Dr. Abraham Bekele from Kinijit DC Metro on “Unity for Democracy & Justice” radio

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An Interview with Dr. Abraham Bekele from Kinijit DC Metro on “Unity for Democracy & Justice” radioaudio

  1. mere
    | #1

    Anbesaw Dr Abreha

    Yehenen Weyane hulu negerelgne.

  2. Gedey
    | #2

    oooooooooooooOOOOO COME & Get it


  3. Arefe
    | #3

    Honorable Dr,Abrham
    This is professional true comment. Congratulation!!!!you said it A to Z
    How you do see between the country product
    which is simple one salt,bread,onion,or sugar are short and expensive equal to imported stuff.
    Ex. the farmer said”the government want to send our children to school. how the children go to school without breakfast? how they learn?”
    Hear I don’t understand is Chinese start to eat
    meet we have a grain shortage this in Ethiopia or in china? 90% Ethiopian economy based on
    agriculture, 85% farmers have no economical complaint(..)which is 9 millions are in hunger.
    country economy grows 10.8 %.inflation rate is
    17% if it is not 20% it is healthy.
    how you look at it? are we healthy?
    house and road construction not only Ethiopia
    other African countries also have.is that how
    we became rich and famous? durg 85%for military
    15% infastracture.Now 55% east Africa peace Keeping,20% party decoration,25%for survival of the fittest 80% farmers are happy in economy,10% living in town they struggle, only 10% destitute beggars need help.what talented prime Minister report was for foreigners not
    for us.

  4. dereje
    | #4

    political playing

  5. Gudugena
    | #5

    Dr,Abrham you said it all(…)especially
    the parliament time table and fiscal imbalance
    in the Country are the same.
    Honorable Housespeaker,I like your voice tone
    but you miss one thing”long stick” like old
    primary school don’t forget for the next time.
    if the report written and distribute a head of
    time if mp’s have no right to ask and get answer from Prime Minster. Why we waste time and money? just send the report where they are
    make teleconference anyways it is a perfect economy.But,”when two elephant fight the grass will dies” economist and investors old says
    “belte le belte ayen beltet” to settle Strong
    economy with 85% destitute farmer we sell the land we built the house in coming Ten years
    landlocked country 50% under 14 years population
    how we can make it?really investment is only built a house,open boutique,coffee house,hotels,
    and restaurant or promoting education and opening small industries which embrace the majority of the new generation.in global warming
    if we are not ready to shift from agriculture to
    better choice “Sergegia meta berbera kentisu”
    we embracing the nation. shame on US.!!!!!Mo,Can

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