Kinijit Dallas Elected its Board of Directors – Press Release, Kinijit-Dallas

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Kinijit Dallas Elected its Board of Directors (more…)

Kinijit Dallas Elected its Board of Directors

In a meeting held on February 9, 2008, members of Kinjit-Dallas elected the 9 Board of Directors that will be serving the Chapter for the next two years. Six of the nine elected members are new to the Board. In this election, Kinjit-Dallas was very satisfied in having two of its women members to the new Board

The new leadership will meet very shortly to decide on the following:

• Name its Chairman, vice Chairman, General Secretary, Inspector General and Heads of the chapter’s five standing committees

• Name a delegation to represent the chapter in the General Assembly of Kinijit North America Association of Support Organizations (KNAASO) that will be held on the February 23 to 24 , 2008 in Las Vegas

• Decide on a program and schedule of training on management and organization for the Board of Directors


  1. koki
    | #1

    Go Kinijit Dallas,
    We are proud of you and your performance so far. Stay strong and united. Ethiopia’s feedom is on the horizon

  2. m.kibra
    | #2

    They look desperate, unhealthy and unfit!! Need to take care selv first.

  3. Robele Ababya
    | #3

    Excellent! God bless Kinijit Dalas!1

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