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Dictator Zenawi knocks out two other Dictators from last year on the Worst Dictators Chart to take number 15 Dictator Spot. We extend our congratulations to all Zenawi’s puppets including Aigaforum.com and waltinfo.com.


Dictator Zenawi knocks out two other Dictators from last year on the Worst Dictators Chart to take number 15 Dictator Spot. We extend our congratulations to all Zenawi’s puppets including Aigaforum.com and waltinfo.com.

Here is what parade.com has to say about Zenawi:

When the United States became involved in the conflict in neighboring Somalia, it chose Ethiopia as its regional partner, providing support for former guerrilla leader Meles Zenawi. The U.S. has even given its approval to North Korea’s Kim Jong-il to sell weapons to Meles Zenawi.

  1. fish
    | #1

    The most hated and rejected person in ethiopia and africa primitive meles zenawi. he will be on top of dictators and illitrates list very soon

  2. Fasika
    | #2

    he is ordinary “tera balege”. he even do not have the chrisma of a leader “tila bis”.

    he may laugh and enjoy now with our brothers and sisters blood, but hope he will come to justice sooner or later.

    there is no such an ugly, irresponsible, tebitegna, non-sense, lier, selfish, ignorant Ethiopian leader like this.

  3. hanad
    | #3

    meles is one of the worst dictator in modern history,he massacred oromo,ogaden,gambella and other nationality of other ethiopians ,see what he did in election times,or university students demonstrations,nowadays all the ogaden people are under starvation similar to nazi actions in world war two.

  4. Tamiru
    | #4

    He should be the first and Record holder!

  5. Joe
    | #5

    The Amarha’s had ruled Ethiopia for Centuries. For the first time they are out of power. Amarha’s culture by defenation is very dictatorial..it is funny when they call Meles Dicator. Now days they even tell us his rule is the same as the Aparthid of South Africa and Hitler of Germany.
    some of the 21century Amarhas are highly deluded, the cause of there deluded mind is much debated but i like to metion five of them.
    1.They literaly Worship Ethiopia with St. Mary and other numerous angles
    2. They have a very exagurated (gloryfied) account of Ethiopia Histroy.
    3. They countinually refuse to accept or entertiane any alernative ideas of anything.
    4. They belive Ethiopians are a very special and uniqe ppl.
    5.They belive there is a God which is specially dedicated to Ethiopia (ye Ethiopia Amlak)..I realy think this is a nasty DEMON.

    Bye for now

  6. muleta
    | #6

    Here is a pro-Meles comment by a fellow Ethiopia

    Meles a Dictator? Give me a break!
    by Ermias posted:02/17/2008 08:04:PM
    under Meles leadership: 1. Ethiopia has a GDP >10% for the past five consecutive years. 2. Ethiopia has a multiparty democracy with over 170 opposition in parliament. 3. Ethiopia is becoming known not for its famine, but for standing up against terrorists and world peace. Ethiopia is the only African country who has/had peace keepers in Rwanda, Liberia, Sudan… 4. Ethiopia is the only country to volunteer 5 helicopters in defense of the Darfur refugees. 5. Ethiopia’s Meles was the only leader who stood up aginst the alqaida’s of Somalia. (now Somalia has a gov’t for the 1st time in 16 years). 6. Meles was recipient of many awards and accolades including the Yara Prize, world Peace…I can go on and on. Since the selection was based on what the Amnesty said which has proved itself to be partial and biased, I am not surprised. To many millions of Ethiopians and peace loving Africans, Meles is a hero. Ermias

    And I would like to reflect on his comment as follows:

    Mr. Ermias,
    You know, to mention some good deeds in two decades of time would never save the wolf, devil Zenawi from the historical judgment of his cruelty. Let me count only few of his greatest crimes upon the innocent people of Ethiopia:
    1. He sold part of the country as Eritrea and kept the country land-locked by ceding its historic ports.
    2. To maintain his political power and economic monopoly in the country, the same devil has made all efforts and home-works to ignite fire among the various ethnic groups of the country (remarkably between the two dominant ones- The Oromos and Amharas, the Tigres and the rest groups, The Gurage with Silte, The Sidama with the Rest in the South, the Gambella with its sister society in the region…)
    3. The same Wolf you are blessing also paralyzed democratic system in Ethiopia in many ways ( by dividing them through spies, imprisoning the heroes, depriving media and meeting halls, reforming the rule and regulations of the Parliament, disgracing his opponents using his propaganda tools like walta, Mega, Etv and all means of communication in the country, by allocating big amount of the country’s wealth to the political ends of his coalition, EPRDF and the core liberation front, TPLF,…
    4. It is the same Devil Zenawi who ordered his gangs to kill protesters in Addis and other cities in the post-election discontents
    5. It is the same Zenawi who is negotiating all time to sell land to Sudan for the very cheapest agreement that The Sudan would not give a place to the rebels against his system
    6. Again for the very fact that the people of Ethiopia sought to see change by giving a chance for the opposition, Zenawi has declared his revenge by imposing unprecedented living cost on the same people.
    7. It is this same wolf of all the time who deprived academic autonomy of higher education in the country and made universities home of ‘mindless’ cadres and little woyane servants who live luxuriously on the cost of education quality and academic freedom.

    For the time and space limit, it would not be possible to list all the crimes committed by Devil Zenawi against the Oppressed mass of Ethiopia. Thus, his rank as a dictator of the world would not be a misjudgment. Rather, if critical analysis was made, his position would have been even to the top.
    Mr. Ermiyas, you might be well blinded by any sort of benefits from the system. But at the same time , I can say, you have lost a fundamental human quality, moral value and rational judgment. I should, however, hope that one day you would come to your mind and see the bloodshed and suppression in our country, Ethiopia. I f you are badly beaten by the bad snake of ethnocentrism, however, your track may still remain comfortable and stay witnessing the blessed nature of the devil. What a shock!!

    May God bless Ethiopia!!

  7. muleta
    | #7


    To name a people in ways you have stated is a clear manifestation of a distorted mind and identity. If I should help you, my recommendation would be that you need to go to the center of psychological transformation where you may get a rational glass to your world view and thereby correct your unquestioned and rude personality.

    Otherwise, please do not come to public spheres with such sick mind!!


    | #8

    what do you think about the following poem
    which was dedicated to your master sometime ago You know it was posted by “anonimous Ethiopian” and I kept it for you in my files for history.Please enjoy it:

    Prayers of the dictator !

    “Abate hoy, begehanebe esat yemetnor”

    My father who lives in the hell fire,
    Thank you for the gift – Somali war,
    And for the Parliament lambs-
    you gave me so far,
    To be sacrificed for me-
    in need of other affair.
    I use them and throw when their time comes,
    They camouflage my daily duty of massacres,
    Give me my bread I beg from foreigners,
    ”For a country” with hunger while in excess,
    That gives me milk and honey-
    to become rich in Indonesian Banks
    In the name of the most I hate-
    Ethiopian masses.
    O my lord the master of hell,
    Keep me away from the opposition-
    leaders in jail,
    They snatched from me the peoples will.
    What is the death of 200 people?
    Even the hidden hundreds of thousands-
    blood I spill?
    The Ethiopian wealth I stole?
    Hear me my hero of the hell.
    Give my “AGAZI Army” more time to kill.
    I put the youth in the “Nazi camps”,
    The old, the young, pregnant ladies,
    I killed their children and was pleased,
    Then journalism, Radio, TV, Internet closed,
    To make the news of my own to the world,
    Thank you my master for the Somali warlord
    But why can’t I buy the peoples will?
    When the spirit is kept in jail?
    Tell me Lord, king of kings of hell,
    Deceiving the US, the UK, and all,
    Is the support from UE, UN, AU, to fail?
    I lobbied many in the US as well,
    From the blood money of the poor I pile,
    Is that all to no avail?
    O Lord, I need courage-
    in my future place to come,
    Why people scare me with A “COURT in HAGUE”?
    Is that where they kept Milosevic?
    Charles Tailor’s place?
    The place of justice, rule of Low my nightmare?
    But the scariest things of all to me,
    Facing the Ethiopian people – the enemy,
    I sold “my mother land” to sworn traitors,
    Fear of war at the East African borders,
    Abandoned by Amharans,Tigreans,Oromos, Sidamas
    Save me my master from the Unity of Ethiopians!
    AMEN my hell creator of all evils!

  9. MIKE
    | #9

    Dear Joe,

    I agree with all of the points you raised in your comment. However, I did not like your generalisation. Most of the Amarhas are decent, polite and very lovely people, they are also the main victims of the atrocities perpetuated by both Haile Selassie and the Derg regimes. However, there is a group of people which I call the THE AMARHA ELITE AND THIER BLINDE SOLIDERS, which have been the root causes of our problems. As in your description, they are very delusional, arrogant, unrepentant, selfish, and simply evil. For me, true Ethipianism has always been a struggle to challenge and defeat these indigenous monsters. I think their political and spiritual influence has been declining in the last 30. The decline has started with the death of their spiritual father Haile Selassie (who arrogantly called himself the lion of Judea). In my opinion they fighting with their last ounce of energy to claim back their old influence and rule. However this can not and will not happen since their demise and the rescurrection of Ethiopia is in the hand of the all mighty God. Amen


  10. yigermal
    | #10

    You have mental problem. Go and get treatment. “there is bad person; or/and are bad persons, but there is no as such bad people” as you generalized. I feel sorry for you.

  11. Te’abi
    | #11

    Joe and Mike, you are both sick in the head.

    Otherwise, you would have not mixed the earthly with heavenly matter, just to hurt peoples’ feelings.

    You poor and sick (Neek) guys, do you know what the issue you are trying to comment about?

    I can not try ,to hide how sad I felt about your “comment”,and profoundly ashamed about your personality.

  12. | #12

    I think we better think for what we are talking ,it is better not to judge any body first ourselves to blame may be luck of understanding to be narrowed short site vision all our nation put to shame .here is now the dictators playing on our head and on our nation because we let them we divided our self by tribe ,relgion etc we are the one did on ourselves ,do we expect to mircale ?we are the one make by uniting crashing division strengthing unity to overcome what this nation are facing.so first let come to gether as one people and see where these dictators can hide!
    may God bless to act as one fammilies

  13. | #13

    Hitler, before ww2,blamed the jews for the economic and political malaise of Germany and sent millions of them to the gas chambers.In so doing,he thought he would stay as head of the Third Reich for a millennium.Contrary to his grand delusion,however,he crumbled.In a similar fashion, the Ethiopian fascists have used the Amharas as an scapegoat for all the past ills and aches of the country and now they claim that a new era of freedom has come for all the hitherto oppressed ethnic groups of the nation.
    But,the present reality speakes for itself.
    TPLF’S Ethiopia is a land of massive oppression,repression,subjugation, exploitation and pillage affecting almost everyone irrespective of their religious, ethnic and social origin.
    It is therefore a fascist lie to deny this and claim that the present problem in the country is between a visionary, progressive and ethnic emancipatory government and the disgruntled “evil Amharas” who all resent TPLF for snatching away their age old power.

    The ’21centuty Amarhas’or the’Amarha elite and
    their blinde soliders’as ‘the root causes of our problems’are of course convenient and sweeping generalisations aswell as carictures.

    These stereotypes have been omniously crafted to inflict a holocaust against a people with no crime.Will they succeed? No!

  14. Tigist
    | #14

    I got a feeling that Elias Kifle is the one that is posting under this article using the names Joe and Mike. Elias Kifle is a son of a bitch and nobody should take him seriously. There is no good coming out of him. If it was up to him and the organization that he sympathize with, Ethiopia would be in a turmoil like Somalia is.

  15. gubena
    | #15


  16. michowe from wolo
    | #16

    hi all of you look arge but all them who give comment against other ethics are illitrate bustard and recist one day the can be shut their mouth they are pupet of EPRDF they are in power once they drop like luckst they will not exis for 1000 years so do not worry great Amhara people with the Majority where every u are c u woyany

  17. | #17



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