Press Release from Kinijit International on the report of the Commission.

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  1. Shumet Menywab
    | #1

    Dear political prisoners,

    Your spirit will generate more shining truth like the morning sun rise. Your sufferings will not be blown away by the EPRDF’s misinformation propoganda. You know these and we the rest of us know these. We shall not stop from our peaceful struggle. With peace and love, let us all strife for freedom and democracy!
    God bless you all and Ethiopia!



  2. Elsie
    | #2

    Dear CUD Leaders who reside abroad!

    I like each one of you to ask yourself the following questions and answer to your self and if your answer is to be againist the core of democracy please resign on your own will!

    Am I really believe in a true democracy even if it comes not my way?
    Do I obey the constitutency of my party’s by laws?
    Do I put my party’s interest first?
    Do I serve the party to the interest of the people who voted on the historical day of May 2005?

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    I believe this one applies “Unless each man prodiuses more than he receives, increases his output, there will be less for him than all the others”, doesn’t it?

  11. | #11

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

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