An Interview with Kinijit Executives, Ato Tamrat Tarekegn and Professor Mesfin Woldemariam

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KNAASO PR is arranging an interview with Kinijit Executive, Ato Tamrat Tarekegn and Professor Mesfin Woldemariam from Ethiopia on Saturday, March 22 at 2 PM EST. Listen to the interview by joining the teleconference @ 1 712-432-3000 , 612985#. The interview can also be heard on ER Radio

  1. | #1

    Are we witnessing yet another round of Qinijit fragmentation – Lidetu Vs Qinijit.Birhanu Vs Kinijitand now Birtukan/Mesfin Vs Qinijit????

  2. sis
    | #2

    Ya Ewnetu. This is our bad and selfish behavior starting long ago. Let´s try to give up such generation and start a new one with less sensetive to fragmentation.

    I tell you the truth, the new generation have no time and money for fragmentation and personal reputation. There fore, no party will be the winner. However, fragmented parties will conrtibute fragmented ideas for the next generation.

  3. Sisay
    | #3

    Ewuneto and sis

    Your brain themselves are fragmented. You are commenting on the longtime human right fighter Profess Mesfin.

    Sid Adegoch!

  4. Fiker
    | #4

    Hello; Gash Mesfin is our last person to hear the truth of kinjit poltics. other wise Ethiopian people will have less chance to know what is going on inside of kinjit leaders. I expect a lot from gash Mesfin. God bless Ethiopia.

  5. gemoraw
    | #5

    Ethipian image is gone down than ususal.we are facing economis srices while the woyane kadres are sweling their belly and pocket by money and with the stolen gold from our national bank.we are on shameful days.we only have to pray for God.we are not envisioning the so called Kinijit….we dont want any body to give us the fruit.every body all Ethiopians we have a problem.we dont need kinijit…we gotta pray for the lord.

    Am series guys.

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