Yalemzewd released on police bail.

October 26th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

October 26 (EZ): After an intevention from some high level EC officials including the president, José Manuel Barroso, Yalemzewd Bekele, the human rights lawyer, is released on police bail at 7;25 pm local time today. She was taken to woreda 8 police station and then told that she was released on police bail.
This is a result of citizen action!
  1. adera Kebede
    | #1

    I hope it is the begening of long Voyage on the path of the truth.Now the donor states should and must give the gas to the end til our ellected leaders are free.Meles has no alternate either continue his tyranical leadership to his death or subjugate himself to the will of the people. The more he (Meles) ignore the voice of the people the little he has a chance to stay on power.
    God bless Ethiopia

  2. S tesema
    | #2

    It is a good news. Well done to the EU and Ethiopians all over the world for non stop suport on the release of Yalemzewed. I hope this is not a game by Meles Zenawi to get the Aid from EU that he is pocketing for himself.
    This is the beginning. EU and Ethiopians both in and out will fight untill all our leaders and journalists get free.

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