Five Kinijit supporters at Butajira(Guragie Zone) are arrested

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SparkleFive Kinijit Supporters At Butajira(Guragie Zone) Are Arrested (more…)

SparkleFive Kinijit Supporters At Butajira(Guragie Zone) Are Arrested

According to our reliable source from Ethiopia, five Kinijit supporters at Butajira (Guragie Zone) namely Gizachew Lemma, Shemsu Yassin, Seid Kiyar, Yirgalem Nigatu and Tarekegn Abebe are arrested by security men in the morning with the pretext of holding an illegal public gathering with Kinijit leaders. In the afternoon, three of them(namely Gizachew Lemma, Shemsu Yassin and Tarekegn Abebe ) were released after they had been interrogated about the current Kinijit’s delegation visit in the area and the like. The rest two( Seid Kiyar and Yirgalem Nigatu) are still under arrest.

  1. kassyy
    | #1

    aye weyaneee sirebeshhhhhhhhh gena cherikun tillo yabdalllllll

    | #2

    This shows that the struggle of our people is continuing! It is like “yetedafene isat” one day the volcano will erupt and destroy the evil.
    Ethiopia shall prevail!

  3. | #3

    Let us pray for those who are arrested. EPRDF should never get rest until it turned the administration to the democratically eleted officials. Let the fire burning and keep the struggle to topple down EPRDF.

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