Another Ethiopian governemnt Journalist defected

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Germany (October 12, 2006) — One more government journalist defected to Germany. Sources said. Ezedine Kedir, journalist at Ethiopian Television has defected to Germany and his defction brings the total number of government journalists that defected in the last six months to 16. Sources also confirmed that, Alemneh Wassie, vocal journalist working for the TPLF’s Radio Fana has left the country with his family to Israel.

Journalists of the government controlled media in Ethiopia, who refuse order from the authorities to “misinform the public are threatened to death”. A number of government journalists are also being fired because of their political opinion, sources said.

Below is list of government journalists that defected over the last six months:
1. Fisha Tegegn – FM 97.1 Radio
2. Getaneh Tsige – Ethiopian Press Agency
3. Aregash Mokennen – Ethiopian Press Agency
4. Yohannies Ayalew – Ethiopian Television
5. Hailu Tsige – Ethiopian Press Agency
6. Andargachew Tamir – Radio Fanna
7. Fasika Girmay – Ethiopian Television
8. Yared Belayneh – Ethiopian Radio
9. Mohamed Ahmed – Ethiopian Television
10. Dereje Tedla Demissie- Ethiopian Press Agency
11. Dagmawi Tariku- FM 97.1 Radio host
12. Abebe Feleke – FM 97.1 Radio host
13. Tesfahun Demissie Dargie- Mass Media Agency/Editor Addis Lessa
14. Martha Belay- Journalist at ETV 2
15. Tesfaye Gessesse- Ethiopian Press Agency
16. Ezedine Kedir- ETV
17. Alemneh Wassie- Radio Fana

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