“Who is Tamagne Beyene?” Part VI – February 4, 2008 AETN( Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network)

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  1. yohanes
    | #1

    hello abugida … we are happy and we can get informations.but i am sorry,”ETHIOPIAN ARMYS” ARE NOT MELES’S ARMY. i belived ethiopian army are out of any poletica,but not alls. and then when you read news,plz say”ethiopian army”, donot say “ato meles’s army.
    thank you|||

  2. | #2

    tamage malet ager wedad sayhon america
    quech belo mengeste yemsadeb alma bes sew new.

  3. Ayenachwe
    | #3

    First of all I would like let every one knows I am not supporter of Weyane /Ethiopian government/.

    I am completely against of that opinion about Tamagn. I am not going to tarnish his name; I am talking about the objective reality.

    There is no question about his talent. He is very skilled person. We might not have seen such highly talented person again in this century. He is a legendary for his generation. I love to see him when he performs. Every week I used to had fun at National theater /TYENTE TEBEBAT MESHETE/. That was the beginning of his first steps to knock most of us heart.

    While he is licking us his honey words suddenly Al-Amoudi came and took him to be one of his slaves. We never had seen him again. Tamagn start to serve just one person or group, limited himself there and killed his skill.

    Of course it was a short cut for him to make little money, But for most of us even for Ethiopian art it was huge lost. While we were expecting him miracle he violated his audience and hide in Al-Amoudi wallet. .. Some times he does appear to the religious and political events to show still he is alive, which helps him to keep his fame.

    This is the thing he always tries to take advantage of politics for his personal wealth and popularity. For the last twelve years he was under rule of his lord Al-Amoudi. That time he did not allowed to perform any show on public stage. He was just Al-Amoudi`s doll, at Addis Ababa and USA. Here is evidence he jammed the microphone by order of Al-Amoudi at Tadele Yidnekachwe wedding night at Ghion Hotel. Click it and have a look.


    While the people of Ethiopia were begging him to say a single word at the anniversary of Hager Fiker Theater and St. Giorgise Foot ball club Sixty years at Addis Ababa Stadium he ignored the public demand run to his lord.

    As long as I knew EPRDF never ban or deter him to be on the stage. He was loyal for Al-amoudi up to recent time.

    …Then what had happened? When Mr. Al-Amoudi turned his face, Tamagn has gone some where on the air. No more money. He had to pay off his bills. Since then we start to see him and his art on DVD. That is exactly what had happened.

    His colleagues like Abebe Belwe, Alem Tsaye Wodajo, Ayalewe Mesfen, Yehune Belaye /his wife Tutu/ and other people knew him very very… well. They won’t say anything.

    Now he came to public again with his mask.

    Hey! Listen he is not preaching us how to stop violation in the country. He is ringing the bell for you guys /innocent people/ to keep some money from your next pay check to buy his new DVD, Which he will release it soon. I bet you!!!

    About his national feeling I do not think so. He is worst than Meles Zenawi and his beaches. Because I never seen him Some where else except the Gonder people Church /DC St. Gebreal/… I lived 20 years in this area. Is there any body who saw him other Orthodox Church? Come on! Please! Let us talk the reality.

    Am I right or wrong? Tamagn!!!

    To Abugida
    Please do not be instrument of such smart people. This person is not a solution for Ethiopia. He is just opportunist. Do not jock or lavish our time.

    Today people are dying in Ethiopia. You should know which issue needs to come to public attention. If you have lack of inf. We could feed you.

    This time most of Weyane /EPRDF people/ fled from the country and build up business in Europe and USA to be as rich as Jewish People.

    Beside the violation of human right they are looting the county. Find out as a journalist and exposed it to the public.

    Thank you

  4. who ever
    | #4

    HI! i would like to just say something to the guy whose name is Ayenachew. i read all what u wrote.Though our country is in the worst condition and we cann’t solve it yet, the thing that u never understood is we cann’t be as voiceless as the last poor people. If u paied attention and watched the program well, the purpuse of the program was not to mislead people by giving wrong information. but i think u r big illitrate. u just rushed to BE THE against OF Tamagne, before u got the reality.is that because of he was close to AL_AMUDI? but the reason why AL_AMOUDI loves him is by his talent and patriotism. then he did what he can to show him his respect. u have been in America for 30 years. u know about the country’s problems, although u r in abroad. but did u do something to save this society? NO! so just shut the fuck up, stop writting about issues that u don’t know. noone can appriciate u,after all u talk too much. Atleast this guy was about dieing…i think it is a graet patriotism to tell their backwardness infront of them.
    however, we never loss our respect for him, what ever u said. so please Ayenachew watch the video again, then u gonna undersatnd it gradually. other wise this is TILIK ERASIN MASIGEMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ayenachwe
    | #5

    Dear Mr. who ever says, kkkkkkkkk…….. u r so innocent. u mentioned that AL-Amoudi supported TAMAGN to show his respect. u know what? Al-Amoudi before he came to ETHIOPIA he already targets people, had a list of famous people to dragged to his mount. Tamagn was one of them. that is how u get ur FRFARI, WESHA BEBELABET YECHWAL so I do not mind what u have said about my opinion. i tried to open the public eye. which is real and most Ethiopians agree.

    | #6


  7. tesfaye simaneh
    | #7

    i am from austria i like tamagn beyene and teddy afro

  8. | #8

    Tamagn ayzoh Ethiopian manem aynetekenem ..yeteweledenew ethiopia memotem yemenefelegew ezaw …ayzon wendemachin enewedehalen eskewedyagnaw.

  9. ዕልበት
    | #9

    ሰላም ለሁላችሁም!!ሰላማችሁ ይብዛ!

  10. | #10

    engdih gemerenewal mecheresun yegthiabher fanta new enantem balachubet beselotacihu atrsun bagracinm hone balm lai selam sefno hulun neger lmawrat yabkan yegermachual wendmoce minim inquan lgenzeb benesededm ethiopiawentacnin yemilewit minim neger yelem tadia legenzeb irasacewn yemishetu wendocim setocm min tluciwlacih? ine betecalign meten lemiemetaw tewlid teru temhirt akoyalh biye igemitalehu anasafrem zenaye mammo

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