Ethiopia: Former Vice Chair Reacts to Commission Report

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Meshesha By James Butty | 27 October 2006
Washington D.C.–The former vice chair of Ethiopia’s commission of inquiry that investigated last year’s post-election violence, Wolde-Michael Meshesha, says the report released yesterday does not represent the will of majority of the commission’s members. That report said 199 people were killed.

At the same time it says the police did not use excessive force. But Meshesha, who fled Ethiopia earlier this month, tells VOA English to Africa reporter James Butty the commission reported what the government urged it to report.

“This is what the government want to be said. That’s why I left the country. We had arrived at a decision that said the force used by the security forces to stop the uprising was excessive. It was not necessary because 193 civilians were dead without any arming such kind of gun or any other weapons. So how can one say this is not excessive force? So I say this was not the will of all the members but by force,”? Meshesha said.

Meshesha says he agrees with most of the commission’s findings as reported Thursday, including the number of dead and injured. But he strongly disagrees with the commission’s findings that the police did not use excessive force.

“This was the main reason I left the country. Already it (the commission) had been told by the security forces and the prime minister to reverse that decision. This happened according to the request of the security forces and the prime minister. The new arrived decision, I mean.”?

Meshesha says the commission in which he served operated independently, but the one that presented its findings to the public Thursday is not.

Meshesha says he expects the Ethiopian Parliament to endorse the commission’s report because he says the parliament is dominated by the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front party.

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  1. Moresh
    | #1

    no koment

  2. mustefa
    | #2

    it is not new in ethiopia. let the west rejoice
    in melese EPRDF

  3. Dave
    | #3

    We all knew this is going to happen. No
    Surprise about it! We all have heard of
    his (meles zenawi’s) countless and disgusting
    lies for years. However, I did not expect the rest
    of the world especially the US to support his
    horrible crimes and encourage the dying evil
    to getaway with his lies, massacre, oppression,
    torture, and all the crimes he and his group is committing.

  4. Shumet Menywab
    | #4

    It is obvious that when the chair and vice chair men of the fact finding commission rejected the Meles’s wish on the report to be and left the country to save their lives, the report is void. But to ask what I think on the report this time is, I hope, not only to collect another said and do nothing. The world must help the Ethiopian people to solve their problems by living in their own country rather than by run away. How come a person who is a judge and was trusted by the government to lead the commission chose to leave the country to live as a foreigner as the likes of Bereket Simon trying to acuse the judge as asylum seeker. I hope all the efforts by the West would be at least to tell the truth and stop the tyrants from abusing their own people at home. When a country supported jenunely by another country, with the interest of the majority ot that country, the out come of long term benefit would be positive. So America should support the Ethiopian people instead of the Government which does not respect its own citizens if the long term relationship of these two countries be positive. It is time America to tell the truth and stop the Meles regime from its tyranny ruling.

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