Kinijit Leaders in Southern Ethiopia

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Kinijit Leaders in Southern Ethiopia. Leave us your comments.

  1. sholla
    | #1

    What awonderfull Audio!TKU Abugida!

  2. mere
    | #2

    how people in Ethiopia matured than Diaspora.

    | #3

    I liked the mature participation of the people on the grass root level:they said that the upper leading body of “kinijit” should solve their differences and continue to direct us that we reach our goals. What our dearest Birtukan answered was also full of truth, that if the current regime unlawfully snatches and gives our emblem to “Chamisso” or give the “V” sign to some one else by force, that doesn’t change any thing as long as they cannot win your hearts and minds, since You the poor masses have the power, that You the poor masses are the real Hero!

  4. weyalaw
    | #4

    Still, I was expecting her to explain the difference that occured between Eng. Hilu and her. That might be a remedy to solve the disintigration among the people at the grass root.I don’t see why she can’t make it clear….

  5. aby
    | #5

    Thank you Abugida. Great job. The people, (those peasants)proved that they are better than us-the diaspora. They said “go back and solve your differences”, and then “come back and lead us to triumph”. Arn’t they? How noble they are!!! I wish I had been there with them, smelling their pure odors and listning to their honest comments.

    So, the bottom line, still there is time for CUD leaders to come together and dialogue on their differences. Otherwise, believe me no one will succeed. The seemingly successful BB in diaspora will never suceed forever, I profoundly dout that. Not because they are not truthful and honest, but simply their premisis for condemning Hailu and Taye is basicaly flawed and wrong.

    On the other hand the wait and see and old style of Hailu will neither work. But I believe he is better a man of deed than a man of promise. I take this as a generational gap.

    Therefore, CUD leaders should come up together and hammer their differences. If any one want to go out, please do it honorably in a civilized way.

    The diaspora, please observe, not ones but twice as those hamble and truthful people of the Southern Ethiopia before you take any side with any body. What is done is done so far. Amd we are suffered enough.

    Mass-Media, please work for your mind, and infact for truth. I have been observing you guys and I am not happy with you. What difference do you have from EPRDF propaganda machines if you are not fair to your own audience? Why condemn EPRDF?

    Abugida, I wish you covered Hailu shawls meetings too, at least to some extent. It may help us to hammer out our biases. I know you were at his meeting in Boston.


  6. | #6

    Dear Compatriots is the Diaspora:

    Don’t dream too much. If you do that too much, CUDP will never be ! Your role should be to provide moral, financial and technical support when needed and if you can do it. Otherwise, those of us at home know who is a member of the talking shop and who is a comitted member in the leadership of CUDP. Let them sort it out, and then we may have all our hopes and aspirations brought back to life once again.

    The coffee-shop elite messed us up in 1974-75; they did that again in the 1980s and 1990s, and they ahve repeated that in 2005 and latter. THe Diaspora has had a strong hand in creating and fanning that mess and shattering the hopes of the bleeding masses of Ethiopia.

    Don’t forget that CUDP is the product of the sweat and blood of those at home, and those that got it there are highly dedicated men and women that have proved their worth and national commitment over a decade of struggle. I geg you to read for a fairly graphic presentation of who is who in Kinijit, ant is, unfortunately, the obnly item for which I am grateful to Berahnu..

    Don’t be partisan, and that is absolutely esential if you love Ethiopia. Personal ego, finacial interests, foolish degrees, selfish motives and the like will not help Ethiopia.

    CUDP’s leaders have failed us all when they wasted some 8 solid months in America and Canada when CUDP has been up for grabs under the machinations of TPLF/EPRDF. They abandoned us and chose to come and wine and dine with you when they did not even have a party, or a mission from any one party since Kinjit as no more. This is the truth. This is also why I say that they need to settle their diffrences and move on. Most of those that were talking to you for some 8 months are not worth even talking about since they have used flimsy and selfish excuses to bandon tasks of the highest priority for Ethiopia.

    Today, Kinijit and its logo are all gone, thanks to the delegation that gave them time whille it dined and wined with you in Canada, Europe and America.

    Let us bring CUDP back, and we can do that, but all selfish and power-mongering motives have to be replaced by a national commitment. We have not had that so far! Believe me, Ato Hailu is not power-hungry, and I am neither a friend nor a party member when I say that !

    Best regards.

  7. Temelkach
    | #7

    So far I have commented nothing. But now I heard what my people in the South said. I call myself relatively educated. And Praise the BBs exceptionally educated and acknowledgeable. But let me tell you none of us were profound thinkers and reconcilers and constructive as those people. I fill that I have been cheated by BB. I regret about the resultant negative image I developed about Hailu and Taye as a result of the BB and ER. Deeply sorry. Believe it or not we lost our struggle for democratization due to the negative effect of these people’s organized sabotage. Probably they may not understand that they made a sabotage, but it is.

    Any way as those poor people, whom we say that we are fighting for them, told us let the CUDP leaders come together and solve their differences. Otherwise they have no morale authority to consider themselves as “leaders” of the popular movement.

    The Hailu group and the BBs please come together and reconcile your differences we, the people will forgive you and stand besides you.

  8. tarik
    | #8

    Dear Tmelkach

    May be you should change your name to non-Temelkach evidently you have intentionally distorted vision to keep stating “the BB group” there is no BB or AA group there is those who betrayed and injured the movement as Hailu Shawel and the family congregation and there are those who went back home to finish the unfinished business of the Ethiopian people primarily Bertukan Mideksa a true leader in times of crisis

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