Kinijit Support Group in Sweden(KSSGR)Launches Radio Service

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Kinijit Support Group in Sweden(KSSGR)Launches Radio Service

Selam to all Ethiopian Democractic forces:

We at KSSGR feel very proud to inform you that we [(KSSGR -(Kinijit Support Group in Sweden)] have recently launched a Radio Service called “YADERAQALE “. Yaderqale as the word says it all, We all (Ethiopians) have Adera from our people in general and from our martyrs (who died for democratic change over the years )in particular to support the Kinijit struggle for democracy back home.

KSSGR has sofar been actively engaged in supporting the struggle for democratic change in many respects, andyet KSSGR still believes that what has been done sofar is just a tip of an iceberg in comparison to what must be done to change the status-quo and bring a democratic change back home.

The launching of a Radio Service is one of the many important ways of intensifying the peaceful struggle in that respect, KSSGR and it’s YADERAQALE radio staffs are therfore very committed to do whatever is possible to broadcast political and other up-to-date news not to keep the struggle alive but also to make significant contribution.

YADERA QALE radio will beside political related news, will air different kinds of issues such as economical, social & cultural, related issues and even different entertaining programmes.

YADERAQALES staffs would therfore like to take this opportunity to appeal to all Democratic Ethiopians to support the radio service in all shape, way or form possible. The listners’ active participation is vital to the improvment of the Radio Service, it is therfore important that you send us your views, questions, encouragments, feedbacks, different articles, etc

Listen to Yaderaqal: or on


Yaderaqale Radio staffs can be reached by:
KSSGR can be reached by:

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