Message from Kaliti warns against individual tyranny in Kinijit

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November 2 (EZ): Jailed Kinijit leaders in kaliti are the latest in the host of groups and people to attempt to solve the crisis in the diaspora Kinijit. A message from Kaliti obtained by this blogger today warns kinijit leaders in diaspora that they should adhere to the rules of procedure within Kinijit International Leadership. The message was communicated to all KIL members through the appropriate channel, this blogger learnt.

The message is clear that Kinijit International is a committee that answers to the collective leadership of Kinijit in Ethiopia. It states that the democratic rules of procedure of Kinijit Ethiopia which gives no veto power to an individual leader should be applicable to the KIL. “All decisions by the committee must be reached through democratically acceptable procedures,” the message says.

The most interesting part of the message is the one which denies the existence of a special letter written to Shaleka Yosef from Kaliti. “There are reports that there was a letter written to Shaeka Yosef by Engineer Hailu Shawel. Neither in content nor format was the letter that of the (chairman’s),” it states. The message expresses its grave concern as how such a document that is not approved by Kinijit leadership and is not communicated through the normal channel has ended up in the public realm with all sorts of harmful implication to Kinijit as organization and its collective leadership. It promises to look into the whole matter and will announce its finding soon. “If any message send to and received from Kaliti isn’t made through the appropriate channel, it isn’t acceptable,” the message concludes.
Seminawork doesn’t have a partisan interest in the affairs of Kinijit Diaspora. The loyalty of the blog is to the elected leaders of Kinijit who are languishing in jail. Their will is the bond of the blog. This news was written to make the intention of the Kaliti leaders about KIL clear as there are different conflicting rumors and reports about the matter.

  1. lakew
    | #1

    shaleqaa now what ? yemotikkkkkk we need our money back shaleqa pleaseee

  2. Alemayehu
    | #2

    Shaleka please dont play by the struggle of 77million people

    come down and give all the money back. you overslows the struggle

    dont forget that our leaders are lanqisching in woyane prison

  3. | #3

    Shaleka please dont play by the struggle of 77million people

    come down and give all the money back. you overslows the struggle

    dont forget that our leaders are lanqisching in woyane prison.

  4. adie
    | #4

    kibur Shaleka Le ersewom hone le Miwoduat agerwo yemibejewu meshenfin ena mashenefin amno mekebel ena mergagatin mefiter new.minalbat bewustwo ewunet linorewu ychilal gin beaserarwo lay ewuneta yelewum bezih degmo yemiakariru kehone yemigodut kinjitin bich sayhon Agerwon erasewon chimr new.Lemin abzagnaw altekebelegnim bilewu lebikela ketezegaju ene Berhanen woynem Dr.Mogesin aygodum yemjemeria tegojiwoch egna ye Kinjit ye Ethiopia Afrkariwoch nen yemnhonewu.Ene Mengistu Ethiopian woden lesua sinl new sewu yecheresn yalun endegena beminabchin eyemetabin yasdenegitenal.lewodedut yadrgulet enji endefelegu ayadrgut.Ethiopia manim befkir yemichawotibat netsanet yelelat chagula lay yemtitebik tegedji konjo aydelechim.”Ye mayadg Tija ke gemedu ytawokal” endilu kahunu feranwot.Ebakwon ynazezuna leloch endiabelashu edl ystu.Mekelakelun le afkari kinjit ytewut.Enie bicha le Ethiopia awuklatalehu yemilewu neger selechenl.
    ke Akbrot gara.

  5. Abeba
    | #5

    kibur Shaleka, why do you play when what we need is leadership? Why do you get power drunk when what we need is freedom? Why do you divide us, when what we need is unity? Why do you still our money, when what we need is raise more money? Please…please…please, step down and let dimocracy take it’s course. Otherwise, i will not see you any different from Meles Zenawi. You are bothe dictators who don’t listen to there people. Period

  6. Alex
    | #6

    For God sake Shaleka, why don’t you live us alone to fight for our leaders freedom and that of our people? Why are you so greedy and selfish when you can see that our leaders and people are suffering everyday? Take our money and just live us alone, that is what you are good for any way. Taking the hard earned money we contributed for our people, what a despicable old man!

  7. BB
    | #7

    As far as my knowledge is concerned, money embezzelment aside, “Shaleqa and Co.”? were not inside Ethiopia during the campaigning and, the heinous massacre as well as imprisonment done by “woyane”?, like Birhane and Andargachew. As a result, they have not passed the real test of political leadership like the latter. Thus, no ordinary person in Ethiopia (like “Emmama Askalech”? of “Shero Meda”?) does know them like Birhane and Andargachew. Consequently, “Shaleqa and co.”? do not command the respect of the people in Ethiopia. Hence, they do not pass the “litmus paper”? of political leadership; unlike Birhane and Andargachew, they are not in the “hearts and minds”? of ordinary persons in Ethiopia. Personally, I know the respect that Brihane and Andargachew command from the people in Ethiopia in general and “Our Leaders in Kaliti”? in particular. As far as I am concerned, the spirit of the letter posted by EZ is consistent with these facts.

  8. arbegna
    | #8

    yeshaleqa i am shameful about you. by the way do you know democracy?
    as far as you don’t respect the democratic rights of others u don’t have to excercise ur democratic rights. stop manipulating us.we know our leaders

  9. curu le ab
    | #9

    please shaleqa yoseph leave your night work be truth for the sak ofGOD.

  10. question
    | #10

    “…For those of us who do not want to be partisian between the factions, this is the kind of articles we want to evaluate…”
    I know you are parisan, very partisan. All the same, let us talk about the so called article. Here are a few quotes:
    “”¦Dr. Mogus may claim an “ewqinna” from Colonel Goshu..”?
    “”¦Ato Berhane Mewa had voluntarily relinquished”¦”?
    “”¦A group of Ethiopians in the Diaspora may claim to be Kinijit support chapters when they have been given the “ewqinna” through Shaleqa Yoseph”¦”?
    “..The finance and management committee (FMC) that was assigned by the August Extraordinary General Assembly “¦ after Shaleqa had suspended the KIL. “¦the work of the Finance and Management Committee was declared null and void.”?
    “”¦only Shaleqa Yoseph, has the undisputed “ewqinna”"?.
    Mind you, these are all directly copied from the said “article”? (a better way to describe it would be a telltale) and pasted.
    Our Shaleqa is emulating Napoleon, when he said I am the State. Or closer to home, Mengistu Hailemariam when he declared himself to be the center of all political activities in Ethiopia and the center (“Maekel”?) of the Party. Is this how you understand working through institutions, adhering to the statues of an organisation, the rule of law? If this is what we are fighting for, our fight is pointless, because we already have it long ago. Even our elders in the villages have a much better understanding of the concept of democracy. They, for example, know for sure that it is not in the prerogative the chairman of an “Idir”? to dismiss other committee members. In fact the whole episode may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.The Shaleqa and his clique stripped themselves naked and showed their true colour; they are simply a version of Woyane or Dergue, just like Lidetu (aka Khidetu) was. Ethiopians are now perfectly capable of seeing through this kind of treachery packaged as a political difference. Treachery because the actions of this clique is clearly aimed at splitting Kinjit into its former constituent parts and weakening the struggle against Woyane by introducing ethnicity. The Shaleqa and his cohorts, I think, have a very short time to mend their ways and join the struggle of the Ethiopian people. If they insist on dividing Kinjit, they will miserably fail like Lidetu. Probably they will manage to keep the money, if it makes them happy.

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