Fate of Loyal oppositions in Ethiopia.

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Thu Oct 12, ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - An Ethiopian opposition party accused Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government on Thursday of threatening to withhold jobs from civil servants and students if they did not support the ruling party.United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF) called on the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) to stop what it called coercive tactics.

“The pressure being put on civil servants that are members and supporters of the opposition parties to sign up as EPRDF members to retain their jobs must stop immediately,” it said in a statement.

It said students were also being told they would not get employment upon graduation nor have access to vocational training schools unless they joined the EPRDF.

Bereket Simon, the ruling party’s head of public relations with the rank of minister, dismissed the charges.

“The ruling party has no interest in engaging itself in squabbles as a result of a collection of baseless accusations by UDEF, which do not help the democratic process,” he said.

“The ruling party has shown its commitment and goodwill to engage itself with opposition parties to enhance the ongoing democratic process in the country.”

EPRDF holds 327 seats in the 528-seat Ethiopian parliament against UEDF’s 40.

The ruling party was criticised by the West for two bloody crackdowns on opposition members who protested against the results of last year’s contentious parliamentary elections, saying they were rigged. The government denied that allegation.

An ongoing treason and genocide trial against opposition leaders has also drawn censure from rights watchdogs and Western governments, and led some European donors to cut direct aid to Addis Ababa.

  1. Mekonnen
    | #1

    Good Job Meles,

    The good Professor you sent your friends to the jail to be the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia any way AFD is in its way Ethiopia will be liberated once and for all from Wyane and useless like you and your friend Kihedetu.

    Good bless Ethiopia.

  2. Astewaye
    | #2

    Hey Mekonnen, Ethiopia has never been colonized and AFD is not the solution.Woyanne is a corrupt and the worst dictator, criminal and the worst governance of the world. They need to go..if we unite like last year internationally (all Ethiopians)…they wouldn’t have stayed this long. All what we need is one Kinijit . AFD, i don’t even understand the abbreviation.
    I believe, KINIJIT is inclusive. Please, let us stand for one stand and fight for Ethiopia.

  3. Geltu
    | #3

    Asteway, you think you’re smart enough to divide AFD and deal with kinijit alone? AFD is what will bring peace and stability to Ethiopia once TPLF is on its knees if we leave him with its legs.

  4. Terengo Argaw
    | #4

    I agree completely. KINIJIT is the solution. The last 2005 election is a testemony. However, to bring a lasting solution & to remove the brutal Zenaw’s regime once & for all we need to forge a united front. I believe KINIJT is capable in bringing all oppostions under its umberella. The so called “liberation fronts” have no other choice but to accept KINIJIT’s leadership.

    Long Live Ethiopia
    Unity within diversity

  5. ferari
    | #5

    My fellow country men,

    Please let us concentrate on the strategy how to throw away this brutal government, Could some one can scan the boycot calendar and just distribute it to any names resembles ethiopian on the internet noth to yahoo and hotamal please, that way may be we can get results, It really works believe me.


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