U.S. warns of threat of attacks in Kenya, Ethiopia

November 3rd, 2006 Print Print Email Email

WASHINGTON, Nov 2 (Reuters) – The United States warned its citizens on Thursday that Kenya and Ethiopia could become targets of suicide attacks by “extremist elements” in Somalia where Islamists control the capital and other key areas.

“These threats specifically mention the execution of suicide explosions in prominent landmarks within Kenya and Ethiopia,” said a message issued to U.S. citizens by the U.S. embassies in both Ethiopia and Kenya.

  1. Chane
    | #1

    Thanks to Meles – he has made friends in terrorizing our people. We need to let our Somalian neighbors know that the Ethiopian people are also suffering from the same aggressor – the Meles regime.

  2. Shumet Menywab
    | #2

    Meles’ involvement in Somalia will greatly radicalize Islamic extreemism against Ethiopia. Meles should stay out of Somalia and work within his own people for peaceful political settlement at home. Ethiopia can not afford to carry on some other country’s affairs. Instead, the country should take one step a head of the possible regional crises with a slogan of ‘united we stand from all kinds of enemies against the country.’ Again, Ethiopia can not afford to fight terrorism by deploring its military in Somalia. It should stay within its own boundary and be ready against foreign agression. Meles’ political position in Somalia is advancing the Islamic extreemism by atracting the x-Somali military officers to join the extreemism movement against the Ethiopian nation. Ethiopia is in a triangular political crises. Eritrea on the north, political crises on its own boundary and the somali situation in which it is very undesirable for Ethiopia to involve with military activity inside Somalia. Cooperation to fight against international terrorism is one thing but deploring its troops inside antagonizing countries like Somalia is another thing. Mr.Meles’ political threshold is three times thinner than ever by ignoring his own country’s political crises and involving in Somalis’ political affairs. Please listen and defuse your own political crises first! Shumet

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