that they were taken to the Police Station situated beside the fuel station and later taken to the city council, which is nearby the Police Station. We will soon know the rumor and who knows EPRDF is setting them up. It could be a frame up. But that is the story.One can call and check

    | #13




    | #14

    “Government” agents whose day robbery habits are known to the masses of Ethiopia and Mercenaries whose job include child cold blood murdering, for which they earn their blood soaked money snatched from the very poor masses they slaughter, don’t have moral or legal grounds to accuse the trusted and elected leaders by the people.
    It sounds like the sayings in our country:
    “Gemel serko tedebiko”
    “Jiraf rasu gerfo rasu yichohal”
    “Ye abahoin le emahoy”

    Do you remember the story of the cat and the mouse? It sounds as follows:
    There were some cats and mice living side by in neighborhood. One day early in the morning a cat came to his mate mouse and invited him for a walk and eventually to play together.
    But the mouse refused by saying -
    “No, I will never play with you again, because you ate my elder brother a day before.

    It sounds also like:



    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  15. tinaaa
    | #15

    u know what .. addisuu ye gebi menche malet ye CUD achberbari mehone nw .. mechem ye CUD degafi ena ye redskins degafi bezu nachew gen ayashenfum ..CUD teferkakess lek ende Michel Jackson face LooL but its good to make individual income hmmmmm .. gud nw zendero DR.Brhanu i heard u got nice car form Auction, is that true ? wher did u get the money ? krkrkrkrkrkrkrkrkrk u guys are player keep it up

  16. Areru Bekele
    | #16

    for tadesse particularly
    it is your kind with a mud inside his head which cud use such a language to defame others.
    please try to grow yemetmesil zingero athun.

  17. Wynabe
    | #17

    Lilly and others

    please stop making fools of yourself. Being detained for 10min as the article says is nothing in any country that is not even being detained. As to the butter story that is even sillier. Could we stop this foolishness of trying to get on the news with any simplistic and ridiculous story.

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