Mr. Seeye Abraha deserves a better treatment other than Surveillance. – By Teodros Kiros (PhD)

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The Ethiopian regime in power continues to persuade the western world that it is a democratic government, which is honoring human rights, thereby protesting against the passing of HR 2003, the sharp edged blade, which is aiming at shaming the regime and exposing its undemocratic ways. (more…)

The Ethiopian regime in power continues to persuade the western world that it is a democratic government, which is honoring human rights, thereby protesting against the passing of HR 2003, the sharp edged blade, which is aiming at shaming the regime and exposing its undemocratic ways.

Reliable reports from Addis Ababa are bitterly sharing disturbing information about Mr.Seeye Abraha, the former defense minister, whom many consider is the living conscience of the Ethiopian community, whose recent public appearances have attracted a global attention as the new symbol of reasoned dialogue, and whose generosity stretched itself and invited the powers to be of the ruling Ethiopian regime to reform their ways and work with him on the idea of Ethiopianity with dignity.

Seeye Abraha recently returned to Ethiopia, after a highly successful visit with the Ethiopian diaspora, who graced him with a hero’s welcome. Upon his return to his beloved Ethiopia, Seeye’s invitation for a reasoned dialogue has been returned with an Orwellian style of surveillance of his home, his whereabouts, and his very walks on the streets of Addis Ababa. His presence at any part of Ethiopia is being microscopically observed.

I appeal to the regime in power to stop this harassment immediately, and also alert Human rights watchers everywhere to closely monitor this particular case, and use it as a litmus test of how genuinely democratic the regime actually is, and carefully look at HR 2003 as the ultimate language of power with which to communicate with a regime that is refusing to engage in reasoned dialogue, the language of genuine democracy.

  1. yigermal
    | #1

    Siye is not a hero and will never be. He is a looser dictator who camoflaged himself to cheat Ethiopian people again. That will not be possible. The intention is to resurect the woyane program which is beeing shattered by all Ethiopians from all walk of life.

    Sorry, ethenic politics will not take us anywhere and we will not advocate for it.

  2. Damitew
    | #2

    forget this big uneducated agazi. lets talk some thing better he deserve to die, how many ppls he killed when he was in power. when woyane go he will be tried again and stay in prison.

  3. Belaye Zeleke
    | #3

    Dear Teodros Kiros (PhD)
    I read your article and just as you are, I am against the continued harassment and surveillance that is being conducted on Mr. Seye Abreha by the TPF regime.

    Nevertheless, I can’t help but to wonder why on earth some of the so called elite cercile within a Tigrayn ethnicity kept quiet when millions of Ethiopian young and old perished since TPLF came to power specifically following post election violence:

    a)Never never spoke a word when leaders of the opposition parties were arrested and being followed and harassed federal policea fter their release.
    b)Never challenged the TPLF regime when thousands of the students were expelled from universities just because they are from Oromia region.
    c)They never challenged the TPLF regime when thousands of the Anuak Tribe men, women and children were slaughtered and their villages burned to the ground in a systematic ethnic cleansing.

    Why on earth there is a so much loud cry for a single person who was part of the elite cercile and a former TPLF military commander. Or this is the magic blanket to divert the reality so that we can cry for Seye Abreha while the entire nation is confined in a larger prison called Ethiopia.

    Personally, I respect Seye Abreha not for what he has done as a TPLF militia commander but he become a changed man with a different tone following his release from TPLF penitentiary. Yet, we can’t ignore the fact that Seye Abreha was the key architect during the handover of Eritrea and the Assba port to Isyas Afwerki who is a distant cousin of Meles Zenawi. In addition the TPLF military under Seye Abreha command suppressed and inflicted so much misery upon millions of innocent citizens to ensure there is not a single organized resistance to challenge the TPLF MULAS.

    Dear Teodros (PhD)
    I realize that you are a person with higher academic (PhD) and I commend your achievement. But my question to you and the likes would be; “what is the value of a higher education when the educated man or woman becomes a trumpet only for those who are born from same ethnicity or the same tribal village?”, “How do you measure level of your conscious to reason when submerged in ethnical politics?”. In my view despite his/her education level or social status anyone who is supporting or opposing a given individual or groups based on ethnicity while ignoring the facts before him/ her is neither democrat nor true Ethiopian rather, a facelift to continues the same TPLF dynasty.

    Hence, I oppose and harassment to any opposition parties or individual by TPLF regime. I believe 75 million Ethiopians deserve a better treatment other than harassment and surveillance by the TPLF regime. The fact is General Seye Abreha became a victim of a devilish system he helped crafted since his childhood therefore, Seye Abreha can only blame one individual i.e. Seye Abreha.

    Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. Martin Luther King, Jr (Strength to Love, 1963)

  4. Zafu
    | #4

    I am for Seiye because he is against Melese now. Does this not suffice to rally behind Seiye.
    On the one hand,Seiye, Aregash and Gebru Asrat and Tewelde said they regret what they did. I think we should welcome them . How about if Meles follows suit. Are you still not going to forgive him. How about Mengie the iron fist dictator if he says with all regrets are we still not forgiving.
    By enlarge, Ethiopia needs her children. What is national reconcilation mean after all. Follow the priniciples of Mendela. Forgive and Forget. That is simple formula. We have to press on for a better Ethiopia. Other wise we will knit ourselves with petty “Awrajawinet” and drum your bandwagan of animosity and continue to remain destitute.

  5. Zekios
    | #5

    I agree with the opinion cited( supra). Seiye is a man of the insider and knows TPLF better.He could have better agendas for his country now. Alula Aba Nega was also an Ethiopian. So we should expect some to come from Adawa who could fight from their Awrajawinet and have a better vision. Let us give him a chance. After all he is not a friend of our enemy now.

  6. Addis
    | #6

    In line with my Ethiopian compatriot the Siye Abrha hysteria among ethnic intellectuals like Kiros is the fundamental problem we are facing as a nation. Now the system they set up is coming to hunt them, they picked Siye to rally their long dream to continue their ethnic agenda.

    The professor want to make something out of noting by elevating Siye as some kind of hero “embraced” by Diaspora Ethiopians? Further insulting our intelligence for seeking a peaceful resolution, even under a horror TPLF brought about which Siye is part- in dismantling our country, our sense of unity as Ethiopians and a binge of robbery unprecedented by a group that claim Ethiopian identity but does to the contrary.

    Our desire to see our people to come together is interpreted by ethnic lords like Kiros as if we will take any thing to save our country from gangs of TPLF whose glory to rule comes from dismantling our county physically and ethnically.

    I gave up on most of our intellectuals, (specially the ethnic lords) who supposedly guide us to some degree of justice, but instead they got worst and worst by the day exhibiting their intellectual ability being reduced further to tribal cage they put themselves in or the pity self gratification to get by and refused to comeout of it with one excused after another to their misgivings.

    No matter how they want to preserve TPLF by division, repression and confusion or out right robbery, they can no longer hide from the fundamental God given right of Ethiopians to choice their leaders as we did. If Kiros and the like want to short change us by scare tactics or otherwise by elevating an admitted master mind of the TPLF master plan, it only show his primary concern is not the people or the country well being but the domination of TPLF that admittedly claim to represent a minority of Ethiopians.

    “Ato” Kiros Ethiopians voted and you are with Ethiopians or with TPLF present or former. Siye is not my hero and should not be to any one. If his desire is to lead Ethiopia do not give him a short cut to glory, like any political leader let him go through the test of democratic election, who ever he represent, not with standing his “crime” against Ethiopia it is well and good, but, to come here and make a hero out of an X-TPLF paramount to insult to our sensibility and says more about your wickedness.

    Let our people go out of the hole TPLF dug and you continue to dig.

    We will prevail

  7. | #7

    After watching the pseudo intellectuals parading their messiah, the war criminal, Seeye Abraha, with disdain and disgust, here comes one deperado probably financed by the millions Seeye stashed in forien banks ,is asking us to pray to the Agame saint Abuna Aregawi of Damo for his saftey .The Dedebit Mafia were playing with fire.An ethnic volcano which is on the verge of exploding is shadowing Ethiopia. We have to pray for the safety of the whole Ethiopian people. What is happening in Kenya is a tragedy.The Dedebit Mafia are on their last leg, the non stop campaign of disinformation is simply a cry of desperation. The Woyanne era is over. The Agaazi leaders and their cadres have sent their families along their looted Ethiopioan riches abroad for safety.

  8. Mamo
    | #8

    Belaye Zeleke stated in your writing by saying “I realize that you are a person with higher academic (PhD) and I commend your achievement” Dear Zeleke, you considering all relevant viewpoints in good faith, or are you distorting some information to maintain your biased perspective? Let me share same facts Dr. Kiros because of his education achievement I think this is why Dr. Teodros is witnessing and hoping our country’s Ethiopia fate to words Democracy. At the same time people like Seeye can be a bridge to establish democracy and peace. I don’t see any evidence to suggest Dr. Teodros is helping Seyee because they are from the same ethnic group. Dr. Teodros fight for Ethiopian Unity not ethnicity. Some of you have a deep hatred to wards individuals or ethnic group please keep your sickness to yourself don’t pass to others. We Ethiopians are ready to forgive him for his past bad deed and we are ready to accept Seeye or other Ethiopians who wants to work and straggly for her freedom from Meles regime. Mr. Belaye please read Dr. Teodors articles with out biased opnion to most Ethiopians his writing are telling us he is advocating to stop ethnic division, repression and oppression etc. Please understand what is written instead what is not. Let me concluded by Mahatma Gandhi quote “I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the highest Source. I salute that source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.” End of quotes.

  9. | #9

    Before hand Siye must disclose how many Ethiopians had been murdered under his own orders while he was the defence minister and how many Ethiopians were slaughtered on the senseless war with Eritrea when everybody knew the war was not about the border but egotistical against their old commrades in Eritrea!

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