Open Letter to Ethiopians

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Anuack Justice / March 8, 2008.

Open Letter to Ethiopians: Concerning the discouragement that has taken such a huge toll on our movement for freedom, justice and equality.


Anuack Justice / March 8, 2008.

Open Letter to Ethiopians: Concerning the discouragement that has taken such a huge toll on our movement for freedom, justice and equality.

Dear Fellow Ethiopian:

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I am writing this letter to you to address the problem of discouragement that has taken such a huge toll on our movement for freedom, justice, equality and democracy. What I am hearing in most every recent phone call, email and communication is that many Ethiopians are just too hurt, disappointed and discouraged over the failure of all political organizations to unite and move forward to bring freedom, justice, peace, stability and prosperity to Ethiopia and because of that, no one should expect them to do anything more at this time. Instead, they are giving up and have decided instead to just carry on with their own lives.

The main purpose of this letter is to remind Ethiopians of the reality that we really cannot afford the luxury of this discouragement! Do we really think it entitles us to give up? Do we really think it is an adequate excuse for turning our backs on our suffering Ethiopian brothers and sisters back home? Ask the mothers whose sons EPRDF or Woyane shot during the election. Ask the Ethiopians who cannot afford to give food to their children. Ask the Ogadenis who are being killed and living daily in what is being called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Ask the Oromo who have been locked up in prison for years, hoping that the Diaspora will act on their behalf for their release.

What will they say to us who live outside of Ethiopia when we tell them we are quitting because we are too emotionally upset with the Kinijit leaders to care about their suffering anymore? Do they realize that we in the Diaspora do not want to sacrifice any more of our time, emotional energy or hard-earned money? Do they understand that we believe that if someone has to sacrifice, that some non-Ethiopians should do it?

As we turn our backs on the suffering Ethiopians in the country, what do you think someone like Nelson Mandela would say if after the first two-plus years of his 27-year prison term, everyone had lost interest and quit? What would the world be like if no one had persisted in the battle against Hitler? Yet, we are hearing from many saying, “I don’t want anything to do with Ethiopian politics anymore because of the leaders.”

However, I ask you, who said it was going to be easy? Re-evaluate your views if you think it was going to be done without continuing sacrifice! To further clarify with you where we are at and what must be done, let us review what has happened over the last few years so that Ethiopians might reconsider their decision to drop out of the struggle.

Before starting, it must be pointed out that this letter is being addressed to all Ethiopians, meaning anyone inside of the boundaries of the map of Ethiopia or anyone in the Diaspora who originally has come from within Ethiopia. Some will claim that because of what was done to them in the past or what is happening to them now, that they are not true or proud Ethiopians.

  1. Medeksa
    | #1

    Speaking of Democracy and majority rule,

    Ethiopias National language should be changed from minority Amhra language(Amharic) to Ethiopias Majority (Afaan Oromoffiaa).

  2. fish
    | #2

    it will be acomodated when the right time comes but when many oromo childrens in a bloody strugle with the savage tigrees it is not the right time or priority. first the savages tigree has to be eliminated from ethiopia. that is the priority.

  3. Ewnetu
    | #3

    Fact is, the last two tribalist Amhara kings(Menelike and Haileselassie) did not only degraded and treated Oromos as field niggers (Slaves) for the last 100+ years.
    But the Amaras systematically kept in total illitracy/uneducated through educational discrimination. The Amhara tribalist kings were planing to keep oromos in perpetual form of slavery through educational discrmination. that why today even though Oromos constitute more than 42% of Ethiopias population, but not even 4% of oromos are educated.
    Today the story is totally different for oromos, we have universities and colleges in every corner of Oromos regions and all other Ethiopian regions. Today we have oromo president. today we have oromos cabinet minsters. Today Oromos governing their own region as they see fit under federal system.
    Unfortunatelly, Oromos stolen land (Showa province,included Addis Abeba)still under Amara domination/colonization.

  4. Ermias
    | #4

    For your information you have got it wrong.
    in every Oromo there is Amara blood.
    Unless you are from dip country side,or do not know any other speaking lingo,it is better to
    have an African languge like(Amharic)where you can write or read and olso proud numeric use,than copping from the so called the Greek.
    Amara is not a minority,go and read some books.

  5. Medeksa
    | #5

    Through the hook or crook,

    As Ethiopias undisputed majority, We Oromos have absolute democratic right to change Ethiopias national language from Amhara minority language (Amharic) to Ethiopias Majority (Afaan Oromoffiaa).
    *Beside, why should we Oromos forced to speak Amhara language within own territory ??

  6. Medeksa
    | #6

    Through the hook or crook,

    As Ethiopias undisputed majority,We Oromos have absolute democratic right to change Ethiopias national language from Amhara minority language (Amharic) to Ethiopias Majority (Afaan Oromoffiaa) .
    *Beside, why should we Oromos forced to speak Amhara language within own territory ??

  7. | #7

    Greetings! to all my brothers.
    Please let us be wise.Let us read the ‘open letter’ from the Anuak Justice again and respond to that.It has a message of wisdom.Let us learn from it.It has so many things that it wants us to learn and remember.One thing that strikes me most about it is that the writers are one of the most marginalized and alienated hence the most oppressed ethnic groups in our country.I am not just talking about their recent suffering in the hands of TPLF but also throughout the history of our nation,they always have had a very rough deal.Yet,look at the way they try to inspire us to move forward with their faith,single-mindedness, courage and hope.Thank God that their suffering and pain is redemptive.
    It is such a beautiful thing to see that from the crushed grapes of their oppressed lives come such sweet wine of a noble quest for freedom.

  8. Robele Ababya
    | #8

    Medeksa has got it all wrong. The issue is that we must get rid off tyranny as a matter of top priority. I also wish to advise Medeksa that the Oromos and Amahras are bound by blood from time immemorial. Questions like: 1)Is it the Amharas or the Oromos who came first to Ethiopia? 2) which one of them are greater in number and by what percent? are extremely difficult to answer. The criteria for choice of a national language comprise a number of parameters. Hatred will get us no where. Splitting hairs while almost all the Ethiopian people are suffering will get us no where but will only strenghten Zenawi.

  9. Medeksa
    | #9

    If there was any blood relation hen it counted for nothing for the last entire centure.
    The Amara king Haileselassie used to fool oromos by preaching them “you are our cousins”. Fact is, the people of Oromos were systematically degraded to second class citizenary and slavery by the last two tribalist Amara kings (Menelike and Haileselasie). Even though we oromos represent more than 42% of Ethiopias population, not even 2% of our oromos population educated.
    To speak the truth, the last 7 years was the only time we Oromos had the chance to see universities and colleges in our regions.

  10. Amare shewangezzaw.
    | #10

    Oromos are not majority, because Which Oromos are you talking about, Oromos may speak same language but they are totally different in their history and race culture.
    Showa Oromos are Abeshas by blood,culture and histiory.
    Wolegga oromos immigrated to Ethiopia from western Africa region, that is why they look different.
    Harrer Oromos abeshas by blood but islamist cultured, harrer oromos immigrated from far east region africa now known as somalia.
    Wollo Oromos are totally Abeshas by blood and culture and history.

  11. Medeksa
    | #11

    Mr. Amore shawangzaw,

    Why are you trying to devide oromos,it seems you amaras trying to devide and rule us like old days. Those days are gone. We Oromos will never be reslaved by Amaras no more. The future of Ethioias is belong to Ethiopias Majority (oromos).

  12. Anbesao
    | #12


    All those who write diffrent comment on ethinics still they do not understand the evolution of human being still they are going to rather than forward all of you do not read all hear about the word of GLOBALIZATION WORLED WILL BE ONE VILLAGE or the evloution of human being from one Hewoan and Addam

    For those who conuting Ormo,Amra,Tigre Wolamo,Guragie etc Worled joking on you.

    The Technology is going forward but you still ib the year of a million years back even Animals louging on you Still thinkingn about ethink .


    gOOD BYE.

  13. Medeksa
    | #13

    When justice denied in the background of Ethnicity, then inevitable ethnicity becomes the central point, where discussion revolved wround to correct historical injustice. For us (for the people of Oromos)and other non amharic speaking oppressed Ethiopians ethnicity still central issue where we must find remedy to correct centure old historical injustice,which today alive well gridlocking and strangling our people from going forward. I.E, Ethiopias centure old educational discrmination, the only people educational opportunity and educational access were southern amaras(the last two kings tribe). Unless we label the ground to all Ethiopias equally.

  14. | #14

    I urge again all my brothers to be wise.

    We need to see the big picture.TPLF has many political cards of which the anti-terrorist card,the patriotic card and the divide and rule card,are some of these that it uses to stay in power.

    TPLF wants us hopelessly divided.It knows that our division is its strength.As the popular saying has it ‘united we stand,divided we fall’and there is no any other time in our recent political history that this is truer than NOW.

    Have you observed this? Everytime there is a disagreement within us,say for example,like the recent disagreement among the members of KINJIT,you hear an unusually bigger swell of harsh voices hurling ‘death to you’ insults at one another which you suspect this is not just the slender voices of those people who are engaged in the disagreement.You more than suspect that the common enemy,under the cover of being a supporter or opponent of this or that individual,has joined in to make up the big chorus of Babel you hear.If you are a discriminating ear,now too, you may likely hear that the common enemy is at work making it sound like we have this terminal disagreemnts and that we can not heal these differences inorder to achieve our common goal.Once more,you probably hear the surreptitious voice,simulating the voice of the Oromo,is telling us that we need to be soley preoccupied with Amhara-Oromo differences thus diverting our attention from the nice TPLF which has done so much good especially for the Oromos!

    If we unwisely fall for this, we do it at our own peril.

    Our Anuak brothers and sisters see this big picture.They recognise that their ethnic freedom lies in the liberation of the whole of Ethiopia from the TPLF tyranny.To my mind,they speak with great authority because theirs is a voice of hope,courage and wisdom compeletly free from the fiery resentment,rage or despair that often affect some oppressed voices and they lovingly and gently call us to join them in the march for freedom.

    It is my sincere wish that brothers and sisters belonging to other ethnic groups particularly our Oromo brothers and sisters are also imbued with this kind of wisdom and realise that ‘we are all in this together for good or for ill’.

  15. Lulet
    | #15

    Hey Mr.Anbesaw, Why are you upset with Madaksa ?
    Anbesaw, relax let madaksa expressing how he feel.

  16. haileyesus
    | #16

    All narrow minded humans dont forget we are all children of Adam & Eve based on the two religion most of us practice.What our people need is three square meals a day,shelter,….water.Long live Ethiopia!!!!!!!

  17. Astarake
    | #17


    If Mr.Modeksa is right about chronic of the history he is talking about,if oromos were excluded and discrminated,then Mr.modeksa has very strong case, since he is the victime educational discmination and other social injustice in Ethiopias history.

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