Kinjit South Korea Press Release

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  1. sholla
    | #1

    Bravo Bravo South Korea Ethiopians WE support your Press release!
    watch out Andargachew Tsege’s recent Descussion.He is proceeding is out of our Manifesto and the party Bylaw.He want to take the struggle out of ethiopia like the EPRP doing now.

  2. girma
    | #2

    sounds good! i proud of you south korea cud leaders

  3. | #3

    yeah, that is right we Ethiopian voted for
    the vision of CUD not for its name.
    please stand firm and mobilize the people wherever you are.

  4. | #4

    GOOD JOB!!

  5. mery indonesia
    | #5

    wow! we have to stand together those Ethiopians who are living in Indonesia
    should follow the footsteps of south korea cud
    members.i really want to keep in touch with you
    guys .

  6. haregwa
    | #6

    The Voice of Kinijit!!!!

  7. | #7

    you cud members fuck!!

  8. | #8

    I am really pleased to see your impressive
    press release.
    courage or strength of mind be with you to carry on in spite of danger or difficulty
    thank you

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