5 Members Added To Kinijit Executive Body. – Kinijit Reporter, Addis Abeba

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Today, March 1st, 2008, 35 Kinijit Council Members attended a meeting and decided to fill up places of the vacating kinijit council members. The following five members have been added to the executive body: (more…)

Today, March 1st, 2008, 35 Kinijit Council Members attended a meeting and decided to fill up places of the vacating kinijit council members. The following five members have been added to the executive body:

Ato. Kifle Tigneh

Dr. Hailu Araya
Ato. Asrat Tasse
Ato. Temesgen Zewdie
Ato. Mohamed Ali

They have now been given their first assignment, which is to resolve Legal matters relating to the name “KINIJIT” and more within 15 to 30 days time frame.

  1. Gizaw
    | #1

    What is up Tabloid Are you still breathing or you still lying.
    You better stop this you website.vomiting.

  2. helina yigzah
    | #2

    Thanks for being an outlet for the voiceless.
    Your job is to report and that is what you did with this piece. Keep up with the good job.
    It is too sad to see some hooligans comment which is low and unfit for the forum. Grow up guys. Gizaw (if this is your real name, if not wishful and degrading on your part)Read, and learn the good of this country. Your language shows it all.

  3. tadesse
    | #3

    It is rather a nice move towards consolidating the organization from the executive level. It is imminent the redundant and traitor group of Ato Hailu will be replaced with energetic, visionary and popular individuals . Then Kinigit will focus on missed opportunities to embrace ideals of a democratic party. The popular struggle will continue once the party has cleared itself from selfish individuals.

  4. Gizaw
    | #4

    Rather than telling us the old fiction, Tabloid. there is a major history to tell us this time ADOWA.
    I dont need to waste my valuable time to tell you this.
    Because you aready went down.

  5. GB
    | #5

    Gizaw, Aspire and look into the future not only to the past.

  6. diledile
    | #6

    Hey Gizaw,

    Your comment shows only that you are retarded. Were you thinking with that tiny brain of yours when you leave this comment?

    I prescribe that let “Birtukan” hit you with a sledge hammer. You might get lucky and enlightened.

  7. ababe
    | #7

    Hallo Gizaw are you crazy? please weak up i am shure you don’t have enought idea about Kinjit.

  8. | #8

    To Gizaw: why you are wasting your time commenting on the idea of self-denied individuals?They are a group of individuals who detached from the reality and trying to create an illusion. Let them enjoy their illusion Party.

  9. | #9

    you do not want your freedom .please put why you oppose organzing.say some thing why you oppose and why you support others.

  10. Gemoraw
    | #10

    ….all of them are oldies.all of them were kadres of dergue.

    inanten mared nebere.

  11. mossese
    | #11

    Wow wow come again?*? *?*?*?? MP Temesgen, and MP Mohamed joined the Executive committee of kinijit. Was not kinijit saying “KEMEKERBER ESERBET” labeling Mohamed Ali and Temesgen Zewde as traitors?

    Did not W/rt Brtukan and Co arrested because they stand against joining the parliament, what about the innocent life of those young Ethiopians blood spilt on the streets of Ethiopia.
    What a swift move, W/rt Birtukan and Co are out maneuvering EPRDF on all account of lies deceit and cheap politicians. You miserable good for nothing bunch of losers, shame on you, there will come a day when you will be accountable for facilitating the killing of Ethiopian son and daughter besides taking back Ethiopian politics back ward

  12. Katchsaw
    | #12

    Do you rember your creator Derg and what they were doing? Spreading fear. Same thing you the “Gegna” is trying to do. Hey gomoraw com’n go back and study the elementaries of ABCD before commenting on issues. Your brain is full of muscle and needs to loosen up. Go down to the level where you belong.

  13. Selamu
    | #13

    Wasn’t Dr. Hailu Araya a member of the council committee????

  14. Selam
    | #14

    It seems cadres are dispatched all over to fend off Ethiopians from talking about kinijit. Making an opinion is one thing but trying to discourage people from knowing the truth is another. Any thing is better than Woyane specially the part who won the election and the paid foot soldiers of TPLF should be told that over and over again.

    Notice they pretend ignorance about what is going on before they deliver the potent poison to divide Ethiopians.

    Be vigilant about TPLF cadres, they are disguised as an average innocent Ethiopian but this is their full time job to use several disguise to confuse Ethiopians from supporting the opposition through media and more. Confidential report tells us budget is appropriated from Diaspora affair office of TPLF for this purpose.

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