News, Entertainment and a Report on the coming Ethiopian District Elections.

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  1. gardew
    | #1


    Thank you for your wonderful poem. Keep it up!

  2. from uk
    | #2

    Well done!!!!
    I like a combination of all Ethiopian music that makes true Ethiopian,
    It is my opinion

  3. muleta
    | #3

    hey, it is very great. I liked your multicultural dimensions in selecting different songs.
    Keep it up!

  4. | #4

    Good job sister. It was an excellent poem. Keep it up. Give me your number and I will you. I will mary you. Just a joke. But it was a beutiful poem. Thank you.

  5. jj
    | #5

    We Love Oromo music and the operssed Oromo people aswel

    Victory for OLF !!! Time will come the Oromo people will live in harmoney and LOve

    Time will descide who speaks the truth !!!

  6. selam
    | #6

    The Oromo people are not oppressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. solomon
    | #7

    Hi Dear Fellow Ethiopian,

    I really appreciate your program by devoting your time from American life to this program. I Wish for you guys all the health and peace of mind.

    God bless in all of your life.

    One more reminding if you can get from German Radio by calling Ethiopians there you can get funny story of amercian life spoken by old guy from ethiopian and speaking the way his understand the life cycle and put it on air this funny story in your TV program. Please don’t miss it.

    Thank you!

  8. solomon
    | #8

    Please Ethiopian be open minded and we are in developed nation and please think always love each other and let unit and back again to our true asset. Don’t blame any body and think about what is my single contribution to my Ethiopia and don’t put bad politics principle. we should have to learn from the developed nation how true unity works for develpment and let me help each other.

    The more we love each other and the more we come to unity and God will help us!

    Thank you!

  9. Fiker
    | #9

    Hi Gril, I like your poem & that is what happing to the people of Addis. Gril keep it up.


  10. | #10

    I appreciate yemesrach.
    tahkyou for your poem

  11. ethotcp
    | #11

    freedom for ethiopian orthodox tewahido church
    from ethiopian orthodox patriots.

  12. ethiopiawit
    | #12

    YMSERACH ABOGIDA,,, teftachubeng neber, BERTU,BERTU & GBU, enat hagerachenen, hezbochwan HAYALU AMELAK AND YADERGEN YETEBEQELEN AMEN AMEN::

  13. DALLAS
    | #13

    good job people wow that what ethiopian should be a place for of culture please etv change you been brain washed by melese lets change the people of ethiopia and their view multi culture is who we are love you abugida

  14. ethio-betty
    | #14

    I hate to hear always about bad news about my country.
    shame on you!

  15. ethio-betty
    | #15

    I think these people( “journalists”) are Eritreans or eritrea propagandists.

  16. | #16

    I appreciate your effort in bringing up-to-date news.

  17. | #17

    It is all about peace and prosperity we need for our country. please do not mix bad politics which divide the country. Let’s stand up together and work for development, peace and prosperity. Thanks

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