A Night with Debebe Eshetu

February 15th, 2008 Print Print Email Email

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  1. | #1

    hey keep up you good job ………

  2. | #2

    it is real good thing he is our hero

  3. | #3

    Do not allow this banda destroy our Country, and nation. He does not know how to talk politics. Ethiopia, and Ethiopians made him to be famous. But, he betrayed them(us). He is very ignorant about politics. He said: “I joined Kinijit without knowing about politics. If I had known that Kinijit, and Politics was like this; I would not have joined”. So, what do you all except from this ignorant evil man!


  4. almaz
    | #4

    ato Alemu what’s wrong with that answer.He told the truth gegema

  5. casanova
    | #5

    Guad Debebe Eshetu.

  6. bmk
    | #6

    hey debe,good job.

  7. | #7

    Woyzero almaz, you said: “gegema”. However, you should know better than that for the person who wanted to lead a nation or to be a parliament member. What does he know about Democracy? Why do people have to complain about Woyane then? Can you explain how democracy works? There are a lot of you who supported his group advocating blindly. Every one of us should stand up to save our motherland, and our nation. Not the individuals. So, think before you write! almaz gegemit.

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