Why I write? – By Teodros Kiros (PH.D)

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I must begin by thanking all the engaged readers who have been studiously following my modest attempts at contributing to the debates on Seeye Abraha, whom I have called “the voice of reasoned dialogue.”

Some of my readers have called me names, ranging from “the poorest of the poor,” “the super paid handler of Seeye’s group,” “the hidden agent of Woyane,” and most recently “an Ethnic lord, who is promoting Seeye because he is a Tigre like him” and many, many, other names. (more…)

I must begin by thanking all the engaged readers who have been studiously following my modest attempts at contributing to the debates on Seeye Abraha, whom I have called “the voice of reasoned dialogue.”

Some of my readers have called me names, ranging from “the poorest of the poor,” “the super paid handler of Seeye’s group,” “the hidden agent of Woyane,” and most recently “an Ethnic lord, who is promoting Seeye because he is a Tigre like him” and many, many, other names.

I consider myself quite lucky to be attended to with such passion. I like the passion of my readers- passion is a revolutionary virtue, because it motivates thought. What I do not like is venom, because venom kills.

Be that as it may, I know must answer my own question, “Why I write?”

I write because writing is my vocation. I enjoy it.

But joy is not the only reason. I write because I consider myself a responsible citizen of the Ethiopia that I love from the depth of my veins. I do not write to please the public; if I did, my life would be so different. To the extent that I can, I try to write truthfully at all times, although, that habit will not make me “the person of the year” or even lead me to the right job.

I enjoy writing from the margins, where there is so much pain, so much abuse, and yet, as long as my words flow from the depth of my heart, and are monitored by the Transcendent, and the writing is right and beautiful, I will have obtained a sense of fulfillment which money cannot buy. My recent writings on Seeye are motivated by a single idea, and that is, at this particular moment in time, Seeye, the reconciler, the insider, who has decided to tell it all by risking his life, and correct the mistakes that the party that he and the other members of Woyane made, will save Ethiopia from the path of destruction. Seeye is a symbol of change, of a new beginning, of a new rendezvous with Ethiopian history.

I do not just support Seeye the man, I support only the idea of hope, of peace, of democratic engagement that Seeye is calling for with a contagious charisma and depth of moral thought,, and I do so as an Ethiopian, born to a Tigrean family.

My foremost commitment is to Ethiopiawinet with dignity, to Ethiopiawinet, freed from the venom of destructive ethnicity and freshly framed by the idea of Andenet (Unity).

  1. tazabi
    | #1

    Dear Dr. Teodros Kiros,

    Forget those name callers, low human creatures. We can’t go that low as their mind is too narrow and too small. They have been out of Jungle for 17 years but it didn’t make them to be civilized.

    We haven’t seen you writing till Seeye came out and some are asking where was he all these time?

    Now, we can only say BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.
    Hope, Seeye won’t disappoint us/you.

  2. Ethiopiawiew
    | #2

    Oh la la! What a foolish doctor? Yes, Tewodros Kiros is a narrow minded Tigrian, pathological and habitual liare. This so-called Doctor never wrote a single vavourable thing about other opposition leaders including Kinijit leaders who suffered more than Seye Abraha to date but came out out of the woodworm to wine, dine with Seye in North America, followed him everywhere like a shadow to those American cities and unashamedly started publishing totally biased and unrealistic articles in favour and or to promote Seye Abraha to cover Seye’s crimes and make him look and sound an Ethiopian hero. He thinks Seye is our saviour.

    I say this because he never mentioned a single thing that Seye and his TPLF did to Tigrians and or in general, Ethiopians. Dr Kiros, Ethiopians are not stupid people but very tolerat citizens hence stop singing for Seye. And you deserve more than bad names too hence you should not come out to complain as if you were not biased and or you were right in what you wrote about Seye. Remember, you were an EPRDF mole too, before your favourite … Tribunal website was closed. Remember?

    Dr, please don’t try to fool us or lecture us the bullshit. You are more of a Tigrian than Ethiopian that you tried to make us believe and you are not a writer of a patriot nature too, but to support a reckless, merciless and brutal murderer like Seye Abraha because he is from the Tigrai region. Would you have done that for Mengistu Hailemariam or other? No!

    Hence I wonder why, you, and the so-called Professor Tecola and your likes only support Tigrians and not all Ethiopians at a time like this? Have you been to any Kinijit Support Meeting in your area or contributed a dime for the struggle? I have not seen any Tigrian who criticised Tigrians but only Meles Zenawi because he oppressed you lot too. That means there is only Meles who is a sinner among many millions of Tigrians who are terrorising, slaughtering and oppressing the nation.

    Dr Kiros, please do us favours too, and write about Agaazi Murder Squad, TPLF Mercenaries and Ethiopian killers, the illegally incarcerated, brutally murdered, displaced, disapeared in fear of death by your people, the 8, million starved Ethiopians,the mismanagement of Ethiopian affairs, the abuses of human rights in our country and so on.

    Otherwise, we are not interested about your glamorising of a well known and hated murderer like Seye. And if we allow you to lecture us about him too, a year or two later, I am sure that you might also tell us unashamedly that Meles Zenawi was an angel as well and all because he was and is a Tigrian. I wish you to be a Tigrian and also a true Ethiopian. Amen!

  3. kuku
    | #3

    Dear Ethiopiawiew, I can’t appreciate your comment because I got lost by your point of view. You have good points but you didn’t use them adequately and properly.Don’t be blind in such public opinion like this.You crossed the line many times for zero sum comment.In my judgement, you are “a big pumpkin head.”

  4. debebe
    | #4

    Where were you when your cousins slaughtered Ethiopians all over the country even in the streets of Addis Ababa.

    Are you supporting the primitive man who is able to create war?

  5. Guenet
    | #5


    It’s Teodros’ basic right to support whoever he wants, and it’s our right to know why. He said it clearly that he likes Seeye for his idea of hope, of peace, and his democratic engagement. If we want to build a democratic Ethiopia, we have to learn to respect the different points of view of our compatriots.

  6. Asamnew Haile
    | #6

    Teodros Kiros has every right to write supporting Seeye. While I disagree with him about his new-found belief that Seeye is the savior Ethiopia is expecting for to deliver pragmatic politics that trascends ethnic politics, I would understand why he becomes succeptible to his own generalization: he cements his arguments based on passion rather than sound reasoning. We Ethiopians opt to seek heros where there are none to look for. I do not question that Seeye’s conversion and evaluating Ethiopan politics from different perspective, but he is way too late to reverse the Ethiopan poltics the way he imagines should be. That Ethiopan politics assume equality of different ethnicity in shaping the futre of Ethiopia is essential remains a paramount importance to the goverment. Rational Ethiopans who wish to see a prosperous and democratic Ethiopa do in fact should focus working within the existing political prism. Wishing that an individual and a party for that matter reverse the politics of Ethiopa that existed for almost a score of years might remain only a wishful thinking. Seeye might have a new awakening, but he is not in a position to make a reality his new belief. Despite the outcry of many Ethiopans who reside in the Western world, Ethiopans seem content with the new political course. In fact contrary to what the opposition parties whose support come from the Ethiopans abroad claim the Ethiopan government seems more nationalist than the people who choose Isayes of Eritrea to dictate Ethiopan politics.

  7. Ethiopiawiew
    | #7

    Dear readers,

    This was and is not about expressing different point of views but this is about being lectured about peace, humanity, justice, reconciliation, Ethiopiawinet and the rest of the bullshit by a well known brutal murderer who raped, tortured and slaughtered our people to create a Singapore out of his cousins Eritrea and also to create Greater Tigrai at a cost of Ethiopian wealth and innocent Ethiopian lives. And his messenger Dr Kiros too, who never said a word about the other imprisoned opposition leaders, journalists, human right activists, innocent demonstrators, and all those murdered for expressing their views as citizens. He just came out to support his Tigrian friend Seye who never showed any remorse and never apologized about his evil past.

    Hence Seye cannot be seen as a hero just because he is a Tigrian and he was in prison because of not defending the public but only his internal quarrels with his evil comrades. I know some people who worked with him but now fled the country for fear of their lives because they knew lots of Seye’s secrets and how Seye became multi-millionaire in less than five years after TPLF seized power. They told me that he was the most brutal and corrupt TPLF official who also made all his families filthy rich by stealing public money and allowing them every advantage there was. His release was political too hence was advised by his ex-friends not to trust him anymore. Therefore, a failed person like him cannot be a trustworthy and humane creature just because he was in prison for his crimes. And if he is seen like a hero with all his sins too, Mengistu Hailemariam the human butcher can also be considered as an Angel.

    For Kuku and Tazabi, I say, “Yewega Bieresa, Yetewega Ayieresam. Yes, your TPLF officials (Tigrians) divided and destroyed our beloved country, raped and slaughtered our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, children and all those who gently and peacefully opposed their nazi-style administration/rule. They are all ruthless criminals and evil creatures that cannot be considered as Ethiopians but hired mercenaries by the west. Therefore, you should not be grateful to what they did to us Ethiopians or glamorize them for all the massacres and the looting of Ethiopian wealth and controlling of all big and small businesses to starve the nation but be ashamed of yourselves and them too. Abugid’s editors should be ashamed of themselves as well for flirting with killers like Seye and their appeasers like the so-called Kuku and Tazabi. They hated patriotic leaders like Hailu Shawel and chose to love Seye the brutal murderer and corrupt of them all.

    Abugida Hodamoch! Achebchabiwoch, Besew Hiywot Negadewoch! For how long are going to be bought by Woyane thugs? Dekamoch!

    Ye-Ethiopia Amlak Yifredbachihu. Ye-Ethiopiawian Amlak Yaqatlachihu.


  8. kuku
    | #8

    Listen Ethiopiawiew !You may not believe this but I’m not Seye’s admir for any reason.I don’t support him neither you.I have reasons to say that. partly,I agree with your comment on Seye’s situation.He is one of the most corrupted “EPRDF TOP OFFICIALS” and justice faces him sooner or later for his wrong done on many sensetive national issues such as port issue, border dispute, property confiscation, and so other issues too.But one thing can’t be denied is that he contrbuted alot to exil Mengistu Hailemariam and librated his country heroically.For this achievment, he deserves credit. Ethiopiawiew ! I repeat again your explanation is good but the way you presented Seye’s issue is the wrong way.Here is where you got confuse,You try to interconnect Seye’s situation with the Tigrian ethnicity and that is your big mistake and that’s why I call you ” big pumpkin Head.” Let me ask you this-do you wish to see we all Ethiopians develop ways to set up democracy, development, and national security for generations to come or you think the opposit side?. If your answer is optimist, tell me how? if not why not?.
    Dear Ethiopiawiew ! love your neighbor, respect your opponents, and give credit to those who have had something done adequetly. Don’t attack any ethnicity because you will fail in a while.Don’t cross a line again. If you do it, I call you ” stone head.” because I believe that is an appropriate phrase to you. Be educated, teach your viewers the right thing.Be fair when you give comment on something unless you are politically affilated.Finally, I want you to do your investigation on this matter; “Why and How General Hayelom Araya has been killed.” Who is responsible for his journey? Choose: A/ Melese Zenawi B/ Seye Abraha C/ Isaias Afeworki D/all these guys.Any body can post his/her opinion on this issues even Dr. Teodros Kiros.


  9. Ethiopiawiew
    | #9

    Aye Kuku, “Doron Siatalulat Bemechagna Taluat” wise saying perfectly suits your poor argument. You started praising my points and then as you Tigrians and or weak and bought cadres always say and do, yes, Seye is the most corrupted TPLF official but whoever criticized him for that is wrong hence you resorted to criticisms and meaningless insults like “big pumkin head (if you knew what that meant), stone head and so on. And every time one criticizes a Tigrian official too, you only admit the undeniable big mistake they did about Assab Port, Border conflict and the losing of Badme that I visited as an observer, Confiscation of properties and not the many other crimes they committed against the nation and our beloved country. That is called “Alsheshum Zor Alu” too? Also because his TPLF party with other oppressed regions deposed Mengistu Hailemariam to only liberate Tigrai and Eritrea to create Greater Tigrai to then unite with Eritrea to destroy Ethiopia by replacing TPLF that is found to be a regime worse than the Dergue, you think that he has liberated our country Ethiopia. That means if he had saved your families from Dergue killers and then killed them the same way by his own sword and or guns, he has done you favors and you call that a great achievement. On which strange planet do you live Kuku? This too surely is called, “Awuqo Yetegnan Biqeseqsut Ayisemam” kind of thing.

    Oh poor Kuku, as the wise men say too, “Abayin Yalaye Minch Yamesegnal”. Yes, dear, I am not as primitive and illiterate as you thought or as your hero Seye but a person with two PhD’s and half a dozen different degrees to name few. I have published hundreds of articles and books much more than the Dr Kiros you tried to defend too? I am sure you could be one of my million admirers too? I have challenged those TPLF officials including Meles Zenawi in person therefore; don’t ever think that I did not want democracy for my country. I just did not want murderers and criminals like Seye to be glamorized and given another license to kill my people again and loot the country’s wealth to later retire in the west with all those millions they stole from our farmers and taxpayers. I am also saying that there are better educated, experienced and patriotic Ethiopias who can handle Ethiopia’s affairs including Tigrai’s problems hence should be given an opportunity to do so instead of repeatedly electing and or allowing the likes of Seye the moron, the uneducated and narrow minded tribal chief to continue to oppress the nation. The public did not elect him in the first place hence there is no need of crying and or singing for him like Dr Kiros.

    He was one those officials who made Ethiopia landlocked and still believes he was right. Also ask yourself too, dear Kuku, had he not been in prison, would you think that he would have stopped the killings after the 2005 General Election and all what has happened to the opposition parties and the public too to date? If you say YES, you must be living in a cave with a poisoned and twisted mind hence you need to go and see your psychiatrist or an exorcist in some churches. Or take Tsebel to cure yourself from that virus. Seye was the man who used to boast saying they can create wars to stop Ethiopians. He was the one (when he was the chairman of Ethiopian Airlines or Aviation) who besides committing so many crimes, wanted to share or own Ethiopian Airlines with Eritrea and Djibouti by changing the famous Ethiopian Airlines name to East African Airways. That meant, Eritrea without owing a single Airline and that small country Djibouti too, were going to be a joint owner of all Ethiopian Airline fleets that cost Ethiopians billions and about 50 years of hard working services to the nation by earning the highest reputation in Aviation. He dismissed hundreds of long serving employees to let them starve with their families when they refused to agree with that decision too, and brought his own Tigrian people who never had any education and experiences to replace them after few hours or days training. As a result, many top pilots and technicians I knew left the country. Kuku, please don’t assume blindly that I hate Tigrians but their partiality (Zeregn-net) and also those injustices against my innocent citizens who are tortured and murdered by Seye & Co.

    I love lots of Tigrians who are patriotic too, and give credits where due but cannot tolerate liars, Zeregnoch, crooks, despots and murderers like Seye. Once a killer is always a killer. Once a liar is always a liar, once a despot is always a despot no matter how much one decorate him/her with glittering medals and dress them up with Italian suits. Remember too that when Seye’s friends like Gebru Asrat and other ex-TPLF officials who years ago toured the west? What did they do despite our united supports? They only wanted to talk to Tigrians behind closed doors as if the rest of us were their enemies. Even after they were bombarded with criticisms, they never changed their plans and left us disappointed. Where are they now and what did they do for the struggle since their dismissals from TPLF or position? Nothing! All they did was to publish past and present gossips to promote themselves. They didn’t even try to go to Tigrai and as the public to vote for them to participate in parliament.

    And now Seye came out to the west just like them and is speaking to all Ethiopians not because he liked all of us but he did not want to be criticized like Gebru & Co by speaking only to Tigrians. And because he learnt that Tigrians in Addis voted for Kinijit too? Also because Kinijit is in pieces and or in trouble, he wanted to steal kinijit supporters and capitalize on the present situation. This may also be seen ad dividing people and weakening the struggle. And if as his countrymen and women at Ethiomedia website preach us that his movements are watched by EPRDF cadres too, how do you think that he can mobilize the public to bring down his ex-comrades? I am not a daydreamer like some people to say Seye is a new Mesaih who can depose Meles & Co, and save Ethiopia and Ethioppians. Kinijit even now have a long way to go let alone a one-man-band Seye who still did not join any political party at all.

    Hence call me “pumpkin or stone head”; I feel I am right based on my experiences, investigation, education and past predictions that came true despite all oppositions at the time. You too can disagree with me now but I assure you that you will find out the hidden nature of Seye very soon and after his honeymoon trips and milking cash from the trusting but foolish public like you and the so-called Dr Kiros who was and still is scribbling articles to recruit supporters for his friend Seye. He can write books about him but believe me he cannot fool the public. As for Hayelom’s assassination and or murder too, I have been to the place where he was minutes before he was murdered and made enquiries too. And if you remember too, Seye was holding two or three high positions at that time including Defense as its Minister and the security division was under his control. Hence if as they say, the killing of Hayelom was by the regime, whom do you think gave the order of such assassination and then created a cartoon like story to make it look that the killer was not the regime? Yes, that kind of dram did happen when poor Kinfe was murdered too? I leave that to people like you who are not pumpkin or stone head but intelligent or genius kinds. Don’t you think so?

    By the way too, please never expect an answer or comment from Dr Kiros about Hayelom’s death or any other murders at all. He would not like to expose his Tigrian friends who are socked with lots of Ethiopian Bloods. Tigrians are good and unique when it comes to uniting behind their countrymen or women whether that person is a murder or a sinner. Zeregn-net is their biggest and worst cancer that they are suffering from. Hence I pray to Ethiopian God that they be cured once and for all and see all Ethiopians as equal and their brothers and sisters too? I believe we all are one people despite our diversities. I even think Eritreans are Ethiopians despite what some say hence hope they would return to their country Ethiopia after Meles, Isais and their cronies go. That is it Kuku, Neger Bibeza Be-Ahiya Ayichanim. Hence this would be my last comment on these matters. But I wish if I could let you read my publications about Seye and all other matters about Ethiopia. In the mean time, I say wake up Kuku and smell the coffee and know who is real Ethiopian or not. Seye is a merchant and an enemy. May you all live in real life and interesting times too? Amen! I thank all, Good Bye!

  10. kuku
    | #10

    “Good things can happen in the middle Of Our Conversation.” Hello Ethiopiawiew, now I see a room that holds you and I in almost at the same page despite some terminology and ideology differences b/n us. First of all I suspect Dr. Teodros Kiros for his delibrate message posted on February 14th.I don’t think this Dr. is absolutely free from bias of comment regarding Why he wants to write rather than he tries to preach us on some factors that TAGAI Seye Abrha preached while he was here in US. The one thing I don’t agree on Dr. Teodros Kiros’s comment is that he wrties because he likes writing and enjoies it. Awesome! that is not the reality of his vision of writing, however, I would like to encourage Dr. Teodros to keep writing whatever he likes to write with reality check not simply he likes to do so.If it is, it doesn’t make sense at all as a honorable Dr.
    For Tazabi, don’t under estimate any one beacuase no one knows your status.It is understood we have been under the Jungle for the past 17 years during Mengistu regime. But ask your self- Are we better off today and in what issues.? I need your respond Tazabi.
    For Ethiopiawiew, I start looking your suggestions in a very carefully matter and things look getting better in some areas especially regarding views of ethnicity as a whole.But still your many proverbs made me confused and I don’t see the lessons behind that to tell frankly.
    Ethnicity issue is the hot issue nowadays and in my observation from any direction of niew point, I see, hear, and observe that everything every body relates any issues with the Tigrian people.It’s not important and let’s get out from that thinking first formost because untruth, misinformation, mis guided. isolotionisom,and things like these hurt any society entirly. But I can assure you that the Tigrians are not”zeregnoch” as you said.Sorry for useing your terminlogy”zeregnoch” I have dozsens of friend of mine from the Northern part of Ethiopian “Tigrians” as you wish, and none of them have any sign of ethnicity. They are hamble, honest, and hardworking people.They believe in unity not divirsion.They worry about someone else but not about themselves.In my judgment, all the Tigrian people deserve honor for their dedication, contrbution, and hardworking. We love and respect them as we love and respect all the Ethiopian nations and nationalities in general. Dear Ethiopiawiew, I beg you to avoid the term you used ” zeregnoch” because you and I never ever agree what so ever happens on this issue.
    Dear Ethiopiawiew, Thank you for your invitation of coffee to me to wake up and believe what you are saying.I appreciate your invitation but I can’t believe everything you said because I know for sure you are human being so that you and I can make a mistake.What I said at the biging of my mesage was that- threr is a room to hold you and I to talk regardless of out differences.You told me your exprienced in all issues that we rais and that’s fine but that is not the point because I may be better than you when you come to all these matters ( qualification, education, and experience.)But again there is no room to hold You & I if you violate the fact. You have to diffrentiate the bloody person Seye Abrha from the Tigrian point of view and that’s why I told you “don’t cross the Line”. don’t you understand know? Seye or any body else can’t represent the Tigrian society but they are part of it.Clear dear Ethiopiawiew?

    Regading Tagai Seye,what I said in my second message was, he is one of the most power corrupted NOT TPLF but EPRDF top officials in the history of Ethiopia. Avoid the Term TPLF because Tamirat laynie is not TPLF as you know but he is EPRDF so as to Seye.I don’t understand why Ethiopawiew goes after the TPLF foot step in his message. IF you keep doing the same thing Ethiopiawiew, that’s stupid idea in opinio and that Idea fucks your ass one way or another.

  11. Addis
    | #11

    Dear compatriots the time has come not to be sucked in to the plots of TPLF stealing the show through its apologists. It is not time or the place to entertain Ato Kiros’s love for writing in the English language via Siye or any other “Fetno Derash” but the hard work ahead of us to save our country and institute representative government is awaiting.

    Once again Ato Kiros and his friend got another opportunity through Siye to divert our attention. They have not accomplished their misadventure and their determination, by all means necessary Ethiopians not to come together to bring about changes good for our people and country.

    The meaning of a Hero seems to be lost theses days by intellectuals of our time and Ato Kiros along many less known are not the exception. If Ato Kiros who reside in the good old free USA and seen seventeen years of TPLF misrule take Siye seriously to exercise his love affair in writing our problem is much bigger than what we originally thought.

    We cannot afford to waist our time responding to those who want to throw their poison pills to continue doing the same thing over and over again. Siye’s along the rests salvation may come and can only come when they take full responsibility for their crime and stood for democracy along Ethiopians to correct it. But it seems they act noting wrong was done as Kiros brush it off business as usual.

    What caught my eye is Kiros statement “My foremost commitment is to Ethiopiawinet with dignity, to Ethiopiawinet, freed from the venom of destructive ethnicity and freshly framed by the idea of Andenet (Unity)”

    After many fallen Ethiopians Heros (mostly Tigrians) fighting and defending the above statement when TPLF ransacked Ethiopia lead by Shbiya, here we go again Ato Kiros stealing the show from those patriots who are in prison and fallen in vain.

    Ato Kiros please know your limit, the time and the space you became “Andent” monger. As a learned man you can not play ignorance by playing the ethnic game.

    God show you the light

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