An interveiew with Kinijit Executives, Dr. Yakob H/ Mariam and Ato Seleshi Tena Ethiopia

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KNAASO has setup an interview with Kinijit Executives, Dr. Yakob H/ Mariam and Ato Seleshi Tena from Ethiopia on Saturday, March 8 at 2 PM EST. Public conference number is 1605-772-3100 code 638346#. The press conference can also be heard on Ethiopian Review Radio or Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum Paltalk.

Kinijit council members met on March 2 2008 in Addis Ababa and passed two decisions. Regarding to the legality of the party, the council accepted the motion forwarded by the executive requesting to register the party with a new name but still keeping the spirit and basic philosophies of Kinijit of yesterday. The council has passed the decision accepting the motion forwarded by the executive.The council has also elected five individuals to fill the place of those who left the party.

In order to help supporters and members participate in suggesting possible name for the coming party, there is a new email address members and supporters please participate in the naming process as soon as possible.

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    Jegnoch Ye ethiopia Lijoch Bertu Sirachun Gata Yibarik.

  2. anbessaw
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    I would suggest the new name to be WOYANE III. I hope by sticking to this name, you will be able to learn the hardships of leading a determined party!

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