The secretary general of the Ethiopian chamber of representative defected

October 29th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1200 28/10/2006: According to several tallying information sources, the secretary general of the Ethiopian Chamber of Representatives, Foto Bedane, took advantage of an official journey to Europe to defect from the regime of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

He was part of an Ethiopian parliamentary delegation headed by the Speaker of the House of

Representatives Degfe Bula which had left Addis Ababa on 13 October to go to Geneva
(Switzerland) to attend the 115th general assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union
(IPU) from 16 to 18 October. Foto Bedane is reported to have then decided not to
return to Addis Ababa and may seek refugee status in the United States. His
predecessor, Samuel Alemayhu, had similarly defected after a world conference of
speakers of parliament in September 2005 in New York.

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