An Inside Look At Boston – March 29, 2008

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  1. Mezmur
    | #1

    good job abugida

  2. bilbao
    | #2

    wow abugidawoch owesome ,good job bertu especialy asnake zewdu keep up a good work

  3. ethio-betty
    | #3

    i like that music (godana), nice voice,
    i could not wait to buy his first cassete.

  4. blacklion
    | #4

    Great job Abugida…THANKYOU…keep it up

  5. Debre-Zeit
    | #5

    Thank You, The Abu-Gidas!! GREAT JOB!! Keep it up!!!

  6. tesfu
    | #6

    what a music by awatru kebede.voice for those less fortunate and helpless,thank you.

  7. ethiopiawit
    | #7


  8. Temesgen
    | #8


  9. yikerbelen
    | #9

    how long is this lair going to cheat the whole world?

  10. get
    | #10

    Great job Abugida…THANK You!!!

  11. lama
    | #11

    will i like the program alot but one thing i never understand why not i never hearde tigrina music is this anti tigray ppl program or is there othere reasen can anybody expleyan to me 1 love

  12. edgewood
    | #12

    lama, do you know the meaning of never? Either you don’t or this is the first time you have whatched Abugida. I don’t want you to think I am singling you out because you did say “1 love”. This people do a great job. They take time out from thier busy lives with no pay do all the work. Anybody living in Boston knows how hard it is to get anything done but work and go to school. I do have my issues with Abugida but I am always impressed by the producers. One Love!

  13. lama
    | #13

    edgewood ok i know the meanig of never but when i check abugida i never heard any tigrina music ok and i say i like the show get it right ok and i think u still didnt anser my ? the way i ounderstand what u wright is they do but thats a lie ok 1 love to ethiopia ppl

  14. | #14

    Thank you, the programm teaches us the over all situation of our country, Ethiopia

  15. almaz
    | #15

    Aye Ethiopia!I wonder who wished us to have curse that we would not have fair leader.I know that Belay Zeleke wished “etiopia wond ayebkelebesh”.It’s time now that yechaka dureye to kill that contry.His time will come when? we don’t know.The problem is they leave the country after they made lots of damages.

  16. miklla
    | #16

    you guys did good job for every asepct so that i have a question for you my question is concerning about PRO.ASERT WOLDYES who had been killed ASERAT?how and why i want you answer my queustion please please ABUGIDA GOD bless ethiopia

  17. dawi
    | #17

    god bless you it is very goooooooooooooooooooood i wish i can help you

  18. abu
    | #18

    it is good this is our habesha habbit :)

  19. Tilahun from Mn
    | #19

    U gays doing good job.

  20. habtamu
    | #20

    abugda you are special and soo good
    please keep it up
    i weant some info abut azezo that mean north gonder

  21. | #21

    Good Job guys.
    Thank you.

  22. | #22

    I wonder how money orphan kids have Abugida sponsored ????? i wondder how money people’s life have Abugida change ???
    What have you contribute urselfe beside criticizing the government?

  23. Getish
    | #23

    What saddened me was no body ever suggests a solution, never. ‘hulum yesiltan timat bicha new’
    If I were you or the government or even the oppostion, I would suggest something which I consider would be brilliant to alleviate the problem. No one did that. The government only plans on how to sustain in power; the opposition tries only to snach the power. ‘Weyine ye ethiopia hizib!!’

  24. kistanit
    | #24

    abogidawoch it is a relife to here on ur websaite for the some one like me bourd of hearing a neverstop lies from ethio tv. beritu meche yehon ethiopia ejochuwan wede ethiopia yemitezeregaw?

  25. kistanit
    | #25

    meche yehon ethiopia ejochuwan wede egiziyabiher yemitezeregaw?

  26. | #26

    i would like to say wonder job & well done

  27. | #27

    i belyve mr.tady is fery mane tnkywe bay by

  28. dallaskonjo
    | #28

    hi abugidaoch how are ya missing you guys a lot is it me or you guys have not been casting and show lately i came everynow and then and could go back to see what i missed the bes site show me the last show was march 29,2008 or am i missing to browse it please help i cant just let you out of my mind

  29. Mikiyas
    | #29

    I don’t like the fact that the narrators are literally against one group. If you want to be accepted as a fair source of information, you may have to present only the facts and let the viewer does the judgment.
    God bless you and God bless Ethiopia.

  30. ዳልላስ
    | #30

    አንበሳ ንገረው አይገባው

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