The Torture and Killing Of Abdiasis Mohamoud (San-Yare) – By Mohamed Muhumed Dheere

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Abdiasis Mohamoud (San-yare), a student and a member of my family was brutally tortured and murdered in jail in Jigjiga last week. Abdiasis, a promising and an educated young man, was never given a due process, medical attention and people who saw his body and buried him said they have never seen anything like it in their life.

And their killers, who would fit the profile of Jeffery Dalmer and disturbed psychopath, are employed by the Ethiopian Federal Government. Now his family and community are heart broken and we all would like to know why he was murdered? Why did this atrocity take place while Abdiasis was in the hands and custody of the Ethiopian government? Did they think that this young man’s blood could be shed without consequence? Did they think that the world, in this age of the internet and global consciousness, wouldn’t know about it?

We would like the world to know this injustice. We would like the Ethiopian Journalists to investigate this abuse of power. We want human rights groups in Ethiopia, and the world to look at this Gestapo-like treatment of people. We want the websites from the Horn of Africa to carry this story. This is not the middle ages. This is the dawn of the 21st century.

What is happening to the people in the region from all sides is unprecedented. Innocent people in the region are being killed, starved to death and displaced. We want educated Somalis from the region in the Diaspora to speak up. A poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller in Nazi, Germany comes to mind:

First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

Sometimes we might be silent. Now and then we might be swayed by those with hidden motives but mostly I believe that most human beings are good; and justice ultimately reigns.

We should speak-up and tell the truth not as a nation, clan, and religion but as human beings. Not only for this killing but about the misgiving you have about the leaders of your nation, clan, and those who use religion for their personal economic gains.. I am talking about the atrocities taking place throughout the Horn of Africa. We should all work to bring peace to the Horn of Africa. We should expose our so-called leaders. We should change these people. If we put our voice together we can replace these “leaders”. We should replace them with leaders who understand the sanctity of life and value of the human being. We should never be manipulated. We should never be afraid.

Otherwise the future is bleak. There will not be any victory to be enjoyed. We are already in the midst of a civil war instigated and manipulated by magameloniacs and merchants of death who only care about their bank accounts. Let us not all perish.

Mohamed Muhumed Dheere
Atlanta, Ga

  1. koki
    | #1

    My heart goes out to you Mr. Dheere and the rest of the family of Abdiasis. The crimnals leading in Ethiopia give barbarism a good name.

    Meles Zenawi the ciminal in chief will have to accoount for this sooner or later. His disregard for human life is beyond belief. We need to complie this crime cases and present them to ICC, for whatever it is worth.


  2. Fasika
    | #2

    You people let us unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please let us unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mussa Ghedi
    | #3

    May Allah rest in peace the souls of all those martired by the brutal woyane and its allies .

    Dheere, what a befitting piece of poem, let those who have good ears listen to the message. Yes, one can not afford to wait till the ebbilis knocks at their doors.

    Allah bless

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