An Inside Look Look At Boston – April 03, 2008

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  1. ethiopiawit
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    Gedy it simply shows how you are velger and low, nobody pay attention to the nonsense and pointless message, Yemesrach is doing very fine, we love and respect this young Lady. (yemi) yemeserach keep up the good job !!!

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    who the hell is Gedy…yes you are a very low minded person this wonderful sister is doing a wonderfull job for FREE for her Ethiopian people and you should not just sit there and say those decaraging words to this wonderfull ETHIOPIAN WOMEN so i SAY you should be ahamed of yourself and apoligize to Yemeserach. WHY TO WE SEE THE UNTHINKABLE INSTED OF SAYING JOB WELL DONE PEOPLE.I AM HOPING YOU ARE NOT ETHIOPIAN.

  4. nanu
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    abugida you guys are doing a good job keep it up.

  5. ethiopiawit
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    gedeyy,, senef ooooooo honeh ytfetrk fetur

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    Gedey i agree with you. they are not jornalist! they are loser politican. all they do propaganda. this is pure propaganda!!!

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    Selam le Ethiopia. Prey for those dividers jal
    1 babdera

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    Thanks Abugida I love your programm, we are learning good things every time don’t be disappointed when those politicians sugest unlawful words. Unity is strength!! selam le Ethiopia

  9. Solomon
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    Yemisrach just forget about Gedey message he is very cheap and baised with money or land reason with EPRDF connection. Please wake up your mind Gedey and educate your self you are in civilized land. You need to know all EPRDF is working to cheat the aid money no other reason on this last poor country of the earth. It is nothing for other minor follower like you and playing gamble on you and Tigreia peoples but there is a time like mengestu because every single Ethiopians know that they are accumulating in foreign Bank while 98% people suffering in live but they suppose to know the more stay in power, they more devistating there current family generation in future anywhere of the world. Think twice then come back to true Ethiopian.

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    very sad to see Abugida guys talk all -ve about ethiopia.please get and get a reall job

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    pls gedy stand toll and tell to this ignorent ppl what is truth!! you are true ethiopian. ethiopia need like you .
    egezibhir yetebkhe yeni wendem!!! mote le kefafayochi! long live for ethioopia!!!

  12. edgewood
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    I am not sure how many of you people have ever watched Access TV or even know what that is. Let me tell you what Access TV is. Most cities in America have something called Access TV. In order to watch you will have to sign up with a major cable company. In order to produce I know for my city all they require is for one to show, how it would benefit the community and take a six to eight weeks course. Once approved one is offered is time and equipment not money. This people on Abugida are doing this for free. I have been watching them long enough to see they don’t have enough advertising money to get paid. As ridicules as Abeshas are in the Boston area we have been lucky enough for the last few years to have three different productions represented on access TV. None of them get paid for it. Actually in my town I know they ask producers to volunteer at the TV station because they don’t have the money to heir. If you watch more Access TV, you will see Abugida has one of the best Production team. This people are doning a service not their jobs where they have to run to after doing these. When I was in DC, there was one production I thing somehow affiliated with the Ethiopian Community and it was typical of other Access TV programming. Just bad!! It was not bad because of what they were wearing but because they had no ideas.

  13. miklla
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    what makes me dissappointed is that some people have been seggested that the DAVIL OF MELES is smart and clever.what is the measuer of beng smart?killing and persecueted civilian people is that smart so that he does’t deserve this kind of name. he is the son of ADOLF HITLOR not from others. however, one thing you should know is that the devil of meles destiny or’fate’is death penality no matter what, vectory of ethiop

  14. Mekele
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    Whoever call this asshole lady a journalist need to go back and look what journalism mean. She is one of the hateful woman who is born creat a mess in our society before she lose her life to Aids. She lost hope due to the Aids virus that runs in her blood so she is mad at the society. She is an evil person and I can not wait to see her disappear before our society.

    Tigray forever!

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  16. Solomon
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    Mekele you had true stone brain even cheaper than wild animal because of the way you think moreover your are very selfish and you will see that you will be against to your self after a while.

    Thank you for wash your brain after you read this message. you are not from Tigray but you are some where out side the Ethiopian borader because, we Ethiopian know that the Tigray peoples are very christian not like your way. They know that things will be changed after Meles.

  17. London
    | #17

    Mekele that is not nice, is it?

  18. | #18

    mekele you are not tigray at all. pls dont insult tigray ppl.why you used mekele to submited stupid comment?

  19. John
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    (News) zena Aqerabioch min yantebatibachewal

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