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This year Americans are poised to elect a new president who will replace President Bush. The new elect will marshal a powerful nation for the next four years. In search of this new leader, Republican and Democratic Parties are busy in their primaries to elect their leader to represent them in the national election in November 2008. Americans and people around the world are euphoric that Gorge Bush will finally be gone to Never-Land. (more…)

This year Americans are poised to elect a new president who will replace President Bush. The new elect will marshal a powerful nation for the next four years. In search of this new leader, Republican and Democratic Parties are busy in their primaries to elect their leader to represent them in the national election in November 2008. Americans and people around the world are euphoric that Gorge Bush will finally be gone to Never-Land. Simultaneously, hopes and expectations are high for a wise leader and a seasoned foreign policy to emerge. This ‘would be’ wise leader is deemed to protect the democratic values of US America both from within and without.

However, political pundits and the people do not anticipate a wise leader to emerge from the ruling Party. Historically, Republicans have often led the nation to disasters and virtual collapse. A Republican president in the White House destroys the economy , creates huge unemployment, fabricates wars across frontiers, and supports rouge regimes in developing countries. They collaborate with dictatorial regimes to castrate the democratic aspirations of the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East. During the May 2005 multiparty election in Ethiopia and December 2007 in Kenya, the Bush administration endorsed Prime Minster Meles Zenawi and President Mwai Kibaki as winners respectively. This recognition gave international legitimacy to rouge leaders who stole the voices and democratic aspirations of their people.

In the domestic front, the worst nightmare of the American people is the eight years destructive reign of President Bush. From the smoking gun in Iraq, to the Bin Laden saga of Tora Bora, from the fiasco of Guantanamo to the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse in Baghdad, from the economic deficit to the high unemployment rates, from the mismanagement of the Katrina disaster to the endorsement of the unholy invasion of Somalia, the current leadership failed the American people miserably. It is a cacophony of failure of an arrogant president who tarnished the image of a great nation internationally. With misguided foreign policies, this administration risked the lives and wellbeing of its citizens. The disasters are too gruesome to account and too cumbersome to carry. People the world over are sick and tired of the current administration. As the stakes are high, this election attracts the attention of millions of people in North America and the world over.

One simply hopes that the American people won’t give the Republicans another chance to rule again for another four agonizing years. If they do, they have no one to blame but themselves. Nonetheless, should they elect a republican again; America’s global image continues to be tarnished, the domestic economy plummets, social problems exacerbate and the premise of war and military defence program expands. Undoubtedly, war leads nations to catastrophe and failure. As Martin Luther King, Jr said “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom” . Over the past eight years, Republicans led the nation to spiritual doom. This doom is manifested in the economic, social and political sphere. Bush is poised to leave office by handing the nation and his people a red cheque with a huge deficit of $ 9.2 trillion dollars , 4.6% unemployment rate and a recession unprecedented in living memory. Messing the white house is the political norm of the Republicans. In the backdrop of this ignominious failure and mal-administration, it is no surprise that the people of this great democratic nation yearn for change of guard in the White House. Hence Republican primaries are not as fascinating and interesting as their Democratic Party rivals. They are dead before they started the race.

As usual the democrats will come with their wisdom to clean the mess and with a hammer to fix it. With due diligence to the election fever in the primaries, the democrats are poised to become the 44th president of the United States. Hurrah! Hurrah! Bush will finally be gone for good. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will be the woman president or the black president of the United States of America.

Interestingly, the race between these two important politicians has become exciting, tough and mesmerizing. Their race runs neck and neck with no clear majority in sight to date. Americans never have they been fascinated and energized by election primaries like that of 2008. Hillary and Obama have become two fascinating personalities of the 21st century. Hillary represents women (51%) , who for a long time have been excluded from the political and social establishment of the US-simply because they are women. Her candidature revitalizes the emancipation of women rights movement of the 80’s.

Obama is extremely fascinating because he represents a multitude of constituencies including blacks, whites, youth, and African Americans (75% of the population). His foreign policy on the Iraq war, environment, and developing countries is fascinating. He represents those who have been denied state leadership for far too long just because they are black, immigrant and young. In their bid to take the white office, the two individuals have mobilized everyone from coast to coast.

For the first time in American presidential election, the younger generation constituting nearly (26%) of the population is galvanized. Women have come out from their silos of segregation to ensure that their voices are heard. These two segments of the American society have been silent for generations. Today, they say to America “Yes we can”. We also say “Yes you can” because good people need not be silent on issues that are dear to them. “Yes you can” if you listen and act on the statement of Martin Luther King, Jr. who said, “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people” . Yes these Good Samaritans of the US (youth and women) who were silent for many years have come out from the tragedy of silence to speak loud and clear.

Credit goes to the young, vibrant and invigorating Obama who managed to stimulate the society not only with his passionate and eloquent speech, but also with his new vision of changing US election taboos. His vision of making the true United States of America is now on the march. The young generation seems to be responding to Obama’s call. They have been extremely silent and abstinent for many years. Oh boy! This time the American youth, the driving force of the nation has risen. No doubt their participation will have profound effect on US election 2008. Thanks to Obama.

Hillary has also commanded appreciation and respect among women. She has spoken attractively to galvanize women and white-collar personnel on her side. Her supporters admire her vision of universal health care. Nevertheless, she is more of a reformist who wants to sustain the traditional approach of democratic leadership and without a vision of uniting the country from coast to coast.

In the wake of this tight race of the primaries, one of them eventually will become the representative of the Democratic Party during the national election in November 2008. That one will take the Republicans to task. Whoever wins the primaries; it is not Obama or Hillary who is a winner. Democracy, the respect for human rights and the rule of law are the ultimate winners. If Obama wins, the issue of race and discrimination against immigrants will get some answer. If Hillary becomes the winner, the issue of gender discrimination in politics will be resolved. Whichever way one looks at it, democracy is getting perfected and respect for human rights of citizens enters a higher level of equality in the face of American body politics. It is a milestone that will pave the way for the little children of the United States of America to live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, their gender and their immigration status but by the content of their character and by the content of who they are and what they are able. Eventually, America will be free from the visible minority syndrome of discrimination.

Here on, gender and race will not be the yardstick of exclusion from power and will never be the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition in America. Belatedly whether Hillary or Obama wins this context, they are both winners of the game and more importantly democracy and liberty are the winners of the day. To make the winning complete, one would like to see in the White House a black president and woman vice president or vise versa. In the end Americans as beckons of democracy, human rights, rule of law and good governance will shine all over the world. The US election 2008 will transform Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” to reality. In September when the duo, Obama and Hillary, are sworn in as the 44th president and vice presidents of the US respectively, Americans will be congratulated for a job well done.

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